How Breakthroughs Occur

Posted on July 31, 2013
Posted by Jim Sher


Astrologers around the world have differing views about the importance of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Some do not use them at all, some regard them as mostly negative while others, like myself, view them as forces that are urging us to grow and transform our consciousness. In fact, these forces are so strong that what I have seen is that when they are not consciously being used in the way the forces ‘intend,’ then they are the most likely to manifest in more problematic and difficult ways.

Let’s go into them more deeply, especially Uranus and Pluto, since they are the ones that are dancing together in a high tension aspect. By high tension, I mean conflict. The issue for us as individuals is to try to understand the nature of these forces and work toward resolving any inner conflicts, rather than project them out into the world, which is so often the case.

Uranus – is often thought of as the higher octave of Mercury, which rules our conscious mind, how we think, and how we communicate. When Uranus is active, it urges us to think differently, to look at our thoughts, opinions and beliefs and see if we are more interested in maintaining them or are willing to challenge them along with our assumptions of the so-called truth of them. Can we become open to a new, sometimes a radically new way of thinking? Beliefs mask thoughts, opinions etc., as certainties, when in fact they are not. Uranus exposes the truth of this. Politics is an arena of life that serves as an example of how beliefs are spun into facts. It is pure pretense. It is fair to call this arena a field of ‘lying’ because of this. Facts become ‘inconvenient’ problems to be twisted. So, why should we be surprised when the exposure of the truth of this is met with hostility, anger and denial?

Uranus is the rebel. It questions all assumed ‘facts.’ It doubts everything, until some sort of evidence or experience presents itself. It is often ‘ahead of its time’ but only because it refuses to blindly accept the ‘common-consensus’ assumptions and beliefs. It does not view authority figures as people who are automatically right, simply because they say so. And thus, Uranus forces us to investigate for ourselves. This may be risky, but its reward outweighs the risk.

Uranus seeks fundamental change, not just small shifts or reforms in one’s thinking. That’s what a paradigm shift means. It is an explosion of new concepts and ideas that oftentimes, stand alone. Uranus doesn’t care about that. It knows that when every assumption is questioned, it must lead to a total re-orientation of one’s view of the world or even this reality. It is what happened when quantum physics overthrew Newtonian mechanics. By the way, quantum physics did not say that Newtonian physics is wrong. After all, we sent men to the Moon using those equations. It merely recognized that it had significant limits. Those limits are now big enough to now be regarded as a sub-set of physics to be applied only in certain parts of life. It is no longer thought of as a complete system. I further believe that the limits of the Newtonian approach have not yet been fully explored.

The tension (square) between Uranus and Pluto is creating two opposing forces: the need for a shift that is so great in our consciousness that it is being met with an equally enormous increase in hostility towards that very need. It is a FEAR reaction and is nothing more than that. And, it is to be expected. Why? Well, that takes us to Pluto.

Pluto – this is not a simple force to describe. But to begin, I want to present the notion that Pluto ‘intensifies’ whatever it touches. This intensification, however, is nearly always very uncomfortable. The reason for this is that it brings to the surface what a person feels is deep, dark, hidden motivations that one does not want to see. Thus it is an area in our psyche where we feel the need to lie. Denial seems better than seeing that material head on. We feel stripped to our core and may not have the courage to face the truth within ourselves. This is why many of us are guided much more by our unconscious motives than we think. It is also why we project onto others those very things we deny. For a very clear lesson on this, listen to Rush Limbaugh. He is a fountain of projection.

This can change if we are willing to probe our own inner depths and seek to transform those motives into pure, loving ones. Pluto attacks the lies, self-interest, narrow-mindedness, all of which can be defined as ‘ego.’ But Pluto does so in what some may think of as the opposite of what it should do. It seems to make things worse rather than better.

Why? Because this is the only way it can get our attention. Remember that this is an area in which there is much self-denial. Pluto rules the Underworld, the parts of our psyche of which we are unaware of consciously and which we want to keep in its ‘proper place.’ But the thing is that Pluto doesn’t want that and this force can be relentless. It doesn’t really care about our ‘likes and dislikes.’ It intends to be SEEN no matter how much it hurts. Just ask Aaron Hernandez.

But there is one more important thing to recognize. Pluto does not create PAIN. That’s not its intention. We do this to ourselves. If the only we can learn to care and love each other, Pluto’s process can be much easier. We won’t need hellish lessons. But we can’t blame this on Pluto or Saturn for our difficulties in learning what is needed. Pluto simply demands growth in the quality of our consciousness. It is we who make it so difficult.

Pluto is the force, along with Uranus and Neptune that enables us to discover that we are, in essence ‘Beings’, not mere physical bodies. We can discover that in the physical world we are here to learn, to grow, to develop harmony and love which is the nature of how we can increase the quality of our being.

Putting It Together

The present square between Uranus and Pluto, a force that will be with us for the next 5 years or so, is creating conditions which have the potential to transform the way we see ourselves and how we relate to others and the larger world. It comes at a time when this is so needed as we have many world problems to solve. It is where we need to think differently about how we work together, but also how we regard the nature and purpose of our being here. Is it too much to ask in such a short period of time? Maybe it is. But, if we don’t, the problems won’t just magically go away. They will continue to grow and grow until they could get to a point where major consequences begin to affect our day-to-day lives. It won’t get easier as many of us already know.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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6 responses to “How Breakthroughs Occur”

  1.' AP says:

    Thank you, Jim, for another enlightening article, generously sharing the knowledge and wisdom that I find of particular use at this point in my life. I am grateful for this article because it, both, illuminates what I am currently experiencing, and how I should adapt/react to the challenging feelings that keep arising in me, to avoid causing more pain to myself and others. This information serves as a gentle guide, encouraging me to keep focusing on expanding the limits of my consciousness, and to understand better my nature and the purpose of my existence. I hope I learn my lessons sooner than later, because I’d rather the next five years be those of miraculous transformation for me, rather than five years of self-inflicted hellish pain. 🙂

  2.' Diana Prince says:

    Thank you so much for this piece, it was incredibly validating for me! I am in a period where I’m experiencing a radical shift in my relationship to work, money, and on a core level how I value myself. Two weeks ago I left a job I’d had for five years- I realized I wasn’t being paid what my work was worth or being valued, either. It feels like a leap into a dark abysss, a (hopefully? fingers crossed) smart act of faith. And suddenly more work that pays significantly better and is more public is coming in. Holy cannoli!
    I also think, in reference to the societal shifts you’re describing, that we’re seeing that played out across the country as Republican lawmakers are taking radical steps to remove women’s access to reproductive health care, while everyday women (and men) citizens hold huge protests in response. I feel like it’s this last gasp of a dinosaur party that is still unwilling to let go of its very outdated and rigid perspective of the role of women in society, like they’re trying to force a solution in a last-ditch, hail Mary toss. Hopefully they’ll be willing to shift and catch up with the rest of the country soon (and start focusing on jobs)!

  3.' Indee says:

    Thank you, Jim, for your thoughtful examination of the combined energies of Uranus and Pluto for the coming 5 year span. I especially appreciate your discussion of our human tendency to project our fears and shortcomings out onto the world instead of taking responsibility to correct our weaknesses by changing ourselves. That’s an ongoing struggle for everyone; it helps to have it pointed out so clearly since most of us would rather not have to do the work (me, too). ‘Think globally, act locally’ (i.e., inside yourself) is a most relevant saying now. The outer planets act generationally and over the decades affect all humans, their energy exposing incomplete ideas and misunderstandings and enforcing change. I’m grateful that these inexorable energies compel us to dig deeper for new ways to think and to be.
    I hope we can all adapt to expand our understanding and to tune in to hear the beat of the music that these great planetary influences sound upon the earth, so that we can learn to dance with it gracefully and with consideration for our partners, both intimate and global, in this dance of life.
    Thanks again from Scorpio Moon.

  4.' Melissa says:

    Great Article Jim !!!
    I really love how you describe in depth the planets Uranus and Pluto and how they cause evolution
    and how you bring it back to the essence of “BEING”

  5. Easy to understand article that has given me some interesting insights into what’s currently happening in and around me on both a collective and personal level.


    Judy Croome, South Africa

  6.' Bonnie Orgren says:

    As always Jim you are eloquent, getting to the core with simplicity. Thank you.

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