A Very Telling Week Ahead

Posted on January 23, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

The job of an astrologer becomes very interesting whenever three transits occur at the same time. But when those same transits are also unusually significant in themselves, one can assume that we are in for a very important week. By important I mean that the events and shifts of that week are likely to signal the kind of things that will affect us for many months or even years to come.

We have just completed our recent series of eclipses and the Mercury retrograde. And no doubt these have created situations that we are now having to pay close attention to and work with in a focused way. But in my view, the last month has in actuality been leading us to what will be emerging this coming week. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. There will be a Full Moon on January 29 which is closely connected to the Solar Eclipse we had on the Jan 15.
  2. On the very same day, Mars retrograde will oppose the Sun of the Full Moon. This marks the mid-point of the10-week retrograde period. This is the time when we can begin to see what the underlying meaning of the entire Mars retrograde cycle. Also, because of the nature of Mars and the Sun, it is likely to feel very intense and to therefore cause us to react strongly to whatever is being felt.
  3. Finally and most important, this is the second occurrence of the Saturn square to Pluto which began on November 15, 2009. It is this difficult and sometimes even depressing transit that is setting the tone for what is happening now. It can be depressing because it is forcing those of us who are affected most, to face certain realities that challenge us and demand both fortitude and courage. Our structures, either physical or psychological, are going through a transformation and while they are necessary (Saturn), they often evoke a great deal of resistance to those very changes that must be made. Yet, at this time, reality must be faced. There is no choice. In fact, any denial that has occurred since the first time these planets were in square, will come back much more strongly this time, so that it can no longer be avoided.

Politics – The surprise election of Scott Brown, a Republican, over Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate has revealed a far higher level of dissatisfaction with Pres. Obama and the Democratic Congress than was believed. I’m not sure why so many people were surprised, as I sure wasn’t, but that’s another story. So, within a few days, Obama announced a major shift in his approach to the economic problems and is asking for a variety of new reforms that he has avoided until now. He has proposed new, stricter regulations, especially on the super-huge banks and is listening to a different set of economic advisors as well. (By the way, did you know that the four biggest banks now control approximately 40% of our nation’s wealth?) The confirmation of Ben Bernanke to a second term as the head of the Fed is now in question, although the Obama administration is fighting to keep him in his position. An astrological look at how the present transits affect the chart of the Federal Reserve reveals a very high likelihood that big changes are coming to that organization, so it is very possible that Bernanke will have to be replaced by someone who appears to be far more sympathetic to ‘Main Street’ than in the past. Perhaps he may actually be sympathetic, though there have been no signs of it so far. Also, the entire health care bill is up in the air which had been the cornerstone of Obama’s first year in office. This is a huge political defeat for Pres. Obama. He invested an enormous amount of political capital on this bill, so that its defeat could be devastating to his ability to influence what is happening in the next year. By the way, Obama is extremely affected by the Mars retrograde in Leo, going over his Sun and affecting his Ascendant and Jupiter. He is really being hit hard by all that is coming forward this week. What people seem to be the most upset about is the gap between what he said during the campaign which elicited great hope for many people and what has actually happened during his first year in office. Whenever there is gap in expectations, the people (ruled by the Moon) can become very unhappy and vote in even more erratic ways.

Economics- The stock market has been dropping all week. Many reasons are being given, but perhaps one of the most important is that China has announced that it is going to slow down the growth of its economy, which has been booming. The effects of its tremendous growth is that it has been buoying up the rest of the world’s major economies, which has mitigated some of the worst effects of the U.S. and international economic slowdown. Other factors include the questioning of the reasons why the market has risen so much since last March and the lack of any reforms or regulations that would deal with the causes of the original problems themselves. Here is an article for those interested that goes into some of these issues:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/23/7-things-about-the-econom_n_433688.html

The Intent of the Mars Retrograde

The basic effect of this cycle is that it demands that we change our strategy of how we assert ourselves. Its effects while we are in the midst of the period is that we can have health problems, injuries, accidents and other Mars-related problems. That depends on how the retrograde affects our personal chart. It’s very much like a forced pull-back. No wonder many members of Congress are pulling back on the health care bill so as to re-evaluate how to move forward. One even suggested that Congress wait until mid-march before revisiting it. He probably didn’t know that Mars will go direct on March 10, right in line with his timing. Another possible effect is that we must move to a new location or at least set into motion actions that will lead to that later in the spring or early summer. It has to do with looking at our goals and adjusting them to the actual realities we are facing. This is a great time for the realists of the zodiac, because they’re looking pretty good right now.

Our Strategy

So what is the best strategy in dealing with possible changes and obstacles? I know this article is not as hopeful as many of my readers would like. It’s certainly not as fun writing as most of my newsletters. But I hope it is helpful in that if we can understand and accept the underlying tone of the times and know that whatever is occurring is temporary, it can assist us to handle things in a more functional and positive way. It won’t last forever. And if there are things we must do, the sooner we do them the better it will be for us. Specifically, Mars goes direct on March 10, 2010 and this summer things change quite radically as Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries and mark a very significant shift in our ability to move forward.

And finally, whenever we’re dealing with Saturn, the one thing I’ve noticed above all is that we always feel better when we handle the necessary issues with which we are confronted. When we do not, we feel worse, more pressure and more pessimistic. The pressure lifts when we accept what we must do. There is the famous quote of Dr. Carl Jung that applies here so I will end the article on that note. “The only freedom I have is to gladly do what I must do.”

As always, as the week moves forward, I would love it if you would write on our blog. The good and the bad.

Wishing you the best.

Jim Sher

Astrology Full Moon Mars Retrograde Pluto Saturn
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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12 responses to “A Very Telling Week Ahead”

  1. West.gabby@gmail.com' Gabby says:

    You are so insightful. I am so delighted to have read your answer to my question about why the full moon is closely connected to the Jan 15 Eclipse. I have loads of examples I can give you as to what is happening…
    Is that something I should email?

  2. kcartistry@gmail.com' Pia says:


    Thank you for your continued work and blogs. You are my source for checking in on when things turn out of the ordinary.

    I only realized today that the full moon was on Friday (my birthday) and I became super excited. Then when I read your report I was even more enthused to see the linking of multiple astrological events.

    I’ll agree with Carol on looking at the positives.

    Being pushed out of my comfort zone so as to have the opportunity to really change the things in my life I’m cling to and evolving seems to being made clearer this week. Now lets see if I can make it easier too!

  3. Jim Sher says:

    To Gabby:
    Great question Gabby. The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon and the Full Moon that will happen on Friday is a part of that cycle. You can think of the New Moon as the planting of a new seed. It can be an idea, an action, a new strategy, etc., but whatever it is, it begins to come to some kind of fruition at the Full Moon. This is especially true this Friday since it also corresponds to the Mars opposition to the Sun while retrograde, which brings forth a new idea that is connected to the entire Mars retrograde cycle.

  4. west.gabby@gmail.com' Gabby says:

    Why is the full moon closely connected to the Eclipse of Jan 15??

  5. Although I love the individual case studies of Jack and Jill, I found myself missing your “mundane astrology” postings. I hope that we humans on this planet can grow quickly enough to save the earth and learn to live peacefully, allowing prosperity for all. Thanks for all your teachings.

  6. lovegypsy@hotmail.com' Charlotte says:

    Thanks for all your good insight. Well just to let you know what we faced this month. A diesel hit my husbands truck, and flipped it upside down and sid it down the road.
    My husband walked away from it with only a headache from hitting the windshield.
    We are remoldeling our house, and had the wall opened up where the hot water tank is, there was a fire at the hot water tank area, but a water hose, got a hole in it, and it put the fire out itself. I was at home alone, so I was glad the water spray went up in the air and came down right on the fire, so all was well.
    Then (my husband lost his left leg in the military)my husband’s leg/stump became so infected, he had to go to the emergency room.
    And they gave him a IV antibiotic drip, now he is back home again.
    So it is kinda like, what next? oh my.
    Robert’s b-day is Jan 14th 11:00 pm he is a Capricorn and the eclipse was also in Cap. so it may have affected him more.

  7. annmichelangeloholistichealing@myexcel.com' ann michelangelo says:

    Very meaningful information and very true in my life. It started on Sat. for me. I think my Mars is in Leo in the 5th house? I will have to have a reading with you one day.
    Thanks Jim!

  8. carol@personalandbusinesssolutions.com' Carol says:

    If we continuously move in the direction of self awareness, that enables us to accept not only ourselves but the world as it is and approach our own life with more clarity despite what is happening around us. Acceptance does not mean complacency or resignation. Quite the contrary, it gives us the very freedom that the quote Jim ended with at the end of the newsletter.

    These past two eclipses have really assisted me in gaining clarity to buckle down and focus on that which is necessary in order to be in the flow with Life.

    Thanks Jim for all your insights!

  9. Hi, Everyone –and I too want to thank Jim – and all you cohorts –for your thoughtful and heart felt contributions: My two cents: how about considering the “positive” effects of a “mindful” relationship with our Mars: perhaps an assertive force of creativity and drive –perhaps even an archetypal Warrior aspect, compelling us forward towards our dreams, passionate, enlivened when called for –your idea?

  10. lvq12@hotmail.com' linda quakenbush says:

    Thanks Jim,
    Always appreciate your helpful insight!!

  11. Jim Sher says:

    To Leslie,
    My philosophy is that history shows us that in the long run, humanity very slowly learns what it needs to learn. It’s individuals that are capable of evolving much faster. I feel we must do all we can to grow in self-awareness, help others when we can or when it’s appropriate and accept the rest as a part of the history of our time.
    Thanks for the offer of the Liz Greene book. I have several copies of it and consider it to be one of the Top 10 astrology books of all time. You’ll enjoy it when you’re able to tackle it.

  12. focuslr@aol.com' leslie rosenstock says:

    Dear Jim,

    Your newsletters are so appreciated and so helpful in guiding my own awareness and expectations each week. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!
    I love it when you discuss the transits in terms of the political shocks and stock market deceit over this past year. All things hidden are being slowly revealed!
    It is difficult for me not to fall into an attitude of despair around the corruption that really controls this country…..and the helplessness and lack of care for all people. But I do not want to give up hope for a more fair and balanced government for EVERYONE! If I loose hope and thus disengage…….then the “bad guys” win!
    Thank you so much for your intelligence, your teaching skills and your generosity in sharing it all so freely.
    May YOU, JIM, have an easy, comfortable week ahead despite all those difficulties foretold in the stars above. Please keep up the really important writing that you offer.
    My best to you,

    PS I have a book a friend sent that looks so interesting but currently I have no free time to digest it. I wonder if you would like to borrow it. ASTROLOGY OF FATE by Liz Green. It’s your for the asking!

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