A Major Phase Shift Starts December 21st - 2017

Posted on December 17, 2017
Posted by Jim Sher

I know that sometimes we astrologers can get caught up in the complicated details of the ever-changing aspects occurring each day, week, month and year. But, if we do this too much we can lose sight of the trends happening right before our very eyes. What is happening as we have the Winter Solstice (which is when the Sun enters Capricorn) is a clear example. I am referring to the fact that the Sun and Saturn enter the sign of Capricorn within just one day of each other.

This very rare phenomenon (I’ve checked it and stopped looking after the 500-year mark) is not the only reason why this astrological event is important. I think I can explain this in terms that the reader might understand if I describe the steps.

  1. The first point is that astrologers regard the first day of winter (0° Capricorn) as the beginning of the year. They make their yearly predictions based on this chart. The reason for this is that this astronomical event called the Winter Solstice is when the Sun reaches its furthermost southern point and begins to return northwards. It is the “Return of the Sun.” Thus, without regard for what Saturn is doing, this date is always a very important one to astrologers. What makes this chart more important is that it has a Sun-Saturn conjunction in it at 0° Cardinal, indicating significant shifts in priorities. This is why I think of it as being so rare.
  2. Signs are divided into three qualities – Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. They represent the beginning of cycles and are the time when new initiatives, projects, and even ideas begin to emerge and take root. Because Capricorn is an earth sign it especially rules cycles concerned with manifesting new practical structure into the everyday world of the society, politics, and business.
  3. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn, thus it is moving into its own ruling sign on Dec. 19th, which strengthens this archetypal theme.
  4. Because Capricorn is a cardinal sign and Saturn enters it at the same time as the Sun does, the qualities of Saturn and Capricorn combine to set into motion a very strong theme that I consider to be a ‘phase shift’ of great importance and of significant new beginnings of actions and decisions that will affect the individual, nation and world’s structures. This includes institutions, governments, corporations, politics and much more.
  5. The chart you see here may have relevance that goes far beyond just this year and might last for 3 years or even more.
  6. The last significant factor is that in a form of astrology called ‘Uranian astrology,’ the 0° Cardinal point is very important. It is referred to as the ‘World’ point which means that this Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn will affect the entire World in untold ways.

The chart for this event is posted here.

Saturn in Sagittarius

For the past 2.5 years Saturn has been transiting Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. In fact, this month four planets have been in this fire sign, including Mercury retrograde. A mutable sign is concerned with communication and processing the events of the present cycle. It can be forward-looking, but it is still focused on the past. The Mercury retrograde we are in right now emphasizes this even further. The new cycle that is so close, is not here yet. This also means that decisions made right now are still part of an old cycle, such as the new Republican tax laws.

When you read about Sagittarius you will see keywords like philosophy, higher mind, religion, travel, big ideas and how we find meaning and purpose in our lives. It also rules optimism and idealism in one’s beliefs. But, mutable signs in themselves are not action-oriented. Saturn in this sign focused our attention on these aspects of life and in the U.S., one can observe that one effect of Sagittarius is the power of Christian fundamentalism and the degree to which they are influencing both elections and policies in government. It is they who elected Donald Trump and who ‘feel like him.’ Saturn organizes and creates structure, so it is consistent to see the rise of traditional belief systems, churches and organizations. But, mutable signs are about endings, and this is about to change.


 Saturn urges us to be clear and to get to the point, so I will try to do just that. Saturn is concerned with realism. I regard each sign as a response to the previous one, so if Jupiter and Sagittarius are idealistic, then Saturn responds with a strong movement demanding that we see things as they are. Astrologers refer to Saturn as concerned with consequences, responsibilities and the type of justice that tells us that ultimately, we get what we deserve. But, in its connection with Capricorn, it is future-oriented. By that I mean that when we are realistic and seeing things as they are, we always look to see how our actions will affect the future. It tells us to save for a rainy day rather than spend money when we are ‘flush.’

There is one thing I would say to climate-denying conservatives that, to me, is truly conservative. When a conservative says we don’t know if man is causing global warming, rather than argue the point, I want to say this. “Suppose you’re wrong. Wouldn’t it be wise or prudent, given the terrifying consequences if it is true, to take a stand that knows that it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’ and take the necessary steps to deal with the possible problem just in case it is true?” This is Saturn in action. This archetype tells us we ought to prevent problems before they become huge or else we will be forced to face the consequences, which can be severe. Is this not what is possibly happening now?

Sun and Saturn Entering Capricorn Together

The nature of the new beginnings represented by this rare occurrence will be a mixture of increasing realism and simultaneously resistance to seeing what is real and what is imagined. It is always both sides of this set. But, the emphasis now is going to be on a different side of this equation. For example, what happens if a nation doesn’t invest in its infrastructure? Roads deteriorate, bridges fall, etc. Consequences force us to become aware of what we are ignoring or hoping will go away. We can become able to see exactly where belief systems actually lead and what their real costs are, and stop fooling ourselves.

The biggest dangers I see is that the state/corporations (which are inextricably connected now) will continue to become even stronger and that democratic institutions will erode further. But, if you look at democracy from an historical perspective, you will see that it is always on a kind of precipice because its success depends on the citizenry being educated enough and motivated by humanity’s highest values to make decisions that are best for the city, state, nation and world.

Crisis of Leadership

Capricorn rules the condition of any structure whatever its size. If the structure is sound, success is likely and if it is not, sooner or later, chaos and disorder will result until whatever is in excess is corrected. Emotions and sentimentality just don’t matter here.

In this chart Mercury is still retrograde in Sagittarius suggesting to me that we will be evaluating the effects of operating from belief systems and ignoring the reality of many situations during much of this new phase. I am amazed at how polarized the political and sociological environment is in the U.S. No matter how often people raise the dark specter of this as it saps the energy from us, blocking our ability to solve even the most obvious of problems, it doesn’t change. What happens to a nation when it can’t agree on anything? With the Sun and Saturn moving into Capricorn, I strongly suggest that this is when we will find out.

No matter what occurs in the realm of corporations and governments, this new phase of development also affects us as individuals and families. Every principle I’ve mentioned applies to our everyday life as well. It will raise very practical questions for us to look at and create problems we will have to solve. But, the good news here is that as individuals we have the free will to enter into a creative state that enables us to see what we need to do and become actively engaged in doing it. Work and effort brings success and that is when we are able to manifest the deepest dreams we hold dear.

On a personal level, I am surrounded by Capricornian people right now. This includes friends, students, advisors, and family members. And, I’m loving it. They are helping me get things done, make needed changes and always offer sound, realistic thoughts on any matter we discuss. It is refreshing to me in that I feel grounded and ready to move forward. It’s constructive as can be and that is the antidote to destruction and dissolution. I wish all of my readers the same wonderful help I am receiving and that your life be grounded so that from that platform you might be able to reach your highest goals.

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  1. toryldavis@gmail.com' Tory says:

    A pleasure to read, thanks so much for this.

  2. elemental.living@yahoo.com' weaver says:

    much appreciated.

  3. lvq12@hotmail.com' linda quakenbush says:

    Thanks for all you share with us, Jim! happy holidays –and new year, too! Glad you are feeling the love from the “Cappies!!.”

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