Soli-Lunar Cycle: New Moon in Taurus May 19, 2023

Posted on May 19, 2023
Posted by Jim Sher

The nature of this Soli-Lunar cycle can bring insights into how we might manifest our real-world dreams so we can determine the clearest way forward. To do this we must honor our unique nature while maintaining patience, steadiness and persistence.

On May 19th, the New Moon at 28° Taurus brings together five planets as well as the North Node in Taurus, namely the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. This concentration of energies in one sign intensifies their impact and encourages us to approach things practically as we work to bring our dreams into reality. It sets the stage for a mindset of clarity and simplicity leading to greater personal transformation.

The New Moon chart type is a bowl, with Pluto as the leading planet. Pluto forms a trine with the Sun and Moon, highlighting the potential for profound change. Additionally, the Sun and Moon form a sextile with Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This creates a five-planet configuration without an official name, but I have referred to it as the “elephant stand.” This is because it can bear a great weight and contain and harmonize intense energies. Pluto prompts us to view any situation as an opportunity for transformation, while the trine suggests that we can accomplish more when we allow life to flow naturally. This means ceasing to forcefully impose change and allow things to evolve naturally. Furthermore, since Pluto opposes Mars, using force oftentimes leads to negative outcomes. This theme is reinforced by a trine between Mars and Neptune, encouraging us to let go of ego-driven impulses. Neptune urges us to freely use our imagination and dream without limitations, but then we must determine what is our most essential aim and proceed accordingly.

Lastly, there is a sextile aspect between Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. With Mercury and Jupiter aligned, there are opportunities to expand our understanding and share what we are discovering to benefit both ourselves and our larger world. The sextile to Saturn in Pisces brings a sense of responsibility to confront life with courage, realism, and discipline. It also emphasizes the importance of establishing healthy boundaries and being honest about our needs.

The Sabian symbol for 29° Taurus, interpreted by Dane Rudhyar, depicts “two cobblers working at a table,” symbolizing their equal participation in the work and their shared foundation. Cobblers work meticulously with their hands, repairing and shaping shoes to protect feet. This work is precise, detailed, and practical, suggesting that the understanding being discussed is not abstract or theoretical, but involves a personal, and practical engagement with the world. The two cobblers represent different perspectives, which when brought together can aid us in reaching a much broader understanding. This implies that to comprehend someone else’s perspective and approach to life we must recognize that our perspectives are subjective and that there is always more to discover. In other words, there is much to be gained when we respect and consider other viewpoints in our decision-making process. The process of gaining both knowledge and wisdom is tested by the challenges that face us, but this cannot occur if we react impulsively or cling to fixed positions, especially when we are collaborating with others.

This Soli-lunar cycle offers an opportunity for us to learn and practice these principles.

Jim Sher and Olivia Martinez


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