Mars Retrograde and More on Jack and Jill

Posted on January 27, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

The variety of ways people are being affected by the present Mars retrograde cycle is too numerous to describe fully. Some of the more notable events I’ve seen first-hand are motorcycle accidents, an increased number of injuries by athletes, fights with co-workers, medical diagnoses that have powerful effects, inflammations and infections at a higher than normal rate and much more. This is the physical way Mars can affect us. The reason why Mars is amped up at this time is that during its retrograde motion, Mars is closer to the Earth than usual thereby increasing its effect. Other ways I’ve seen depends on what house the Mars retrograde occurs in a person’s chart. One person whose 8th house is affected is getting his Will changed. In one’s 7th house, there are conflicts with friends and co-workers. And in the 2nd house a person is really looking at changing their strategy of investing and earning more money.

However, there are also very positive effects that often occur at this time. This is due to the fact that this is a great time to review our strategies and change the direction we have been taking. Sometimes matters get worse so that we are forced to deal with something. One friend has had harsh dealings with her boss and it turns out that this boss has a lot of anger issues and is being overwhelmed with the number of people lining up against him. It’s subtle but the boss is sick more often than usual and is having to miss work. Hopefully as the cycle continues he will feel the necessity of really examining his behavior and the degree to which he is negatively affecting others around him and ultimately himself as well.

Jack and Jill

The way our two friends are experiencing the Mars retrograde is quite positive and is worth going into in some detail.

“Jack” –  is experiencing the Mars retrograde in his 7th house of relationships. Although he has been going through a tremendous amount of shifting in his consciousness about his parents and family, his relationship is also shifting but in a very positive way. He writes, “While the most dramatic aspects of my life revolve around the drama of dealing with my family and friends, my personal life is the happiest it’s ever been. I have been in a loving 3 year relationship with my boyfriend (my first long-term relationship) and I couldn’t be more personally satisfied. The healing that has occurred as a result of this loving relationship has allowed me to deal with my family problems in an adult and mature way.” Also, his relationship has enabled him to learn that there are times when it is necessary to assert himself (Mars) and express what he needs in order to create a good relationship.

Mars also rules the way we deal with anger and that issue has come up in connection with his mother. In this regard’ Jack’ writes, “While dealing with my mother is hard and emotional for me, I am not angry with her. I love her but I can’t allow her to continue to treat me (or my brother or her grandchildren) in a way that’s hurtful. It’s a grown-up feeling that’s new for me.”

I know that Mars often is associated with physical movement, but there is also a very important psychological component to it as well. “Jack” has been examining classic 7th house issues of co-dependency, especially with his mother and observed the following:  “I’ve have noticed many situations where my need to control (which I always think of as  “helping”) flares up and I take a step back and let people take care of their own needs. I’m very sensitive right now to people around me who I feel are trying to manipulate me versus ask me to do something for them in a direct way. I usually take the bait and they don’t even need to ask because I am so good at anticipating needs. So now I’m working on standing back and not taking the bait forcing them to ask me directly for help or allowing someone else to take up the slack.

And finally, “Jack” has also been looking at his assumptions in life. Mars rules ‘surgery’ which includes cutting out unnecessary or outworn belief systems. That’s what “Jack” has been doing as well as he writes- “I have been revaluating everything in my life especially my assumptions, like working too many hours in order to buy a house or working myself to death so that I can become rich (What I thought was the American dream). It feels like a veil has been lifted and I’m starting to see things as they are. It seems like I’m surgically separating the assumptions of what I have always thought my life should look like (A Martha Stewart life with an immaculate house and nice things) from my deepest desires and goals (Living as an artist, creating, living outside-of-the-box). I’ve even been contemplating moving to another country, one that allows gay marriage, national health care, child care, etc. A country that aligns with my values already. In my day to day life I have been focusing on enjoying myself while I do tasks, and not try to rush through them”. All these facets that ‘Jack’ has written about are part of what the Mars retrograde cycle is all about. Now, let’s take a look and see how “Jill” has been affected by the Mars transit.

“Jill” – with Mercury turning direct, Jill’s business has been picking up and her income is improving. Also, she has started teaching classes that are helping her form and coalesce a very new and unusual approach. Jill has a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and is coming up with a radically new system which combines astrology, yoga, soul retrieval with goal setting. She is combining all of this with her expertise in beauty products and makeup and developing a method for women to invoke new energies and paradigms through the use of color and makeup. This new strategy is coming together now, in the middle of the Mars retrograde. Ironically, as she is re-inventing herself, she is simultaneously developing and refining a system where she can assist others to re-define themselves.

Part of the changes she is making has to do with developing new ways of ‘languaging’ what she is offering, developing new symbolism for her system, which is especially difficulty as what she is doing is so out of the box and eclectic. Yet, this is exactly the fullest expression of her chart which is really coming forward right now.

She expressed her challenge to me as basically one of figuring out how to bring all these different facets together. She knows how to do it herself, but what is not so easy is how to speak about it publicly.

Also, the problems in her life that she is tackling is what she called ‘tying up loose ends.’ This includes paying off debts, getting her financial house in order and discovering how all she has learned in the many aspects of her life are coming together and how they apply to her personally. The internal/external process she is going through right now is incredibly interconnected and quite dynamic.

With Saturn and Pluto also involved, it is not surprising that the primary theme of her life right now is that of re-inventing. The part that the Mars retrograde is playing in this is that she is having to, in a sense, let go of everything that she knows and has learned up to now and give herself enough time so that it can reconstitute itself in a totally new way. This is how Mars retrograde can assist her.

And how it can also assist us as well.

I hope this article helps you understand some of the potential ways that the cycle we’re in now can be used to our advantage. And I really hope many of you will comment on our blog and tell us how you are being affected as well.

Good luck as we move into the Full Moon!

Astrology Jack Jill Mars Retrograde
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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6 responses to “Mars Retrograde and More on Jack and Jill”

  1.' Meg says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that several 20-somethings whom I feel fortunate to be connected with are writing beautiful reports about being of service to people around the world, and writing in a language of love rather than with pretension. Stunning to witness.

  2. Jim Sher says:

    From Meg:

    You asked us to respond about what’s going on in our lives this week. Three men close to me, all over 60, were suffering from major distress in their lungs. Another three men are very close to death due to cancer.

    Many people around me are going through very tough times with children who are sick with fever, etc. One, age 3, spent several days in the hospital with an infection last week. Her mother used to work in Congo and other poor nations and was very upset not to be able to go straight to Haiti after the earthquake because she is now a mother, and I think her daughter took on her stress.

    Many friends have celebrated special birthdays just in this last week – three turned 50, one 60, one 75, and one 25.

    The full moon/eclipse day was very high energetically and awesomely beautiful, clearing just in time for the 4:15 pm moonrise at -22C, here in Norway. Even colder all day on the 31st and 1st…

    That’s my report!

    Thank you for your splendid observations, and service to your readers, Jim.

  3. I can truly relate to Jill’s “re-inventing theme” and “eclectic” talents. I, too, have been relocated back to Burbank after 4 years in Colorado, so am starting life all over here once again. I’m in a Saturn Return with Pluto conj Chiron in the first house. Jupiter conj Mars in 3H and Uranus on cusp of 3H/4H. Huge changes internally and externally. Having to find new ways/languaging of offering my work as a Shamanic Healer/Teacher also. Your report and Jack/Jill’s sharing are wonderful. Thank you all…Linda

  4.' ann michelangelo says:

    Great articles…Jim…I can identify with the stuff going on in Jack’s life regarding rescuing others.

  5.' Kiya Stuart says:

    Hi Jim,
    Not sure if this is relevent, but my Ascendant is 12.5 Leo, (Pluto 2 Leo opp Venus in the 6th which is sq to Saturn in the 8th. Looks like Uranus is very close to my natal Mars)) so Mars is currently transiting my 12th house. I have, for the last few weeks, been doing a big liver cleanse … I have some pretty heavy health issues and got fed up with trying to attend to them by western medicine. The cleanse, a Niagara massage device, and a change of attitude, is making a difference … I’m beginning to feel quite a bit better … and can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I intend to be healthy into my old age and it actually looks possible.

  6. Great Mars take (: I see you included some positive possible effects and not many do(: Coming to my Moon soon SO much appreciated. Thx Marilyn
    I also frw’d these to my astro group in town.

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