The Cardinal T-Square Continues

Posted on July 26, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

The last several articles have been covering the potentially eventful period between July 15 and August 15, 2010 which I am calling the cardinal T-square. Other astrologers have referred to it as the cardinal climax. It can be thought of that way because this series of transits actually lasts for several years but is right now reaching a climax since so many of the aspects being made are exact. It can be helpful to think of this period of time as not just likely to create events, though it can. Instead, it signals that many things are up in the air and/or changing directions. This is a time when people leave jobs for new ones, decide to do something that they feel is not just better for them but also more appropriate, and in so doing many people are deciding to downsize so that they will have more freedom to do what they want or need to do. Today’s article is going to look at some of the specific transits that are the most intense right now and how they may be affecting us.

Saturn enters Libra

This transit actually began in late 2009, but since Saturn went retrograde and went back into Virgo, it is only now entering Libra completely. When Saturn is in Virgo, we find that we can be very picky, critical and fault-finding. The ‘feel’ of Saturn in Libra, however, is very different. This important planet is exalted in Libra and is concerned with justice, fairness, and balance. Also, Libra is much more people-oriented than Virgo and this suggests that this is an especially good time to pay close attention to how we operate in relationships. Wherever Saturn is in our charts, this is where we will need to watch, observe and take care for this is the territory where we will be held to account and also where we will benefit if we take care of what needs our attention. While Saturn can be restrictive, in Libra it doesn’t ‘hurt’ so much, so to speak, because we may want to cooperate and collaborate at this time. By the way, a student with special sensitivity about Libra observed that Libra does the best not when it compromises. To her, compromise meant that each side or each person was losing in some way. Instead, she suggested that people make the effort to reach a level of understanding that resulted in a successful collaboration which would mean that both sides can find a way to win. Her observations about this are worth considering.

Jupiter and Uranus are now Retrograde

As I have written, the entrance of both Jupiter and Uranus into Aries give a great spark to the initiating of new behaviors, projects, enterprises, etc. It is the archetype of excitement and risk-taking. Suddenly almost before we had time to get started both of these planets have gone into retrograde. Not only that, but both will return into Pisces. Uranus enters Pisces on August 14, 2010 and Jupiter does the same on September 9. This is likely to dampen our enthusiasm about what was just about to emerge, but if we understand the astrological meaning of this it might not feel so bad. After all, by late winter and early spring of 2011, they will both reenter Aries and this time for good.

What this all suggests is that there is something to review, or even something or someone to go back and pickup. I know that retrograde periods can be frustrating, especially this one. But if we go back and look at what actually happened during any retrograde cycle, we will discover that something happened that was helpful to us. We will find that something important was missing without which we could not have succeeded. So, there is still something to do. One need not give up on whatever has emerged in the last 3-60 days. Aries is a time for vision, expansion and exciting new challenges. It’s time will come. So, instead of giving up on the vision, take a good look to see what is still needed before the new cycle can be born. You will likely find that there is indeed something important to consider or accomplish in order for the new to be as successful as it can be.

Mars Joining the Fray

Mars transits are triggers for events and are therefore often found in event charts. Mars can really stir things up and create events. Transiting Mars is already very close to conjuncting Saturn, but on July 30th, this Friday, it will enter Libra and conjunct Saturn, oppose Jupiter and Uranus and square Pluto. Watch the news during this period and you may see a lot of pressures meeting each other. Some astrologers will predict an earthquake or volcanic event, but whether that happens or not, for many people, it could feel like one is happening inside us. Is this a time for action? No, not necessarily. There may be great pressure to act, but it should be considered carefully, if possible. The implications of whatever this transit triggers is going to be substantial, so great care may be needed even if one feels a lot of pressure to just do something. If you have considered it, then fine. And if you simply have to act, then fine also. One must do what is necessary. But if there is no reason to rush, one should wait before acting and just note what you are feeling and what is coming your way. This is the beginning of a very significant period that will become even more intense in the first 10 days of August when Venus and the Moon enter the critical degrees where these transits are playing out.

By the way, if you have planets or your Ascendant or Mid-heaven in early cardinal (0°-3° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or the middle (14° – 17°) of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), it means that you are especially affected by these transits. All in all, this is a period of change and most people will be feeling it. This also means that people can be especially irritable, worried, and even unstable. So, be extra alert when driving or whenever you are in an especially tense situation. Avoid as much negativity as possible. If things escalate, you don’t want to be in the middle of the action. And if you are the Mayor of Bell, CA or an unusually wealthy City Councilman of that fair city, you might want to resign as soon as possible. We’re not in Dodge City and Wyatt Earp isn’t the sheriff, but I think your days are done and the expression “I think it’s time to get outa Dodge” really does come to mind.

For the readers of this blog, as always, I hope you will write comments on how you are experiencing this time period. I will answer as many questions as possible. Thanks for listening.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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6 responses to “The Cardinal T-Square Continues”

  1.' Candida says:

    yes, everything feels like its all about to give or change, but actually nothing on the surface is changing, even though it feels like it should..very trying and yes destabilizing..luckily ‘this too will pass’…

  2.' Isabelle Flaherty says:

    Thank you for the planetary analysis as it seems to make trying times less daunting as it all seems to suggest there will be a silver lining. My rising sign is 00 degrees LIbra in my fourth house (if I am counting correctly-My sun sign is 26 degrees Cancer) so I am supposed to be affected and so I am. I am in the final stages of my divorce from my husband and our pre-trial conference is scheduled for guess when: July 30th. Mars was 10 degrees Cancer when I was born and Saturn was 27 degrees Virgo. My soon to be ex husband’s rising sign is 8 degrees Leo and his sign is Aires (at 28 degrees when he was born). Our divorce trial (if we do not settle) is August 12th and 13th, which seems to be in the midst of the cardinal t-square or climax.
    We have been separated for four years and almost nine months and the separation was also a long time coming. I have known the attorney who represented me for 17 years (did you previously mention some planetary event 17 years ago?) and he has inexplicably bailed on me as of about March or April of this year. He has not contacted me at all since May even though the pre-trial conference and trial are looming. He was also was supposed to have submitted a temporary support application back in April and he never did. The silver lining is, I am also an attorney, previously a divorce attorney (in New York, not CA and I have not practiced matrimonial law since 1984). But at least I have a better shot at representing myself than most would. I began practicing again, and for the first time in CA in early 2008 intending to shift my area of practice to immigration law. I have two pro bono immigration cases of minors and two other non-paying cases, helping out friends, so I have been gaining some practical experience. My current life experiences do seem to be lining up with the planets. I made need a private consultation! I will let you know how it goes. Isabelle

  3.' Deborah says:

    Oh, I love this. I can’t decide whether to be exuberant or to pull the covers over my head. So every day I just do what I can do. It feels like slogging through quicksand. And like all transits, it will pass.

  4.' Cathie says:

    My Neptune is 4 degree’s of Libra in my 7th house and I am not sure how these transits will affect me.

    Things have been quite difficult since 9/2007 so I am a little jumpy about anymore transits that might be difficult.

    I hope I can get a response about this.
    Thank you,

  5.' Debra says:

    Thanks for the further explanation of the “times we are a-facing”….instability and uncertainty abound but at the same time, change is clearly in the air which can be life-giving and positive depending on our consciousness and ultimately our attitude. My challenge right now is Saturn in Libra on my 2nd house of finances for the next two + years YUCK….Jupiter and Uranus in my 8th House, and Mars and Venus in later degrees of my ascendant Virgo…
    I feel many changes occurring around me and within me….including being more aware of where I need to place my energy…..more inwardly. Everything is a means to this end… I approach my 58th birthday….Nov 17, 1952….

  6.' Kathryn says:

    you just drove up the search for “Mayor of Bell, CA and councilman salaries!” – wow – hadn’t read that before – guess it’s a bit too far for Mississippi to worry about! But yes – in the spirit of that story – things are definitely moving back into a state of reality – as painful as that may be for many!

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