Posted on June 1, 2020
Posted by Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

*Any times indicated are for the Pacific Time Zone.

*Refer to “AstroCast” by Kimberly Maxwell for more detailed information as these events unfold.

*Remember, these are just transits and they too, like a kidney stone, shall pass.


September ends with the Moon out-of-bounds North and a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square for the last exact major aspect.  The first exact major aspect of October is Moon opposite retrograde Saturn, the first of five exact aspects on    October 1.  This suggests that October may be more about finishing things that have already been started than about starting new things.  Time will tell.  October has much more to offer as Venus will not only go void-of-course, She will also go out-of-bounds South.  Mars will go void-of-course and there will be a significant energy shift as four planets will station direct.  We also have the Inferior Conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun, signifying the beginning of a new Mercury Sun cycle to look forward to. 

The BIG watch out for this week is Venus going out-of-bounds South on Saturday.  Get your love life and relationships in order as there is no telling what may come up in the weeks ahead.


10/01/21 – 2:58 am – accelerating Moon returns In-Bounds

The Moon is at 4 Leo 45’ when She returns into the bounds of the Sun.  At least some people and things may start to seem more like “normal.”


10/01/21 – 7:10 am – accelerating Moon opposite retrograde Saturn

This is the first of five exact aspects, four of them by the Moon, today.  To paraphrase the old saying, “Keep your friends close and your tissue closer,” in case you need one.  When Saturn is retrograde it may seem to be more difficult to follow the rules as they may not be as clear as usual or it may seem as if someone is constantly changing them.  Have a plan.  Take your time.  Don’t take shortcuts.  Now, work your plan.


10/01/21 – 7:26 am – retrograde Mercury square retrograde Pluto

This is the second waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square between this pair and the second exact aspect today.  Their first waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square was September 22, 2021, when Mercury was in direct forward motion and Pluto was retrograde and their third in this cycle will be November 2, 2021, when both Mercury and Pluto are in direct forward motion.  All three squares occur with Mercury at 24 Libra and Pluto at 24 Capricorn.  This could be a more active time for those with planets, angles, or other sensitive points near 24 degrees of one of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.  With this pair, you may find your mind going deeper into the meaning of life and death, or what is your life about? 

Following this, the Moon will make a waning sextile to the Sun and then another waning sextile, this time to Mars for the third and fourth exact aspects of the day.  This combination of waning aspects supports work on existing projects that are nearing or need to be completed. 


10/01/21 – 8:32 pm – average Moon square retrograde Uranus

This is the fifth and final exact aspect today.  It is Friday evening and with unpredictable Uranus involved, this may be a good night to stay home with family or friends.  If you are going out, be extra careful.  With six planets retrograde, figuring out who is telling the truth may be difficult, if not impossible.


10/02/21 – 12:48 am – Venus sextile retrograde Pluto

This is the waning sextile in their current cycle.  It is the wee hours of Saturday morning.  Trust your feelings, what is your “gut” telling you?  Be wary for the night is dark and full of terrors, some in your mind and others on two feet.


10/02/21 – 12:29 pm – average Moon opposite retrograde Jupiter

About 1 1/2 half hours later, the Moon will make a waning sextile to retrograde Mercury.  It is Saturday afternoon.  With a Moon void-of-course coming up if you have any new “thing” you want to get started, do it now or you will need to wait until tomorrow after the Moon enters Virgo.


10/02/21 – 4:43 pm – average Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to Venus, the Moon goes void-of-course for almost nine hours.  This could be a good time to focus and work on your relationships and skills.  What is it you have to offer?  What is it you expect of others?  Are your expectations reasonable?  Avoid starting something new during this time.


10/03/21 – 1:38 am – average Moon enters Virgo

It is very early Sunday morning.  Put your “spidey” senses on high alert.  There could be something good coming, or not, so pay attention to your dreams, insights, and feelings. 


10/03/21 – 5:05 pm – retrograde Mercury trine retrograde Jupiter

Because Mercury is now retrograde, this is the second of three waning trines between this pair.  Their first was September 20, 2021, when Mercury was direct and Jupiter was retrograde and their third will be October 31, 2021, when both are in direct forward motion.  Happy Halloween!  For this one, with both retrograde, choose your words very carefully for your chances of being misunderstood will be much greater at this time.


10/04/21 – 2:19 am – accelerating Moon trine retrograde Uranus

This is the waxing trine in their cycle.  Be open for dreams, insights, feelings, random thoughts that may provide inspiration or solutions to any problems that you have been dealing with.


10/04/21 – 2:48 pm – fast Moon opposite retrograde Neptune

This is the midpoint in their cycle.  How are things progressing?  This is a good time to step back and take a critical look at whatever you are working on.  What needs to be changed?  What is ready to be pushed toward completion?  What should be set aside for another day or time?  Consider using a fan to symbolically blow away any “fog” that may be hiding something from you or confusing you.


10/04/21 – 8:03 pm – fast Moon trine retrograde Pluto

This is the waning trine in their cycle.  What are you working on?  Consolidate your efforts.  Let go of that which is no longer working or adding value to what you are working on.


10/05/21 – 1:46 am – fast Moon and Venus go Void-of-Course

Following a waning sextile by the Moon to Venus, both go void-of-course.  The Moon’s will last just under four hours while Venus’ will last almost 47 hours.  With the Moon void-of-course, avoid starting anything new as something may be missing or overlooked.  With Venus void-of-course, you should avoid starting a new relationship, particularly if you are looking for a long-term meaningful one.  You should also avoid making any large or long-term financial commitments.  Venus rules money, so Her void-of-course can be a good time to review your budget and finances but not to spend money.  Additional note, with Venus in intense fixed water Scorpio, failure to exercise caution and due diligence may well lead to regrettable decisions.


10/05/21 – 5:41 am – fast Moon enters Libra

With the Moon’s entrance into other-oriented Libra, the next couple of days look to be a good time to at least consider asking others for assistance or finding ways to work with others.


10/05/21 – 5:16 pm – fast Moon trine retrograde Saturn

This is the waning trine in their cycle.  Time to review what you are working on and see what, if anything, can be trimmed off or needs to be added to complete it.


10/06/21 – 4:05 am – fast New Moon conjunct Sun

This New Moon is at 13 Libra 25’ and is the first of five exact aspects by the Moon today.  New Moon’s symbolize a time for new beginnings.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A noon siesta.”  While you may sleep through this, let this energy serve as a reminder to you that everyone needs to take a break sometime to rest and recharge.

About one hour later the Moon will conjunct Mars for the second exact aspect of the day.  Two conjunctions to start the day suggests that today is well suited for starting new projects.  Choose wisely so you don’t expend your time and energy needlessly on unrealistic or non-essential goals.


10/06/21 – 11:29 am – Pluto stations Direct

It is “Hump Day” as Pluto leads the pack of four retrograde planets that will station direct in October.  There are still five planets retrograde so don’t expect things to suddenly shift.  Delays and obstacles will still come up.  Deal with each as it comes up.  They may feel similar, but each will be unique.


10/06/21 – 2:40 pm – fast Moon conjunct retrograde Mercury

This is the third conjunction and third exact aspect today.  What new things do you need to get started this afternoon?  Go for it, just be sure to check the details and follow the instructions.  With five planets still retrograde, proceed with caution.  With any communication or writing projects, choose your words carefully.  Reread, review, reconsider, rethink, restate, before sending or speaking.


10/06/21 – 7:08 pm – fast Moon trine retrograde Jupiter

This waning trine is the fourth exact aspect today.  This evening could be a good time to reflect on your day, what you have accomplished and what you need to work on tomorrow.


10/06/21 – 10:03 pm – fast Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to retrograde Pluto, the fifth and final exact aspect of the day, the Moon goes void-of-course for over nine hours.  It is best if you start tomorrow by sticking with whatever you have planned or your usual morning routine.  Wait until after the Moon enters Scorpio to start anything new.


10/07/21 – 4:21 am – Venus enters Sagittarius

With Venus’ entrance into mutable fire philosophical Sagittarius, you may find things shifting in how or what you are looking for in relationships.  Your sense of what has value for you may also start to shift.  Don’t try to run with it, allow whatever changes seem to be happening to happen in their time, as Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is one of the five retrograde planets.


10/07/21 – 7:22 am – fast Moon enters Scorpio

With the Moon’s entrance into fixed water never forget Scorpio, some people’s moods may seem to shift.  Proceed with caution, you don’t want to say or do anything that may come back to you later.  Scorpio energy can seem to be unforgiving at times and like an elephant, they may never forget.  Like elephants they remember the kindnesses too, not just the hurts, so how about a random act of kindness for a stranger today.


10/07/21 – 6:37 pm – fast Moon square retrograde Saturn

This is the waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square in their cycle.  Your attention should be directed to things that can or need to be completed.


10/07/21 – 9:01 pm – Sun conjunct Mars

This is the beginning of a new Sun-Mars cycle.  Some may feel super energized this evening which may make it difficult to sleep.  Consider doing something to expend some energy, go to the gym, go for a walk, or work on chores around the home.  Know your limits.  Don’t over-exert yourself.  This aspect could also suggest possible injuries if one is not careful.


10/08/21 – 8:00 am – fast Moon opposite retrograde Uranus

It is Friday.  This opposition, suggesting a need to maintain balance is the energy of the day.  Check your to-do list.  What needs to get done?  Start there.  This aspect suggests the possibility of insights, assistance, or answers may come from unexpected sources.  Be open.  Don’t discount something because you “think” it won’t work.  You won’t know if you don’t try.


10/08/21 – 5:53 pm – fast Moon trine retrograde Neptune

This is the waning trine in their cycle.  About two hours later the Moon will make a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to retrograde Jupiter.  It is Friday evening, waning aspects suggest a time for consolidating, completing, and for preparing for the next new beginning.  Caution is the keyword for this evening as the Moon will be going void-of-course and you may not have all the information as someone may be trying to hide things from you.


10/08/21 – 11:05 pm – fast Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning sextile to Pluto, the Moon goes void-of-course for over nine hours.  Stick with your plans or routine.  Wait until after the Moon enters Sagittarius tomorrow before starting anything new.


10/09/21 – 8:24 am – fast Moon enters Sagittarius

Sagittarius is generally an optimistic, forward-looking sign.  However, Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius is still retrograde so keep your optimism in check, at least until after Jupiter goes direct later this month.  For now, be cautiously optimistic and plan ahead, maybe think in terms of November.


10/09/21 – 9:18 am – retrograde Mercury conjunct Sun

This is known as the Inferior Conjunction when retrograde Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun.  This conjunction is at 16 Libra 35’.  Mars is still at 16 Libra so He will be adding his energy making this a four-planet (Earth, Mercury, Sun, Mars) mix.  This conjunction marks the beginning of a new Sun-Mercury cycle and can be an opportune time to pick up an old writing project that you have started and get back to it. 


10/09/21 – 12:37 pm – fast Moon conjunct Venus

It is Saturday afternoon as the two great ladies of the zodiac hook up for their monthly meeting.  What new thing do you want to get started?  You may even want to consider an “old thing” that you might want to get restarted as Venus will be going out-of-bounds South in a few hours.  Life is a series of interrelated cycles.  Start, do, analyze, adjust, finish.  Start again and so it goes.  Know which are in play and how to best take advantage of them.


10/09/21 – 3:48 pm – retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars

This marks the beginning of a new Mercury-Mars cycle and re-amps the energy of the day.  With Mercury retrograde, a vow of silence is advised for when Mars is added to the pot, speaking out of turn or saying inappropriate or offensive things can be expected.  Focus on your listening skills before speaking.  Be sure you understand what was said or asked and then consider how your response might be received.  Expect the worst, tone it down, hope for the best.  Avoid arguments and confrontations.  In conversations, it is best if you stick to non-controversial topics.


10/09/21 – 6:53 pm – Venus goes Out-of-Bounds South

Venus is at 2 Sagittarius 51’ as She goes out-of-bounds.  Better pace yourself as Venus will be out-of-bounds South for 59 days, that is until December 7, 2021.  Will an old love come back into your life, or will an old issue rear its head in your current relationship?  Both are possible.  With Venus going out-of-bounds South expect things from your past, experiences, skills, mistakes, to come up again.  If you are prepared, you will be better able to handle them.  Whatever it may be, it won’t necessarily be something bad or negative, it could be something surprisingly good.  Keep a close eye on your budget and finances.


10/09/21 – 7:43 pm – fast Moon sextile retrograde Saturn

It is Saturday night.  If you are going out, proceed with caution.  Follow all the rules.  Stay in the light as much as possible for the crescent Moon will set early.  Trust yourself, your “gut,” and your instinct.


10/10/21 – 7:00 am – fast Moon goes Out-of-Bounds South

The Moon is at 13 Sagittarius 42’ as She joins Venus out-of-bounds South.  Having both grand ladies of the Zodiac out-of-bounds at the same time is rare.  Issues involving feelings, moods, or women in your life may be emphasized during this time.  In optimistic forward-looking Sagittarius, opportunities may present themselves to improve or repair these relationships.  Take advantage of them.


10/10/21 – 9:49 am – fast Moon sextile retrograde Mercury

This waxing sextile is the first of five exact aspects by the Moon today.  Looks to be a busy, possibly emotional, or moody day.  Avoid conflicts and confrontations.  Be supportive and understanding of others and they may reciprocate.


10/10/21 – 12:12 pm – fast Moon sextile Mars

This is the second waxing sextile and second exact aspect of the day.  About 1 1/2 hours later, the Moon will make a third waxing sextile for the third exact aspect of the day, this time to the Sun.  Waxing aspects symbolize a time for expanding, growing, and moving forward.  Being sextiles, it may not always be clear what needs to be done, just know that the next aspect for these pairs will be their waxing first quarter crisis of action squares when you may have greater clarity.


10/10/21 – 7:17 pm – Saturn stations Direct

Saturn is the second planet to station direct this month.  He is at 6 Aquarius 53’ as He stations direct.  It will take Him 12 days just to get to 7 Aquarius so those with planets, angles, or sensitive points at 6/7 Aquarius or one of the other fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, may find this to be a more intense period.  Half the planets (4 of 8) are now direct and half retrograde.  This is still an abnormal situation occurring about 1/8 of the time.  With Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune still retrograde, it may require extra effort to move forward or get past obstacles.  Issues with communication may also continue to come up.  The energy will continue to shift in the next few days as Jupiter and then Mercury will go direct, leaving only Uranus and Neptune retrograde. 

At this same time, the Moon will make a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to retrograde Neptune for the fourth exact aspect of the day.  This evening may be a good time to reflect on your day.  What went right and what didn’t?  What did you get done and what do you need to do tomorrow?


10/10/21 – 9:30 pm – fast Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning sextile to retrograde Jupiter, the fifth and final exact aspect of the day, the Moon goes void-of-course for almost 13 hours.  This will continue into Monday morning so it may be best if you stick with your morning plans or routine.  Don’t start anything new during this time unless you absolutely must.


10/11-17/21 – A Peek at the Week Ahead

There are no exact major aspects on Monday.  It is a holiday known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  The Moon void-of-course ends with Her entrance into Capricorn.  Tuesday makes up for it with five exact aspects.  The Moon goes void-of-course on Wednesday and Friday.  Saturday retrograde Mercury sextiles Venus, the only major aspect, other than the conjunction that these two planets can make.  Sunday, the Moon goes void-of-course again, and then Jupiter stations direct to finish off the week.




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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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12 responses to “AstroWatch”

  1.' Diana Mrewinkel says:

    Re: your comment on “like kidney stones”, unfortunately not true. My father’s stones were subjected to lithotripsy back in the late 1990s. Maximum 3 treatments were permitted. His stones stood their ground. At least he was not in discomfort.
    I enjoyed this reading otherwise.

  2.' shakthi says:

    Interesting. Thank for your efforts!

  3.' Carmela Smith says:

    Thank you for your insights

  4.' Olivia Martinez says:

    It’s been a powerful Super Moon (March 9th) so far…also interesting it is so near Venus conjunct Uranus. It feels like really big things are happening on every front.

  5. James Schultz says:

    Here are the basic astrological details of His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge. Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz., according to news reports, the heaviest future King by birth weight in 100 years of more. Correct birth time is July 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, London, England.

    A true “cusper” with Sun 29 Cancer 58. Moon 28 Capricorn 17, which means that HRH was born less than 3 hours before the full Moon at 0 Aquarius. Birth ascendant is 27 Scorpio 10 and his birth M/C is 20 Virgo 36. He was born with 7 of the 10 primary points in Cardinal signs and 6 of them in water signs. He has a Grand Water Trine of Mars 6 Cancer and Jupiter 5 Cancer trining Saturn 5 Scorpio and trining Neptune 5 Pisces. He also has a Cardinal T-square with Mercury 13 Cancer opposing Pluto 9 Capricorn and both squaring Uranus 12 Aries. He has none of the 10 primary points in an Air sign and 3 of them are retrograde. 3 retrogrades is the second most common number, 2 being the most common. Born with Mars out-of-bounds north might he be a rather precocious child, to say the least.

  6.' Iolé says:

    What a time to be born for the new prince-princess in England!
    Leo sun, Cancer planets: care for the family = the Kingdom, Aquarius Moon- we need open minds in the future!

  7.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Hey Jim,
    Source: Astronomical Phenomena For the Year 2013, prepared by US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac which defines lunar eclipse time as Moon reaching centermost point of its journey thorough the shadow cast by the earth, and solar eclipses timed for maximum obscuration — typically different from time of simple conjunction. However, I note the Rosicrucian Ephemeris, citing JPL and the US Naval Observatory call it at 5:21. I’m betting there’s yet another computation out there.

  8. Jim Schultz says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for your comment. Not sure what your source for the eclipse time is. I use Solar Fire 8 for the dates and times I post. The time is based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon which is 5:28 pm PDT. The NASA eclipse site shows a time of 5:26 pm PDT.

  9.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Probably just an editorial slip, but believe the May 9 eclipse doesn’t happen until 5:55 at 19 Taurus 33. Enjoy your observations!

  10.' andy says:

    “01/18/13 – 12:56 am – Mercury conjunct Sun 28 Aquarius 26”
    Sun still in Capricorn

  11.' Donna says:

    Oh boy! I am not an astrology student, however, I do enjoy reading your article every week. I have picked up the tiniest sliver of what is being discussed and from what I am able to glean, July sounds like it has the potential to be rather challenging. As a Taurus, I was happy to have read about the Mercury retrograde before it happens! I will be carefully watching my “p’s & q’s ” throughout the month and refer back to the entirety of the article – changes are a-comin’ for sure.
    Thanks for your work!

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