The Solar Eclipse & Jack Part 2

Posted on January 15, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

Jack's Transits


Purpose of the Jack and Jill Series

Although there are many readers with some degree of astrological knowledge, the vast majority do not have this education. So quite appropriately, I have been asked why I’m presenting articles that go into the transits of what a person is experiencing. It might be helpful therefore to state the reasons for this.     

The first reason is that I desire for my readers to understand what astrology can reveal and to a lesser but still important degree, learn what astrological counseling is and how it can be of assistance. While I don’t believe astrologers are capable of making concrete predictions reliably, I have seen that astrology can reveal the nature of the themes and cycles we are under at a given time. We can describe the “weather patterns”, so to speak and this insight can help us understand the meaning of what is occurring. This, I find, is far more helpful than knowing just what will happen.     

The second reason is that I believe even novices can discover how one can enjoy and benefit by understanding basic astrological principles and see how these can be applied to a specific person. This is the art of the astrologer. Our job is to bridge the gap (along with the participation of the client) between the archetypal universal principles and how they manifest for a particular person in any given time period.     

Today’s article regarding Jack is an example of the second reason because we are going to look at the meaning of Jupiter and how Jack is being affected by its transit to his Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mid-Heaven. Yes, this one planet is affecting these four very important points at the same time.     

The principle of Jupiter is that it expands what it touches. This expansion can be physical, but more often it expands our minds and consciousness, opening us to higher understandings and truths. It can literally bring things out into the open, occasionally in quitea  dramatic way. Often, Jupiter carries with it the need to risk, for any increase in awareness brings with it the possibility that what we discover could destroy old viewpoints and understandings that have confronted us. The fact is that when we formulate a belief system (or better said, it formulates in us), giving it up for a new set of viewpoints, however truthful and helpful to us in the long run, is often very disturbing and uncomfortable.     

Jack is living this right now. He has grown up with certain thoughts, feelings and viewpoints about his father and mother and all of these are having to be thrown out and replaced by an unknown, but much more truthful set of understandings. Transiting Jupiter is opposing his Moon and squaring his Sun. But it also is affecting what is called the parental axis – the Mid-Heaven/Lower-Heaven angles. What is happening specifically is that radically new information is coming to Jack ove turning his belief system about his parents. He is seeing his mother in a new way. Before he was her defender and protector. He described himself as in a co-dependent relationship with her therefore unable to really see her as she is. That is no longer true, as the Jupiter transit, lasting for the past six to nine months has been helping him wake up to the truth of his mother. A veil is being lifted from his eyes. He said to me that “I could not imagine seeing her the way I do now only one month ago.” He is seeing her as unable to take responsibility for herself. During the Mercury Retrograde he spoke to her about her refusal to reach out to him, she denied it.     

He described her as a person who “grabs on to whatever appears.” She has recently married an evangelical Christian who has total control over her, though she has never in the past been interested in religion. He described her past relationships as also being with narcissistic men who controlled her. In his last communication with her he has asked her to enter therapy and told her that if she chooses not to do so, he will cease having a relationship with her as she is too toxic for him.     

Of course, Jack is still in the midst of processing all that is happening and there is a likelihood that his present feelings will continue to shift, but the process has begun and there is no turning back now.     

This is Jupiter in action – expanding Jack’s vision and understanding and pushing him to a new level of honesty with himself and others. By the way, on the other side, his relationship with his father has been improving at the same time as his respect for him has grown. Sometimes Jupiter puts us into a topsy – turvy spin and all we can do is hang on for the ride.     

The Solar Eclipse

Last night at 11:11pm PST, January 14, 2010 we had a Solar Eclipse that occurred at 25 degrees of Capricorn. An eclipse often brings about a shift in the inertia of a situation, breaking a particular pattern in such a way that it allows or even forces something new to develop. There are two ways to analyze the possible effects of an eclipse. One is by looking at the chart itself and the other is by working with the nature of the specific Saros cycle the Eclipse is activating. This is a technical astronomical matter that I won’t explain here, but I will describe its nature. In the system used by Bernadette Brady, this eclipse is called 12 North. She writes about it as an eclipse that can bring  far more responsibility that arises from another person being unable to carry on fulfilling those responsibilities. Although these opportunities may be difficult, they often bring about positive outcomes in terms of self-esteem and harmony.   

This particular eclipse is also conjunct Venus, which further increases the likelihood that the newly emerging forces are favorable for relationships, money and happiness. One student has already begun to experience this eclipse in a way that exactly coincides with this description. She has been involved with an organization with many failings and that organization has fallen apart. She is now considering creating her own organization as she has discovered that she has both the abilities and motivation to succeed where others have failed. Not surprisingly, her birth chart has been lit up by both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the past two weeks. How affected we may be by an eclipse will depend on where it connects with our own chart.   

As always, I urge you to write about your own experiences with this eclipse. I will make an effort to answer as many of your questions as possible.   

Good luck!   

Astrology Jack Solar Eclipse
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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4 responses to “The Solar Eclipse & Jack Part 2”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    To Cheryl:

    His mother has had several marriages.

  2. Jim Sher says:

    To Rayne:

    Astrologers usually focus in on a 3 degree orb, so 29 degrees is quite borderline. I’d let the person decide.

  3.' Cheryl says:

    In Jack’s case there is a T-square and anytime a planet completes that T-square creating a Grand cross, it will be an interesting time.

    The Moon sextile Neptune in his chart will suggest that mother is influenced by Neptunian things religion, alcohol, anything that gives her the leave of reality will influence her.

    Is this her second husband?

    Jacks’s father was not there for him growing up and he had to create his own structure. Perhaps his father coming back in with that Jupiter completing the T-Square is very relavant as well.

    The eclipes setting off his chart is going to bring a lot of changes.

  4.' Rayne says:

    What kind of orbs would you use for the eclipse? Would planets at 29 degrees be effected?

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