The Cardinal Climax is Here

Posted on August 3, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

If there is just one day when it could be said that this is the true day of the Cardinal Climax, it would have to be this Friday, August 6, 2010. When so many slow moving planets (like Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) are involved in a configuration (a group of 3 or more planets in aspect to each other), it isn’t really possible to pinpoint just one day where we can regard the transit as being the most potent. In fact, the truth is that this type of cycle is one that actually lasts for several years or more. They create long-term trends and paradigm shifts that will influence all the areas of life for many years.

Nevertheless, even a novice can take a casual look at the chart to the right and you will see that 7 planets are either conjunct, square or in opposition to each other. This is not going to be seen more than once in a lifetime for it is that rare. In a few words, this configuration creates dynamic tension. It can be a very creative period, but it also has built into it a great deal of resistance. It is common sense to know that the greater the desire and/or need for change, the greater is the likelihood of there being resistance to that very change. We can take our hints from looking at the news and even now we see that Sen. John Kyle (R-Ariz.) has come out for the repeal of the 14th amendment, which allows children of undocumented immigrants to be automatically granted U.S. citizenship. The repeal of an amendment to the constitution is a radical change . So, we can be certain that the seeing of this now means that the sentiments behind it are very significant and will be affecting the political life in this country for a long time.  Most things that happen in the news right now are apt to be important. How we are affected personally depends on where this is happening in one’s chart and also what has been building on one’s life. It can affect one psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually or in all of the mentioned ways. On the physical plane, it could manifest as one moving to a new city or home. It could mean that one gives birth or its opposite that one is dealing with the death or possibly death of someone dear to the person. Psychologically, it can manifest as the need to confront something or someone, to face what has been important for some time but which must now be handled. Finally, while it can create events, it may not do so immediately.

The Planets Involved

In this particular chart, the fast moving the Moon, Venus and Mars are acting as triggers which stimulate whatever is in the works and this is why events could occur at this time. The stress for action is very strong. Some people have expressed their feeling that an earthquake here in L.A. is coming or is likely. Such a severe event is not impossible, but that’s not necessarily the way this energetic tension could express itself. What it does signify is the feeling that whatever is happening now is going to be experienced as shocking, intense and extreme. Part of the tension is due to the geometric angles in which the planets find themselves but it is also due to the nature of those planets. Jupiter, the principle of expansion, philosophy, religion and spirituality is opposing Saturn, which is the archetype of restriction, delay, but also manifestation. Saturn is slow because it asks us to bring something into reality, to master something and to avoid missing any steps. This can produce frustration, but only if we try to rush something and do not accept the necessity that things must develop naturally. And with Uranus also involved in its conjunction with Jupiter, we see that the desire for radical change of something can also bring about fear of that change just as quickly.

The Best Strategies to Deal With This Transit

Here are some general ideas of how we might handle what is coming forward right now:

Openness to the New – a new paradigm or structure is emerging for us right now. With it come new challenges, but most of all it signifies some type of  new set of circumstances that we must either adapt to or with which we must work. The famous astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, regarded this type of moment in time as one in which a new seed is planted which will ultimately create an entirely new plant or new cycle. (By the way, this cycle will emerge must more clearly in the late winter and early spring of 2011 when Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries completely).

Intention – Once we understand or can feel what the new seed is about for us, we must then do what we can to embrace it fully, to own it, so to speak. Whatever it is, it is coming about as a necessity, so it is best to intend to work with it, to cooperate with its demands of us and see it as beneficial in the long run. For some this will be easy as the new seed is welcome, but for others, it can be resisted or even fought against. To do so is not helpful, since the coming changes are inevitable. We must learn to hold and even nurture the new seed, so that as it sprouts, we do all we can to help it grow into the new structure that is promised.

Patience – for a variety of reasons, the changes being signaled right now are just emerging and have a ways to go before becoming solid and clear enough to be acted upon fully. What is more likely is that we need to approach whatever we find ourselves being moved toward with openness, but also without any rush. It is too big to be something that can be handled quickly. Saturn is part of this process which means that we must not miss any steps and must go slow enough to build a solid foundation. Saturn provides the rules for all that develops, so respect for that process is so important.

Awareness – In any process that is truly new, there is an inevitable arousal of fears since we are always more familiar with the past that we can be with the future. The future is unknown and different, so if we find ourselves confronting fear as the new approaches, we do not need to be surprised or ashamed. Our job in that situation is to make the effort to continue moving forward.

Mercury Entering the Shadow

I will speak more about this in the next newsletter article, but I’m mentioning it here because it could cause delays in manifesting what the present intense transits are bringing about. Mercury will retrograde at 19° of Virgo on August 19, 2010, but is now in the area in which it will retrograde back towards, so whatever you are considering you can be certain that there will be a review process about it. More on this in future articles.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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14 responses to “The Cardinal Climax is Here”

  1.' Jamie says:

    Feedback re: Cardinal Climax. I have 27 degrees Aquaruis rising–Sun/Mon conjunct in the first in Aries. Therefore have Jup/Uranus transiting the first–opposed to transiting Saturn in the 8th –square transiting Pluto in the 11th.
    I’m experiencing a shift of epic proportions–outside forces dipping into the subconscious projecting/creating a self defining shift. Inching my way into a new defination of what I always knew was there and not being expressed or even acknowledged! It’s a time of great release! For me the “Big Bang” was Aug. 12th!
    Bring it on!

  2.' Linda says:

    @Lise: without knowing your chart at all, I’ll still jump in and say that in this economy, don’t quit one job until you’ve landed the next. It is always easier to find a job when you already have one. Law of attraction at work?

    As for me during this time, I got that Uranian AHA! flash as to the emotional component that caused my fibromyalgia: household growing up was filled with “cutting anger” (and I always describe the back pain as though there’s a knife under the shoulder blade!)…war was followed by armed truce. Love was missing so couldn’t be restored. There was the anger followed by lack of healing….WOW…now to figure out how to use that to cure myself! Oh yeah, my Asc. is 6:50 Libra…definitely feeling this Climax in my chart and have been feeling different energies all year. Looking forward to upcoming Solar Return on 9/12…Mercury stationary direct and a Scorpio Moon in the 5/6 house cusp…great time to do some excavating of Self!

  3.' Lise says:

    And I’m wondering, as hard as its going to be, when I should resign from my job? Its a hard thing to do, even though I welcome it and am rapt by it all, open to the change, heck I’m 50 in November and this means I’ll be in Paris then, can’t wait, the pressure lately is intense and I only have my Jupiter feeling the pressure from the cross (hey but its ruler of MC and coruler of my Asc, there you go!)

  4.' Kiya Stuart says:

    Well, that explains it! Neptune is just 7 degrees off my natal Sun, Saturn 5 degrees off natal Neptune, and Uranus Jupiter sitting slap bang on natal moon and Jupiter (Aries,8th house) … got me a natal T square which is being triggered by this current lot. Work has just stopped (dried up)this year, so who am I apart from what I do? Been feeling somewhat paralysed (except for losing the 20lbs extra weight I was carrying) and really not sure what action to take except (first time) have done a couple of ayahausca journeys. Wild rides, saw my seriously bitching mind very clearly, deep woman/mother grief (even to the collective) and quite a lot more … some of which is not yet fully plumbed. So, I can stay paralysed or actually do my daily meditation and exercise which has been so very intermittent this year. I think I’m waiting for the switch to be thrown, but that too is procrastination.
    It actually is exciting, the possibilities …
    Although, I haven’t quite given up worrying how it is going to show up in the world …

  5.' Fernando says:

    This a follow up comment.
    More changes at work are happening. Out Top Executive has turned her resignation today, effective Aug 10. This is change that has been needed in our organization for years, and it happens coinciding with this Cardinal T Square. Yes It’s amazing; and more change is sure to follow, affecting not just me but the entire organization.
    Heck, I think I’m a believer now in Astrology!!

  6.' dawna says:

    Well, it may be time for me to have another consultation with you, Jim. I seem to be in a formative cycle with dealing “differently” with habits, most particularly those of mind … OLD tapes. With so much of my natal chart focused in my first house, seems that ‘parenting’ the self through the Self is a choice I either follow with committed action OR continue to sink into the abyss. Realizing that there is room for gray shades between the black and the white and REMEMBERING that is also topping the list. Plans are to spend a week at Tassajara Mountain Zen Center in September for the work period. Perhaps this pull to participate more fully in the sangha is not only a key but essential ingredient.

  7.' Janey says:

    ASC 17 degrees Capricorn here, and I feel extremely excited. And on top of this planetary configuration, we have the “solar tsunami” — from that Aug. 1st CME — hitting us about now and for the next couple of days. Something BIG is happening, can’t wait to see how this unfolds! Good luck, everybody!

  8.' Debbie says:

    I don’t know what is being triggered in my chart, but know this week I have wanted to put my head on my desk and cry – yet there are no tears. Today I was asked to write a business plan that would have the potential of putting a lot of people out of work. I don’t think I can do that, but not sure what to do about that! It is the first time at workI have been asked to do something that goes against everything I believe in!

  9.' Fernando says:

    Thank you for your writtings; I find them estirely fascinating as they relate to the current state of affairs: in the work environment, and even the many changes already happened in 2010… now giving birth to that new seed you speak about, and all the anxiaety about what it will be. I have had to modify my plans several times this year in an effort to adapt to the new circumnstances, and it appears it’s not yet over.
    The stress, the tension and all those invisible energies are surely felt everyday and I appreciate your advise on how to best deal with them.
    I’m a Cancer, June 22.

  10.' Carol says:

    I’m feeling the contraction of Saturn and the expansion of Jupiter simultaneously. Just like with every breath there is a drawing in and releasing. Surrender, hold on; Surrender, hold on.

  11.' cheryl zittle says:

    IT is an interesting time. My ascendant is 7 degrees Capricorn so this grand cross is really affecting me in the same way that it affecting the world. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. My teacher would also call this aspect a magic box. We just don’t see what’s in the box until it opens.

  12.' Donna says:

    I feel like I am on a merry go round…just when I think I’ve got the brass ring (clarity of direction) I miss it. This is creating the need to stretch out there to grasp what it is I need to move forward. I get stressed and then realize what I am doing to myself and retreat into as much self awareness as I am able. A see saw of sanity..?? lol But, I do have a knowing it is all the right flow… heading me in the best direction to get me where I desire and should be.

  13.' eileen says:

    Go in your fast, I will go on my mini vacation. our plans are part of our process in this event. I’ve been wound up , mean, scared, and feeling trapped. the world in which I grew up is dying around me: forest, ponds, open country. the oil disaster, my mother’ alzhiemery and red sox injuries. fear is up going forward or backwards. good to know that the guard will be changed over some time and that I don’t have to be brave in a new world tomorrow

  14.' Chris says:

    Great! I decided on Sunday to go on a 7 day media fast. I may miss the most important media event of my lifetime.

    Oh well, if it’s an earthquake here in LA I’ll know about it.

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