AstroCast: May 27 – June 9, 2021

Posted on May 28, 2021
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

We’re in the middle of Eclipse season, with a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the last period and a Solar Eclipse in the beginning of the next. Jim Sher calls eclipses “inertia busters,” which means something is likely to provide the kick, shock, cognition, you name it, we need to free us from whatever stuckness we’re experiencing so we can see other possibilities and potential ways forward. In between these eclipse bookends, the cosmic intelligences provide a sweet mix of sensitizing and stabilizing energies as well as food for thought that should help us maintain a connection with our compassion, creativity and ability to respond to the realities at hand, as well as enough heat to keep us in the dynamic state needed for transformation to happen.

As discussed in the last AstroCast, Mercury in Gemini is slowing down and remains in a protracted square to Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Gemini now enters this mix as it squares Neptune on May 27 and conjuncts Mercury on May 28. Mercury and Venus together often correlate to a sweet, congenial atmosphere where the tenor of discussions is harmonious and often reflects a true sense of friendliness no matter what is said. In Gemini, this archetypal pair could stimulate us to gather with others and have sparkling conversations filled with the exchange of ideas that stimulates our curiosity. Their square to Neptune indicates a “crisis of action” point in their respective cycles that began with their conjunctions with Neptune last March. This directs the conversations to things that may need to be said to clarify what is in our heart and reveal a deeper layer of feeling about what is going on.

Mercury stations and turns retrograde on May 29 amidst all this activity, indicating its review period, which lasts through June 22, will likely have us look at our ideal of relationships in relation to the reality we see before us. Furthermore, Mercury’s square to Neptune remains in effect well after their second exact square on June 5, so issues may arise that compel us to summon our courage to face them directly. Have we written a romantic script in our mind that is unrealistically focused on only one outcome? Confusion and suffering arise when we remain fixated on the dream of what we want to happen rather than allowing ourselves to authentically respond to things as they naturally unfold, without attachment to the outcome. In my experience, letting go of a dream has opened me to opportunities I never dreamt of that are more deeply fulfilling than I could have imagined. The guiding love of Neptune in Pisces is there if we’re open to being led by its synchronistic messages coded in something we “happen upon” out in the world. To me, this is the Divine within making its presence known.

On May 30, Mars in Cancer forms an opening trine to Neptune, a stabilizing alignment in effect this entire period that has a way of connecting our deepest feelings about who we are with what motivates us to act. Mars/Neptune harmoniously connecting in sensitive water signs may feel like each act we make somehow validates that we belong right where we are, doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing, and further that being in this vibrational groove serves a higher, perhaps healing purpose.


On June 2 Venus joins Mars in Cancer, further emphasizing the need to be in touch with a sense of belonging, not just in our personal lives but in our universal role within the larger Whole of our cosmic home. On June 3, Venus forms an opening trine to Jupiter in Pisces, which is complimentary to the Mars/Neptune trine in that it is the second trine in these intuitive water signs. Also in effect this entire period, the Venus/Jupiter trine expands our sense of belonging to include others in our lives. It may feel like everyone around us is there for what we can learn from our encounter with them, as if by divine purpose. When people come into our lives, so do opportunities to collaborate and have experiences that expand our world view.


Also on June 3, the Sun in Gemini forms an opening trine to Saturn in Aquarius. The third trine in effect this period translates to a lot of flowing energy. With the Sun and Saturn in the mix, any obstacles may seem easily overcome if we stay focused. We may feel as if our will is set on course to fulfil that which needs to be done and we do it gladly. Being realistic about our limitations can clarify our purpose. This means recognizing that what is within our reach, given our talent, current skill set and life situation, is given to us by cosmic design. It is up to our creative impulses to look at what we’ve been given and try to make something of it. Saying “I don’t have what I need” won’t cut it. If the basics are there, and we accept the challenge of trying to make something of them, the cosmic intelligences will give aid as needed if we willingly engage in the unfolding process.


One effect of the abundant flowing energy is that we may take its easy-going ride for granted and not make the effort required to manifest its potential. Archetypal heat is required to pressurize us into action. That heat is provided when Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn on June 5. This is a powerful planetary pair in a polarizing alignment that often correlates to power struggles and a forceful, driving energy that pays no mind to anything in its way. This is the culminating “full moon” moment of the two-year Mars/Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction in Capricorn in March 2020, which represents the development of our personal power with respect to being authentic to our core self-determining needs and purpose. The opposition could manifest for some as a feeling of being attacked and/or being compelled to protect themselves and their family against a ruthless actor. Mars/Pluto at its lowest vibration can also correlate to violence of some kind. It is therefore important to be as observant as possible, especially with respect to our own internal state and any struggle to feel empowered in our own lives. It may be that we need to own our demons rather than projecting them onto others. Or we may need to recognize how we are constantly fighting for what we want with the heavy hand of hubris that is blind to the needs of the greater Whole. Being self-empowered is important but cannot come at the expense of others and still be in accordance with cosmic law.


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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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One response to “AstroCast: May 27 – June 9, 2021”

  1.' Anita. Campion says:

    Dear Kimberly, your description of these eclipse moments is very much appreciated!
    On April 29 my husband received a pace maker. All this came very fast and it has been an extremely difficult time but we seem to be in a very good place now! We are supposed to travel in another two weeks to the US if all goes well. We will continue to flow and rest a lot.
    Our friend whom you met is very appreciative of having seen you. Thank you again! I send many blessings to you and everyone in the School!

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