Uranus in Taurus: Can We Have Nice Things?

Posted on April 29, 2020
Posted by Grace Ironwood

Readers of this website know that Uranus is transiting through Taurus, a long passage that started in May 2018 and will continue through April 2026 when Uranus makes its final ingress into Gemini.

Uranus is the herald of all things revolutionary, known for shattering existing paradigms with new developments that appear to come out of nowhere. It seems out of place in Taurus, a fixed earth Sign known for the ability to preserve that which already exists. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the terrain of material things, including the natural world that sustains us, things that we are attracted to, things that we value, and the money that we use to acquire those things. How will the energy of Uranus manifest in a Sign like this?

The pandemic is suggesting some answers.

We all know that the Venusian activity of shopping has changed radically. Many stores are closed. One must truly need something to risk leaving the house to get it. Online shopping still works, but needed items are out of stock and other items take much longer to ship than we had become used to. The amazing river of consumer goods – nice things! – has slowed down or stopped.

To the extent we can shop, we are buying different things. Something new to wear to the office? Not needed. Luggage for a trip? Nope. Lipstick? Incompatible with masks. These things and so many more have become unnecessary. We can only wonder when we might want them again. What are we getting instead? Home office equipment. School supplies. Masks. Sewing supplies. Board games. Jigsaw puzzles. Baking supplies. Gardening supplies. Hummingbird feeders. New pets. In short, the stuff (Taurus) that we need and want has suddenly changed (Uranus). And, the things we want most now are Taurus things: practical, sustaining, linked to nature.

What else is happening? Piercingly, many people have been thrown out of work. Their needs and wants have narrowed to a desperate focus on necessities: rent, groceries, utilities, health care. Equally piercing is the situation of “essential” workers who fear for their safety. What do they need and want? Living wages. Safer workplaces, with protective equipment and more personal space. Paid sick leave. Health care.

Everyone needs and wants these basic material things. Yet many have been told they cannot have them. As if they are “too nice” for everyone to have. Even before the pandemic, a revolution was brewing about whether this is the kind of society we really want. Now these questions are being asked with even more urgency. What things do we truly value? As individuals, and as a society? Where those things are lacking, are we willing to buck the fixed energy of Taurus to make needed changes?

Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, a creature that usually finds no reason to move quickly. But remember what happens when a bull is provoked. Consider the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. A startled Bull can move with thundering speed.

Does Uranus in Taurus make more sense now?

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2 responses to “Uranus in Taurus: Can We Have Nice Things?”

  1. cynthiapaigeaaron@gmail.com' Cyn says:

    Wonderful article, Grace!

    Thank you.

  2. jenamo@msn.com' jen amo says:

    great analysis….i struggled with the meaning of uranus in taurus….this gave me clarity. thank you

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