When Planets Change Signs and Directions

Posted on October 9, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


Right now, the planets are lining up in a very unusual way and are creating some effects of which we need to be aware.  On October 5th, 2012, Saturn entered Scorpio and on the very next day, Mars entered Sagittarius. When this happened both planets were at 0° of their respective signs.  Meanwhile, Neptune is at 0° Pisces while Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto are located between 6°-7° of their respective signs.  Let me summarize so it’s very clear.

1. Mars, Saturn and Neptune were at 0° of their respective sign.

2. Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto are in the very early degrees of their sign.

3. Jupiter has just turned retrograde in Gemini, which can have some similarities to the nature of a Mercury retrograde cycle.

4. Because seven planets are in early degrees, we are now in for much longer Moon void-of-course periods.

5. Suddenly, Saturn and Pluto are now in mutual reception.

During the last several days, many people have emailed or called me  wondering what’s going on. Many people can feel something different, but don’t know what it might be.  We have also seen a huge reversal in the Presidential race that has come very suddenly.  So, let’s see if astrology can help shine some light on things.

When a planet enters a new sign, the tenor or tone of that planet changes very significantly. The way it will express itself is going to be quite different than before. And, that difference can happen very quickly, even to the degree that it is noticeable. Also, let me add a point that can often be missed. Every sign develops a certain mode of being that is connected to the previous sign developmentally speaking. Here’s an example: Aries is a sign that loves challenges, risk-taking, and needs to initiate new activity as much as possible. The following sign is Taurus, which can be said to unconsciously feel Aries in such a way as to need to shift its attention and motivation to develop entirely new qualities. So, Taurus moves slowly and deliberately, sticks with projects until they are finished, and is the epitome of thoroughness and dependability.

Each sign is a response to the previous sign and is in turn, setting the stage for the sign that follows it. The 12 signs are best seen as a unified Whole system where each part is connected to every other part. So, when many planets move into a new sign at the same time, a palpable shift takes place that can be felt organically. So, Saturn in light, balanced and social Libra suddenly becomes deeper, more intense and probing, and even demanding than before. Scorpio only involves itself with total passion and deep concern. Superficiality just doesn’t work for Scorpio. Mars, however, has also moved into a new sign. It was in Scorpio and is now in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion of awareness and the seeking of truth. However, the sign of Sagittarius is not, of itself, a sign of radical change. It is oftentimes more conservative than that. It is certainly the adventurer, traveler and lives for the open plains of life and thought, but it is also the religious zealot or dogmatist, unless its fiery nature has heeded the call of one or more of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. When this happens, its ‘seeking-nature’ changes in form and becomes committed to the process of expansion to what Dane Rudhyar called “galactic or transcendent consciousness.’

So, new energies, priorities, and needs are emerging for us, but let’s look at the reality that so many planets are in the early degrees of their sign. The early degrees are clearly different in nature than the later degrees. The inherent qualities of the sign are still new, fresh and undeveloped. One has not had time to adjust to the new ‘feel’ of things. There is a New Moon quality to it that has the feel of ‘innocence and purity’ that is still uncomplicated.

Ponder this – seven planets are in the early degrees of their sign right now. What does it feel like as you contemplate it? Does it feel mature and clear, or young and even immature? During these seven planets tour of the signs they are just now entering, much will be done and even more will be considered and evaluated. But, whatever develops now is in its infancy and this includes the 2012 elections in the U.S.

Moon void-of-course

Because so many planets are in the early degrees of their respective sign, we are in for much longer Moon void-of-course periods. These occur every 2-3 days normally, but usually last for only a few minutes or hours. Now, they can last for a day or more in some cases and this can happen more frequently. The subject of the nature of Moon void-of-course is pretty complicated actually. For now, let me suggest that there are three phrases that capture the essence of this phenomenon. They are as follows:

1) ‘Information is missing.’

2) ‘Things will turn out differently from what is expected.’

3) ‘Nothing will come of it.’

These periods however can also be quite creative, exciting and there can be relief from boredom. They are good for relaxation, having fun, meditation, reading, taking time to finish projects already started, handling errands, etc. You might want to find out when these periods are. And if 10 people request it, perhaps I can post these times on my website.

In future articles, I will be speaking about the meaning of Jupiter retrograde as well as the nature of Saturn and Pluto being in ‘mutual reception’, since these two phenomenon can be an article in itself.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how you’ve experienced the past few days, so feel free to write in your comments.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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14 responses to “When Planets Change Signs and Directions”

  1. cleovantine@gmail.com' Judy says:

    Love your articles, Jim. I being a libra of sound body and mind feel like I went thru a wind storm for the last 3 years and just want to clean up the debris.
    Also wanting to get back to my artistic side which I haven’t felt demanding until recently and am starting to create a small studio with lots of ideas coming in.
    The light is getting brighter and the need to create is getting stronger. Also so curious about this election.
    Thank you for letting us express. Good vibes to all!

  2. seekinglight1@yahoo.com' Carol says:

    I would like dates of moon voids. Thanks.

  3. ladyastro@hotmail.com' Dorene Polcyn says:

    I’d like to have the Moon Void periods.
    As always, a very well-written article. We are moving into stranger days, indeed

  4. LightHealerOm@aol.com' Linda Lightfoot says:

    Yes, please post further info as you mentioned above.
    Personally feeling a lack of motivation due to no real clear direction for creativity as yet. Feel on the cusp of something new & way more exciting/fulfilling then current work. Ready to move on; antsy to do so. Yet, energy drops out at times like no firm foundation or lost the spiritual signal. Very unlike me to NOT be motivated.
    Extra R&R needed at times!!! Thanks for your excellent knowledge to help digest all these energetic changes…

  5. rayne.lew@gmail.com' Rayne says:

    Can’t wait for the Saturn/Pluto mutual reception article… I am deep in their underworld…

  6. shraddha37@hotmail.com' Kathleen says:

    Moon Void-of-course periods please!
    Can’t say I’ve noticed any change, but then change is happening so constantly it has become the norm. Thank you for your amazing information.

  7. ledesmalaura@socal.rr.com' Laura Ledesma says:

    Thanks Jim, as usual….I enjoy your articles very much. No wonder the last three days I had this intense feeling that something was changing, along with a major headache.

    And yes, I would love for you to post the moon void of course. Thank you.

  8. ccrosby3221@hotmail.com' Cynthia says:

    Things are clearer for me now and opening up. I have sun, moon, mercury, saturn, neptune, asc, all in cardinal signs (sun, moon, asc early degrees). I am a Libra, and just got Saturn out of my sign. I can see the path laid in front of me, and I will proceed mindfully.

  9. nancywriter@visi.com' Nancy says:

    yes, please post the Moon voice-of-course periods. thanks.

  10. sullivancb102@yahoo.com' Catherine Sullivan says:

    Monday (10/8) I spent most of the day mulling a plan of action to commence beginning og November and yesterday I came to a decision on my course of action. On Monday, while outside i saw the roof lines of surrounding buildings illuminate and then softly glow, the intensity varying with my attention. It was very odd, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like this before. It seemed like the outlines of the buildings were being backlit for me. The sky was an even gray and there was no direct sun, it was all very diffuse. When I later reflected on my question, I remembered the unique nature of what I observed and felt a positive answer was indicated. Interesting.

    Please publish the void times. Thank you.

  11. iam@amazinggracenow.com' Sharon Warren says:

    I would love to see the moon void-of-course times posted. I didn’t contact you (as other apparently id), but sure wondered what was going on astrologically on Monday, which turned out to be a a “frog in the blender” day that was instead predicted to be exceptional! (Cancer Sun, Aries rising, moon in Gemini).

    Thanks for shedding light on all that is transpiring with the planets changing signs and direction. We sure aren’t in Kansas any more!

  12. healingmudras@gmail.com' isabella says:

    Hi, i feel indeed more relaxe in a way that is active and trusting at the same time. On saturday 6th though a friend of mine 01.01.1962 passed away in his sleep. I wonder whether some returns there were at play. He was fit and healthy…

  13. sandi1000sandi@aol.com' Sandi says:

    Feeling the same, everything is in the flow, but in its own way syncing up. I have noticed in the last week that I actually can see things vibrating in waves when I hold my gaze upon them, it really seems to be a matrix of energy that we are living in, whatever this reality may be in our holographic universe, what ever it is I am loving it watching it all unfold, left the big city headed for the mountains in Australia and here I have found creativity, friendship, kindness & intelligence about all aspects of life like I never found in CA & NY. What an adventure, my new “leaf” in life is teaching permaculture and sustainable living. What an opportunity to share with others all the goodness they have shared with me. Time to give back I say, its all about growing stretching teaching even more than you thought you could, all things are possible, just ask universe/God & be open to what comes your way, your needs will be met your questions answered. I love Sher Astrology News what a great gift it is to the world at large. THANK YOU.

  14. marybeth_trotter@yahoo.com' mary beth says:

    a very interesting and helpful article.

    for me, the last few days have been a combo: personally, i myself am feeling much lighter (as my astro says i should be) but i am aware that i am out of synch with the rhythm of energy i feel ‘on the street.’

    being quite mutible and air – along with lessons learned from saturn in libra, i am ok with this.

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