Uranus in Aries

Posted on June 26, 2015
Posted by Jim Sher

Uranus in Aries

The following article was written prior to the events of June 25 & 26, 2015.  I do mention in this article the very sudden turn against the Confederate flag as a direct result of the hateful, racist murder of 9 people in a famous church in Charlestown, South Carolina.  The decisions made by the US Supreme court, however, have made this week’s events one of the most electrifying paradigm shifts in my memory.  What makes these two dates the most significant is that today’s Supreme Court is an extremely conservative court.  That is what has made their decisions so surprising and significant. On Thursday, June 25, 2015, the Court approved the Obamacare subsidies that prevented millions of people from losing health insurance coverage. More importantly, their decision struck down the last conservative attempt to shut down Obamacare.

The most significant decision however was made on the following day as the Court, in a 5-4 ruling, ruled that gay marriage was legal in the entire country.  They decided not to ‘leave it to the States’, but finally made it the law of the land.  Along with the national movement to remove the Confederate flag, it has made this week a truly historic one.

Astrologically, the transit that seems to have triggered these events is Uranus in Aries trining a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo. Bold decisions were made that are affecting the nation’s consciousness and values.  Uranus (shocks and surprises) in Aries (bold, pioneering spirit) has made itself known to an entire nation and perhaps that world. Now, let’s get to the main article.

I as well as many astrologers have written about the nature of the transiting square between Uranus and Pluto. The transit was exact from 2012 – 2015, but its influence will continue to be important for many years to come. In general, this major transit forces individuals, families, governments and global politics to go through tremendous fundamental changes. Now that the square has occurred for the last time, we can begin to more confidently examine what issues have been laid out for all of us to see. Today’s article will focus on the Uranus in Aries part of the square as I will leave the Pluto in Capricorn for another article. Interestingly, I have been writing this article for several weeks and will be focusing on how Uranus in Aries is affecting the economic climate in the United States, but in the meantime, news always happens. The cold-blooded murder of nine people in an historic church in Charlestown, South Carolina has brought about huge unintended consequences as the entire nation and many southern states have decided to cease using and selling the Confederate flag as a result of this terrible event. Right now this looks to be a truly historic shift.  Uranus rules the principle of sudden changes and this is certainly a good example of its expression.

As important sudden events are when Uranus is affecting people it also operates on more prolonged levels as well. A prime example of the expression of Uranus and Aries is a book written by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler entitled “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World.” Each of these men is an innovator in their own right. Diamandis is an engineer, physician, and entrepreneur and founder of Singularity University and the X Prize Foundation. His background combined aeronautical engineering and medicine and he has been active in many companies such as the Zero Gravity Corporation which has flown over 10,000 customers into space so they can experience weightlessness. Kotler is an author and journalist but is also co-founder and Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project. His books deal with the intersection of science and culture and bring together the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychopharmacology and evolutionary theory. His most famous book is called “The Rise of the Superman.” For those readers interested in learning more about the significance of these men, I urge you to do your own research as they are true representations of a new spirit of innovation and out of the box thinking and action.

I am not going to go into the horoscopes of these men. Yes, they have Aries and Mars pronounced in their charts, but what I want to point out is what they are bringing into the world at this particular time. The book they co-wrote is what got me interested in their work as it relates to Uranus in Aries. It is only one example of a new innovative spirit that is growing each day.  In review, Uranus is the principle of individuality and the willingness to stand alone in their vision of what can benefit mankind and take people into a better future. Aries is the pioneer who loves to take risks not knowing what will happen and see what the outcome will be.

The book “Bold – How to go big, create wealth and impact the world,” states that we are living in a time of great opportunity. Only now can an individual or very few people really create something that is capable of affecting the world. They go back into history and show that in early human history, one had to be the King in order to accomplish great things. As time went by, one had to be a great industrialist to have large effects on the world; men such as Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Henry Ford, Carnegie, Mellon, etc. There was no structure for people to access public information easily. Information slowly seeped into the mass consciousness over years, decades and centuries.

With relative suddenness, the new technologies have swept over us creating untold opportunities. It has only been 20 years since email began to be used by people

Now the access to new technologies, the web, social media and much more has completely changed the landscape of what is possible. Yes, only a few people have been able to take advantage of this. We think of Bezos (Amazon), Jobs (Apple), Gates (Microsoft) and others who have become billionaires, but even this is changing. The sign of Aries is about the individual. Standing for one’s own vision and forging ahead with little concern for the outcome is its hallmark attribute. We see this in our present economy as venture capitalists fund new enterprises and often do not expect to see any return on the investment for many years, if ever. Taking risks is expected if you want to see huge profits. The main aspect of technology is that one can access huge numbers of people quickly. Imagine one has a great product or idea. At first it attracts a few people, then maybe 50-100-1,000, etc. Some ideas can then jump to hundreds of thousands and more. We all know this, even if it’s just through our use of YouTube or Facebook.

In the book “Bold,” this concept is explored deeply and the authors and their respective companies are training people to take advantage of the new opportunities now open to those who are willing to work with vision. They believe that the present technology ‘democratizes’ opportunity. They are teaching entrepreneurs to think big and how they can take advantage of the principle of scale. But, more importantly, they see how we are more able to tackle large world problems in an unheard of way if enough people understand that old widely-accepted limits are no longer real.

This growing spirit is why I am writing this article as to me, it shows us the evidence of Uranus (ruler of technology and concern for humanity) in the sign of Aries (the entrepreneurial spirit). I also want to add that this radical movement must have its own ‘shadow’ side and this covers a wide area. It means people will have to be educated or be threatened to be left behind even more than before. We have to become ever more concerned with how people are being affected by this sudden growth in technology. Every new tool mankind has developed comes with its problems and this is no different. Astrologically, the sign opposing Aries is Libra, which is concerned with our relationship with others, how what we do affects them and how much can be gained when we collaborate with partners. Both authors of this book focus on these things to a high degree.

What a metaphysically-oriented person like me is concerned with is a bit outside the parameters of this article. I am naturally suspicious of the blind use of technology as it increasingly materializes life and can destroy the ‘enchantment’ and ‘magical’ side of life. I am concerned with the degree to which science assumes that any concern with what they regard as the non-physical is automatically dismissed and labeled superstition. I hope that the very tool I am examining can be used to achieve greater awareness as well. The work of the physicist Tom Campbell may be one example of this as his research into the nature of reality has lead him to merge physical science with metaphysics in a new Arian way that also reflects the transit of Uranus in Aries. Maybe each of my readers will look and see how their own vision might be put to use in a new Arian way. I would love to hear your comments.

Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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5 responses to “Uranus in Aries”

  1. Hi Jim,

    Long time no see and it’s been a while since I’ve visited your website. This morning, before arising, I looked through my Facebook postings and I saw this article. After reading it, I turned on the news and saw a bulletin saying that the Space X rocket had exploded as it was attempting to launch. This event seemed in line with all the other ventures and events you discuss in your article. Space X is a “private bold venture” that experiences intense Uranus in Aries energy, i.e. a fiery (Aires) surprise (Uranus) the morning of June 28.

    I understand that this Space X rocket was to carry supplies to the International Space Station. Not long ago I began to ask myself if there were currently international laws that specify what activities private entities are allowed to carry out in space. It led me to wonder that if individuals or companies are rich enough, can they just venture into space and start claiming territory on the Moon, or would they be allowed to set up a privately operated space station. Although the possible actions of governments also worry me, there is at least some (very) limited accountability to its citizenry, i.e. if we are privy to the information. However, with private companies, what accountability is there? If the Koch brothers decide they want to establish a colony on the Moon, can they? Anyway, what started out as a Uranus in Aries observation is now turning into a Neptunian exercise of the imagination.

    Thanks for your article.

  2. rayne.lew@gmail.com' Rayne says:

    What I’m interested in is how the age of Aquarius will effect technology. Combined with Uranus in Aries, I’d like to see how our relationship with lights, lasers, and crystals evolves. Maybe we can combine tech/science with more metaphysical and spiritual ways of being?

    Also – though it is exciting that there is so much opportunity in the world now, I also worry about the impact that such a capitalistic way of thinking will effect the planet and society. So much consumerism weighs heavy on the Mother Earth, with the creation of more and more products. Would be cool to see a different type of experiential market place emerge. Something more Earth conscious. 🙂 Maybe with Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus, there will be more thought put into long term effects and societal structures.

  3. toryldavis@gmail.com' Diana Prince says:

    A week and a half ago I had one of the biggest ideas of my life, an idea that was the synthesis of many different fields of study (for lack of a better term) and a result of my own hard work and efforts towards healing. This past week, as an experiment, I actually put this idea into action. (Usually it takes me a long time to go from idea to execution, but this one was so clear and strong I couldn’t wait.)
    The result has been one of the most healing weeks of my life. While I was afraid it might feel like drowning, today, the last day, I feel more whole, good and free than I can ever remember feeling. I invited a small group of people to join me, and they have shared that it’s been enormously healing for them too.
    And the most beautiful thing is that this is a model that will be easy for others to replicate and do for themselves. It’s been a big week nationally in (what I see as) a movement towards love and care, and there’s also been a mini-revolution in my heart. (And yay, the good guys won!)
    I like this transit!

  4. dschuch@deborahschuch.com' Deborah says:

    Amazing article.

  5. Missyemaya7@gmail.com' Melissa says:

    What a “grand” article and no I don’t just mean that cause I am an Aries either 😉
    I feel motivated just reading it.

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