Total Lunar Eclipse: Scorpio/Taurus, Nov. 8

Posted on November 6, 2022
Posted by Jim Sher

The Total Lunar Eclipse is upon us and occurs on November 8th at 3:04 am PST, with the Sun at 16° Scorpio opposing the Moon at 16° Taurus. A Lunar Eclipse, which can be very difficult when it activates the Sun, Moon or Ascendant of one’s chart, tends to amplify feelings lying dormant in one’s subconscious. The material here includes one’s subconscious fears, inhibitions, early childhood pain and trauma, etc. There is an important purpose here. Only by the process of experiencing the movement of the subconscious to the conscious can these issues be handled and released. They must become conscious for this to happen. This is why Lunar eclipses are associated with cathartic experiences, although they are difficult due to their intensity.

The best way to handle these experiences is to, as much as possible, simply observe one’s inner world during this time and remember that the Lunar Eclipse did not cause these feelings. They’ve been with you all this time. Do not try to change them, just be willing to experience them and impartially observe them. It is only the feelings that are repressed that rise to the surface. This process can be intense but can also provide a much-needed cathartic release.

To repeat, in order to get to the other end of this emotional force, one must be willing to observe and accept these sometimes irrational emotions impartially. This is what meditation actually is. We tend to want to change the feelings that arise, but this only creates great inner conflict and that only makes things worse as they will tend to put these emotions back into the subconscious, which changes nothing.

This Lunar Eclipse also coincides with a Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunction opposing a Moon/Uranus North Node conjunction, all of which square Saturn at 18° Aquarius. It is rare to have six planets and the nodes in one configuration which means that it will dominate the chart. This configuration is called a fixed T-Square, with Saturn acting as the focal planet. The Moon/Uranus in Taurus suggests a high level of concern for safety, stability, and security, including financial security. Real and perceived insecurities will likely elicit emotional responses. The square to Saturn can increase one’s fear of change and produce a desperate grasp for what one perceives as safe or traditional. I believe that a better response would be to use Saturn as a force that demands we look at the real facts as best we know them and to be willing to accept the unknown when we don’t truly know. I’m not sure this is a popular thing to do these days, but it is the wisest as it is the only way to gain true inner stability.

Transiting Mars retrograde is also squaring a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which is often associated with confusion, lies, and deception, prevalent themes of American political life. However, there is a better way to use these energies. With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, we can experience the heights of imagination and compassion that can extend to loving our fellow man. To operate in this manner would lead to a more profound, more rooted feeling of genuine security and safety. But for that to happen, one must let go of ego and self-focus to expand one’s consciousness to become more and more inclusive. This is how the conflicting energies of this Lunar Eclipse could be integrated, if not by the society as a whole, by individuals who can grasp this deeper way of being.

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One response to “Total Lunar Eclipse: Scorpio/Taurus, Nov. 8”

  1.' Carol Jordan says:

    Your explanation of these conflicting energies and how to view them hopefully is the clearest I have seen of the numerous opinions now on the internet. Not surprised, as I am familiar with the wisdom and depth you share as a teacher of Astrology. I continue to look forward to your articles through the coming months of changes and upheavals, both inner and outer.

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