Soli-Lunar Cycle - Sagittarius Full Moon - Saturday June 3, 2023

Posted on June 5, 2023
Posted by Jim Sher

The Full Moon began June 3rd at 8:41 pm PT, with the Sun at 13° Gemini opposing the Moon at 13° Sagittarius. The cycle encourages us to embrace our authenticity and genuine selves. It reminds us of the growth opportunities that lie within deep and intense relationships. By engaging in open and honest communication and exploring our unconscious issues, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

The Full Moon is always a time of realizations and revelations, allowing the seeds planted during the New Moon to emerge clearly. However, this Full Moon carries a strong Uranian influence as it occurred on its heliocentric node, amplifying its energy.

Uranus, the planet governing shocks and unexpected events, encompasses more than just disruptions. It serves as a beacon guiding us towards the realization of our individuality and authentic self-expression. Uranian energy propels us towards iconoclastic thought, challenging long-standing beliefs and conventional establishments. Despite its inherent disruptive nature, Uranus fosters an increasing openness, catalyzing a relentless pursuit of personal truth. It draws us towards an urge to free ourselves from constraints that hinder our journey towards living our truth, often favoring solitude over conformity.

Uranus challenges us to disassociate from external influences, including our genetic predispositions, educators, political systems, religious beliefs, and economic circumstances. Instead, it necessitates a conscious shift towards embracing our individuality, promoting self-education and direct learning from life experiences.

Meanwhile, one day after the Full Moon, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. When Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, aligns with Uranus, this pushes us to consider different and unconventional ideas. But, Mercury being in Taurus can make us more set in our ways, causing difficulties in accepting these new perspectives. This stubbornness could potentially hold us back from embracing variety. However, with Gemini and Sagittarius active, we’re advised to converse openly with others who share our mindset, which can lead to fresh, transformative ideas. As the nature of the Full Moon involves the Sun and Moon in opposition, there can be significant tension between the need for authenticity and the part of our psyche that resists it. Thus, creating intense internal conflicts between these different states.

Venus at 28° Cancer is moving toward an opposition to Pluto at 0° Aquarius, potentially bringing about intense experiences in romantic or close relationships. As a result of this alignment, unconscious issues may come to light, which can cause distress but also provide valuable insights if one is willing to confront them. Differences in values may become more noticeable, creating the potential for conflicts. However, these issues can be resolved through open and honest communication, along with a willingness to consider new perspectives. The importance of our values in relationships is highlighted by Venus’s influence. So, when values clash, communication becomes key to work through these differences. The strength of these experiences can help bring what’s unconscious into awareness, leading to personal growth and deeper connections.

This Full Moon cycle encourages us to concentrate on self-integration, urging us to acknowledge our multi-dimensional needs, including the emotional and physical aspects that are often overshadowed by the mind. By consciously blending these diverse aspects of our being, we cultivate a better understanding of our needs, desires, and overall well-being. This process resonates with Venus’s influence, underlining the importance of our personal values in this journey of growth and connection. We can seize the opportunity to honor our authenticity, explore an array of perspectives, and integrate all aspects of ourselves.

Jim Sher and Olivia Martinez


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