An Interesting Phase June 2012

Posted on June 17, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


Today’s article will be a little shorter than most, but in a sense it will reveal something I hope is valuable. One of the things I love about astrology is that it is able to describe the forces of life even when we don’t have the right words or even any words to express whatever we may be feeling. Life is more subtle than our busy daily life can detect. There are flavors that just can’t be described. It is my intent to see if astrology can both give us those much-needed words and by doing so, assist you to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ what you already can sense, but don’t know that you are. For me the usefulness of astrology is not because it can predict. I know we all love to try, but were we to be truly successful, what kind of world would we find ourselves in? Wouldn’t it be a mechanical, clockwork, colorless world where there was no freedom of choice? But, what if astrology can help us become conscious of something we somehow do know and feel, but which we cannot yet acknowledge? Would that not be helpful and even amazing?

The present phase we are in is admittedly kind of odd and strange. Let’s see if my explanation is able to help you become conscious of something you are only feeling in a subtle way. I want to describe the time period between June 17- 28, 2012.

The astrological specifics are these. Right now, both Venus and Saturn are retrograde, but are slowing down to a crawl as they will soon be changing direction and returning to their normal direct motion. Specifically, Saturn goes direct on June 25th and Venus does the same on June 27th. Additionally, Mars has only now begun to move past where it went retrograde back in January. This means that there has been one retrograde cycle after another starting way back in late 2011. That cycle is finally changing. But, before it does, we still have this strange period of the next 10 days or so to work through.

The way I am feeling this is that it feels like there is a new smell in the air, but that it hasn’t taken hold yet. Sort of like the last days of winter quiet is just about to quickly shift into such movement that the icy days will be forgotten. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But retrograde periods require us to review and ask us to look at things we usually ignore. There’s something for us to learn or understand about ourselves. It is this that causes a slowdown and even sometimes a reversal of the direction things had been going. Now, the changes have either just begun or are about to do so. But, it’s not time yet.

In this present period, with many planets hardly moving at all, it’s not time to act, unless one has to. In fact, one could get caught in the feeling that this static period could last much longer. Well, it won’t. It can’t. The fact is that there has been a significant build-up over the past months which MUST be released. That release begins in July and will accelerate in August. July will feel differently, but it takes time for the planets to get moving again. Things will still feel a bit slow and there is a brief Mercury retrograde cycle still in the way of full movement forward. But, it will feel differently than it does right now. By August all of the work we have done, the many things we have thought about and processed will begin to take hold and as a result there will be all sorts of ‘calls to action.’

Especially with Saturn moving again, there will be things we know we must do and we will need to act and take advantage of the growing momentum and opportunities that are being presented to us.

Astrology reveals that there are rarely ‘perfect’ times to act. Well life isn’t perfect either, so it’s no surprise that things rarely are totally smooth.

So for now, if you are finding that things are barely moving, that you even feel endlessly blocked and tired, don’t fret. This is the last of the major retrogrades for awhile and you may begin to feel significant changes quite soon.

I won’t be writing about this yet, but on Sunday, June 24th, we will experience the first of seven squares of transiting Uranus to Pluto. This has been building for many years, certainly since 2008, but now the transit of these two revolutionary planets is fully in play. Here is another indicator of big changes just around the corner.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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12 responses to “An Interesting Phase June 2012”

  1.' Rayne says:

    All so true!! My life is f’in awesome right now and only getting more awesome… can’t wait for all this forward motion to pop!!! 🙂 These transits have done me good!

  2. Jim Sher says:

    Yes, there’s still one more slowdown factor in July. That’s why I think that August is when things will really take off. Also, the velocity of Venus, Mars and Saturn will be moving at a faster pace.

  3.' Linda says:

    And then Merc. Retro again! Methinks the new starts made before the end of the next Merc. retro will be subjected to delays and reviews. Then, boom, forward we go…assuming Pluto and Saturn approve!

  4.' Bonnie says:

    Appreciate your open and flowing frame of reference and downplay of prediction, emphasis on feeling. As an astrologer I’ve found openness to timing and acceptance of phases to be most helpful. Daily predictions have never related to my personal experiences. It’s important that we keep in mind the varying levels of our charts; are we dealing with the personal, the soul or the cosmic? Astrology validates our flow and is a great comfort. Thank you.

  5.' Nitai Aleksiewicz says:

    I am accepting this time but it has been tough and I am ready for the forward moving energy. My pluto is tired of saturn, My sun is tired of mars squaring it, and venus retrograde in my sun sign? That can move forward too. Not complaining just not feeling myself. Introverted, with a compulsive need to be alone, yet lonely are a few things I have been feeling. I look forward to it shifting.

  6.' Diane says:

    Thank you. I truly hope so. I am pretty done with feeling like I am living holding my breath. In fact, often I have to remind myself to breathe. I was having a caricature drawn @ a conference & I know you have to stay still but the artist kept telling me., “Breathe!” And big decisions are coming up – they look too good to be true – that’s a clue – and then the “Dare to still pause.” piece

  7. Jim Sher says:

    This question opens a big debate in astrology today. I feel that the tighter the orb, the stronger the effects on a particular person. In this case, though, the subject of the article is affecting everyone.

  8.' donna says:

    What is the degree margin for those with planets near by a transit but not conjunct?

  9.' Laura says:

    Your article certainly validated what I observe in my life and in the life of those around me. Thanks for your intelligent and simple analysis.

  10.' Rose says:

    Thank you Jim! I was wondering why we are in this time of feeling the change, yet it is a time of “take no action”
    I am looking forward to the mountains of change to come!

  11.' Chris says:

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been feeling ideas and opportunities lining up for some time without much forward motion.

    It’s difficult to do a significant amount of work without seeing results, thanks for the clarification.

  12.' mm says:

    You’ve put into words exactly what I am experiencing re this strange period we’re in. Although I know some astrology and follow transits I hadn’t “joined the dots” the way you do here. Really helpful. Thanks.

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