AstroCast: June 10 – 23, 2021

Posted on June 9, 2021
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

For those on a transformational path, the multiple significant transits during this period, from a holistic point of view, could help us “catch fire” and spiral up to a new level of understanding. Whether it feels like we’re being gently lifted, swiftly propelled or outright catapulted, there is a likelihood of being surprised or maybe even bewildered in ways that stimulate our investigative curiosity. Maybe it will be like turning on a light in an unfamiliar room and experiencing the excitement of being able to explore something entirely new. That “room” could be a hidden trove in our psyche just waiting to be discovered.

On June 10, two significant cycle moments unfold within hours of each other. There is a New Moon Solar Eclipse (Sun/Moon conjunction) at 19°47’ Gemini and the Inferior Conjunction between the Sun and retrograde Mercury at 20°21’ Gemini. This dual commencement in the same degree space of the monthly lunar cycle, dynamically initiated by an eclipse, and the new four-month Sun/Mercury cycle, integrally connects their cosmic purpose. The simultaneous Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction represents a potent unification of our heart, soul and mind that could correlate to moments of clarity wherein new seed ideas start popping in our awareness. As it occurs in Gemini, we may grasp on to them with vigorous curiosity and enthusiastically gather and disseminate as much information as we can about them. Pay attention to any new ways of thinking, feeling, or seeing any unusual movement of the chess pieces of life. Even though we may not know the fullness of their meaning, they will grow to fruition as the intertwined cycles unfold, likely with a sense of being destined. By the time Mercury turns direct on June 22, the new ideas should be more developed so we can act on them, which should correlate to the pace of life picking up.

On June 11, Mars enters Leo for a 7-week stay. This fiery planet in a fiery sign can feel quite energizing but it will take some effort to harness its potential for trailblazing personal creative expression rather than just attention-grabbing bravado. Under the other planetary influences unfolding at this time, Mars moving into inspirational Leo could add to the igniting forces that move us to act boldly.

Further intensifying the dual unfoldment of significant cycle beginnings, the Solar Eclipse and Inferior Conjunction are in an opening “crisis of action” square to Neptune in Pisces, with the Sun’s square to the planet of cosmic consciousness becoming exact on June 13. This amplification of the Neptune archetype in its home sign, could correlate to an otherworldly feeling that makes us wonder just what is “It” that is moving the pieces on the gameboard of our life. It could be confusing if what is unfolding doesn’t relate to our current set of “knowns.” Can we learn to turn bewilderment into awe and respect for how much we truly do not know about our existence? It seems that if we do, then we would have more of an opportunity to engage as a participant with the mystical, magical universe.

Yet another significant alignment occurs on June 14 with the second of three fractious squares between retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, the “crisis of action” phase of their 44-year cycle unfolding all year. This suggests another peak of increased volatility could upset our daily rhythms in ways that reflect the conflicting natures of these formidable planetary archetypes. The square relationship between these planets creates a high level of tension that has the potential to stimulate stabilizing innovation, or something more negative if their shadow side is evoked. Saturn teaches us to develop our “ground” in this reality, to master the knowledge and skills we need, and instill a sense of integrity and responsibility in our way of being, all of which has a reliable, steadying, and productive effect. Uranus calls us to develop our unique individuality, to break from common consensus while also being focused on what is best for humanity and paradoxically, to be comfortable in a constant state of uncertainty wherein we can more effectively develop our ability to spontaneously respond to shocks to our system with ingenuity.

For example, Saturn represents the global socio-economic system and Uranus represents the shocks that stress that system. By now we’ve seen how the shocking global pandemic has revealed just how unjust our systems for living are, stuck in old, dysfunctional patterns. Even now, as wealthy countries seem to be coming out of shut down mode, the poorer nations of the world are being overwhelmed with an increase in cases and deaths. Since we can’t effectively close our national borders to a deadly virus, this problem will likely delay recovery efforts worldwide, especially given continuing supply chain disruption. All this amplifies the need for our systems to be designed to adapt to evolving needs while ensuring humanitarian equity regardless of arbitrary boundaries. The eclipse square Neptune under the perfecting Saturn/Uranus square has the potential to correlate to another shock but hopefully one that could trigger a serious wakeup call and response. Perhaps the recovery roadblocks (Saturn) will open us to take a new direction that will more equitably benefit all humanity (Uranus).

On June 20, the Sun activates the powerful zero cardinal point when it enters Cancer, marking the important Solstice when the Sun reaches its maximum northern declination, the chart for which described herein sets the tone for the next few months. This “sun-standing” moment at 0° Cancer archetypally charges our will to understand where we belong, which is right where we are. Acceptance of that brings the feeling of being at “home” within, meaning we are igniting our soul as a force of consciousness.

Also on June 20, Jupiter stations retrograde at 2°11’ Pisces. Jupiter standing still in the wake of the Eclipse, the Inferior Conjunction, the Saturn/Uranus square and the Solstice further intensifies what is happening around us such that we may mark this time, maybe now, maybe later after more is revealed, as a memorable turning point. The planet of expansion archetypally signifies our need to experience as much as we can to gain a panoramic view of life and develop philosophical meaning out of it all. In Pisces, Jupiter’s movement to search for the truth of our existence expands to include the hidden knowledge of the cosmos, and further opens us to intuitively interact with the cosmic intelligences as well as human ones in a divine interplay. We could take this Jupiterian review period (through October 17) to embark on a quest to reimagine our life with an all-inclusive view that could lead to an experience of unity consciousness. On June 23, the Sun moves into an opening trine with Jupiter, which facilitates this effort with an optimistic sense of the noble possibilities.

As these weighty moments unfold, Venus in Cancer moves through a series of alignments with the transpersonal outer planets June 12 through 23 that support individual and collective efforts to focus on our core values and that which is most important. An opening sextile to Uranus in Taurus values individual expression in relationships and the freedom to act independently. An opening trine with Neptune in Pisces emphasizes expressing compassion and understanding our “nettedness” with others as well as with something greater than ourselves. And finally, an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn is a potentially confrontational alignment that challenges our commitment to being authentic with ourselves and others. Can we remain true to our uniqueness, while being connected to others, and allow that paradoxical directive to open us to accepting each other as we truly are? Can we support the symbolic life/death process through the joys and crises of each day so that little bits of our fragmented ego can die and more and more of our true self be born? If enough of us make a commitment to be deeply rooted to our authentic selves at this compelling moment in history, it could create a groundswell movement that would redirect us away from the corrupt course humanity is on that is severely impacting our delicate celestial biosphere.

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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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One response to “AstroCast: June 10 – 23, 2021”

  1.' Sherri says:

    Once again Kimberly, you write an Exceptional article!! Thank you for your gift of expression that inspires me!
    May the Eclipse bring all of us deeper transformation, understanding, inner joy and true peace.???

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