AstroCast: June 4 - 19, 2012

Posted on June 3, 2012
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

** Times where noted are per Pacific Time.

** Degrees where noted are rounded to the nearest whole degree.


The opening salvo of numerous significant astrological events occurring during this period is the pre-dawn Full Moon eclipse on June 4th that sends a cosmic quiver over the Earth and its inhabitants.  While the Full Moon is generally the most emotional phase of the lunar cycle, eclipses up the ante considerably between the opposing energies of solar will and lunar feelings.  Following the solar eclipse two weeks ago, the Moon at 14° Sagittarius takes its turn in the shadow where deep-seated feelings may be forced to the surface for some kind of catharsis.  The effects of an eclipse can last for months and changes that may come about are probably already in motion.  Clues as to how it may affect us individually can be found by looking at what may have been set in potion at the Solar eclipse, but also by reviewing what areas of our natal chart are affected by the degree and sign of the eclipse.  The Sun at 14° Gemini is generally curious and multi-talented but its dual nature can also be ambiguous.  The eclipsed Moon in adventurous Sagittarius may force some thoughtful clarity in the heat of the moment that could lead to a break through to a new level of being and/or a break away from anything that may be too limiting.

Also on June 4th, retrograde Venus at 16° Gemini squares Mars at 16° Virgo in close alignment with the eclipse, creating a stressful “T-square” configuration that could put the focus on relations between the opposite sexes but also the balance and cooperation, or lack thereof, between our internal anima and animus.  Mars being all about action, and the focal point of the T-square, could force some movement during this already intense time.  Neptune imprints the day with spiritual undertones as he stations retrograde at 3° Pisces.  This turnaround of the distant trans-personal planet may be subtle but the laser focus of a seemingly immobile planet will leave its mark, whether in the form of illusion, delusion or transcendence.  It’s up to us to tune in to its highest potential of being in Divine Love.

The fate of relationships theme is magnified with the conjunction of Venus and the Sun at 16° Gemini on June 5th.  This is what is called the “inferior conjunction” and marks a turning point in the Venus retrograde cycle which thrusts all relationships into review and is probably making more than one of us reassess what it is we truly value.  This also marks the very rare event when Venus “occults” the Sun, which means we can actually see Venus crossing over the face of the Sun.  With all these strong astrological energy waves coming to Earth it would be most helpful to tune into that which is Gemini’s strong suit – to communicate, to exchange information and to connect with others for that is how we can begin to experience intimacy.  Another word for intimacy could be “understanding” and with that we get peace of mind and heart.

A palpable shift in the tone of our communications may be experienced June 7th – 8th as Mercury enters Cancer then trines Neptune in Pisces.  These two planets hooking up in water signs have the potential to soften mental processes.  Mercury in Cancer will turn our concerns to family, history and our emotional state of being.  The trine to Neptune in the mystical sign of Pisces could momentarily elevate those concerns to the state of our spiritual family – our fellow beings on this planet Earth, and not just our past but our present and future together, an all-in-one holographic family portrait that reveals our connections at the deepest level.

June 11th – 12th- promises more big shifts.  Jupiter leaves earthy fixed Taurus for the airy, mutable space of Gemini, changing his philosophical emphasis from practical management of resources to the abundant gathering and processing of information.  With Jupiter, “big” is everything so this may be a good time to increase our personal bandwidth to be able to process the influx and avoid overload.  Although, as the paradigm shifting Uranus/Pluto square approaches its first of seven exact 90° squares in a couple of weeks, some kind of crash may happen and be totally outside any of our control.  All we can do is be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually for whatever may come.  Mercury at 8° Cancer will give us a preview today by first squaring Uranus late in the morning and then opposing Pluto by early evening.  The cardinal T-square Mercury forms with the two outer planets may give us the initial impulse to hunker down and protect that which we know at all costs channeling Betty Davis all the way: “Fasten your seat belts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night!” But there is another perhaps counter-intuitive option: try tuning into Jodie Foster in “Contact” instead, hurtling through the wormhole tightly strapped in a chair (that was NOT of course in the original design sent to Earth from alien beings!).  In the moment when she saw her locket floating effortlessly in the air she knew the restraints designed to “protect” her by well-meaning Earth engineers were actually holding her back from experiencing the ride as it was meant to Be.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, UNfasten your seat belts!!  That just may be the way to create the space we need to handle the increased turbulence of daily life we are undoubtedly going to experience over the next few years of the Uranus/Pluto dance.

Delivering the second of this one-two astral punch, Jupiter triggers the solar eclipse point on June 12th.  If any planet had to do this, we’re happy it’s Jupiter.  With these particular eclipses being “potent indicators of change,” according to Jim Sher, that have the potential to bust loose inert minds and matter alike, Jupiter may provide just the trigger we need to make the changes we already know must be made.  New opportunities may be presented that will expand on what started at the time of the eclipse on May 20th.  The best way to be able see these opportunities is just to Be Present at all moments.

While the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are now in Gemini and multitasking is probably being asked of everyone, the other planets are all over the place in what is known as a “splash” chart pattern.  Just about every corner of the sky is lit up by the planets, underscoring the urge to have many different experiences or touch on many different subjects in conversation.  The Moon enters Taurus by mid-morning on June 14th adding some stability to what otherwise may seem like a chaotic time with everyone having attention deficit issues.

The second consecutive New Moon in Gemini occurs on June 19th.  While the first one was at the earliest degree space of the sign this one is at the last, at 29° Gemini.  When planets reach the last degree of a sign it is what is called the “balsamic” phase of its transit through that sign.  It is a time of transition from one cycle to the next.  Like the last lunar phase before a New Moon, this particular New Moon cycle could feel more like all we can do is wrap up, finish, clean out, revise or re-order internally and externally.  If we are going to manifest all those big changes the planets seem to be preparing us for, we’ll need to let go of some baggage so as to be as nimble as possible for the trip ahead.  This is the time to do it.  The Geminian spirit will characterize this phase with its exceptional ability to make the connection between the old and the new, to act as a seer of the future who can aid in the design of the path that will lead us there.  No doubt the information highway will be involved.



Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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