The 2012 Election and More

Posted on October 27, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


Today’s article is on two different topics. I will be sharing a personal experience that has helped me rectify my birth chart and then express some thoughts about the 2012 Presidential Election.

About Rectifying a Birth Chart

Before I take a look at the coming election, I want to share a personal experience. Astrologers nearly always assume that the birth time on one’s birth certificate is unlikely to be as accurate as it needs to be. Over the centuries astrologers have created a wide variety of ways to rectify (find the accurate birth time) birth chart. Some are very complicated, but computers have helped out a lot on that front.

But, it’s my nature to see if it is possible to find a similar way that will be as accurate as anything can be. The one that has worked well for me is to pay close attention to when Mars crosses one’s Ascendant. Why? Because this transit can really be strongly felt. It is palpable. When transiting Mars is in one’s 12th house, it is subdued, more internal and can even result in there being a need to retire from the world a bit and rest. This is exactly what I had been feeling for a week prior to Mars crossing my Ascendant. But as it began to conjunct with that Ascendant, I continued to feel the same way. I was surprised a bit, but continued to watch and feel things closely. On Wednesday night, everything changed. I went to bed and immediately had a dream that was unusually aggressive for me and then woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was wide awake. When I checked the location of Mars when I awoke, I saw that my Ascendant had changed from 12° to 13° of Sagittarius. Not quite one degree, but almost. Since then I’ve been checking other ways I could verify this new information and it does hold up so far. There is more work to do, but my conclusion so far is that the time when Mars crosses one’s Ascendant can be strongly felt and may be a reliable way of rectifying one’s birth chart. I encourage you to try it and see what happens and if you want some help, feel free to contact me and we can work together and see if we can arrive at a true birth time

2012 Election

I’ve often been asked who I think will win the upcoming Presidential election, so I thought I would give you some of my thoughts. The short answer is that from an astrology perspective only, I simply don’t know. I’ve been reviewing the predictions made by astrologers and they are quite divided. Most seem to favor Obama over Romney, but that may be because more astrologers nowadays are progressive rather than conservative. There are two things, however, that might be of interest even though we can’t know yet all that it might mean.

I) Mercury changes to retrograde motion during the late afternoon of Election Day, 6:00pm EST. Some of the possible outcomes of this are as follows:

Look back to the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore. The networks proclaimed Gore the winner, then changed their minds and called it a tossup and then finally announced Bush as the winner. The fact that it is happening again suggests several possible scenarios and others I’m not able to imagine. Here are some of them:

  1. There may be difficulties knowing who the winner is in certain significant states.
  2. There may be controversial problems about the polling process. Will valid voters be denied their right to vote? Will voting machines work properly?
  3. There could be multiple requests for a recount.
  4. As did happen in 2000, the winner of the Electoral College and therefore the new President may lose the popular vote. This is something that many pundits are already talking about.
  5. There is a remote possibility that there could be a tie in the Electoral College. However, unlikely, this would mean that the House of Representatives would decide who will be President and the Senate will decide who will be vice-President. President Romney and Vice-President Biden?

Something I do think is quite possible is that a very large percentage of the electorate will not accept the outcome.

II) The Inauguration Chart of January 20, 2013 for whoever is elected President.

This chart has been deeply analyzed by Matthew Carnicelli who points out that the Inauguration chart has a Moon square Mars that can be very problematic for whoever is elected. Here are some of the events that have occurred when other Presidents took office when this aspect was prominent:

  1. There were several outbreaks of war, including the Civil war or expansions of on-going wars.
  2. Assassination or death of the President due to illness.
  3. Economic depression.
  4. Impeachment proceedings.

These are listed quite specifically and are admittedly very negative, but truthfully this is the nature of the Moon square Mars in a chart like this one. Carnicelli  did a lot of research hoping to find different results and I also looked for other interpretations,  but was unable to find any. Also, as I’ve often mentioned, individuals are able to consciously work with difficult astrological energies, but large groups of people, such as corporations and nations, are not able to handle these energies consciously. So, let’s look at the most important question.

What is the nature of the environment of this election process? What are we seeing? The environment of the present election is, in my view, very hostile and one of the weirdest I have ever seen. It really seems to be demonstrating the first signs of the Uranus square Pluto transit I’ve been writing about for many months. If we imagine that the winner of this election will not have any degree of ‘mandate’ to lead, it is easy to imagine all kinds of anger rising up as soon as an unpopular policy is enacted.

This is why I think that Obama will win. It’s not an astrological prediction as much as an extrapolation on who’s Presidency would create the most overt anger. So far, liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc., have not shown any of the passion that was shown in the 60’s. Unlike the 60’s, this time the passion is coming from the right and far-right of the population. To some degree it represents a radical ‘kickback’ from the freedoms so proudly proclaimed then. There is an open, overt attack on women’s rights and so far, it seems that the response is quieter than I would have expected. Do we have to fight this issue all over again? One thing seems certain. This Supreme Court would love to overturn Roe v. Wade.

As far as astrology is concerned, there is only one astrological rule that suggests to me that Obama might win over Romney. Oftentimes the sign of the Moon on the day of the election is an indicator of who will be more popular to the masses. The Moon will be in Leo on November 6th, and Obama’s Sun is in Leo. Not much to go on, but like Occam’s razor, I tend to go with the simplest explanation and the fewest assumptions over the more complex ones.

I’m not calling this a prediction, but a hunch that simply connects the dots between where we are now and where we seem to be going.

Finally, I would like to end this article on a personal note about a subject I have been aware of for 46 years. Why is no one looking at Mormon prophecy? Why don’t people know that Mitt Romney is certain that he is fulfilling Mormon prophecy. When I was 18, I fell in love with a Mormon girl. She was my first love. By the way, she was a Capricorn, a sign I have always thought was pretty darn sexy, despite what the books may say. It didn’t last, of course, as puppy love often doesn’t, but I did learn a lot about Mormon prophecy, including the “White Horse Prophecy.” I knew of it in 1966. Isn’t the issue of ‘values’ a central theme of the Romney campaign? So, why don’t we talk about his values as it pertains to Mormon prophecies. I do know this. The Mormon view of Israel and the events that they believe will happen in what they view as the coming “Last days,” is a cental, core attitude that his foreign policy will reflect. We should know about this, in my view, and it has been completely ignored. There is much more here than what I’m writing about, but if some of my readers are interested in pursuing the subject, they are free to do so. If he is elected, I suspect the nation will be giving a lot more attention to these things than they are now. Shocks and surprises would be huge and many would wonder why this guy was elected.

Anybody with astrological thoughts about the election? Let us know.



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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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7 responses to “The 2012 Election and More”

  1. Thank you for the informative article. I enjoy observing our country’s politics, as disheartening as it can be. I am not a religious person, and I do tend to be weary of the influence of religion in politics and in policy formulation. However, there seem to be reasonable people of all religions (Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Protestants, etc.) who don’t let their faith interfere with their positions on issues (e.g. Joe Biden on abortion). I do wish there were more of these elected officials, though. I fear that there has been too much polarization,based on religion, and I see no signs of that fading.

    As I read your article (as well as the Salon piece), I kept wondering about Harry Reid, also a Mormon. He seemed to be attacking Romney pretty strongly a while back, claiming that he knew from good sources (within the Mormon
    Church?) that Mitt doesn’t pay taxes. I know nothing about the Mormon power structure and wondered about the political divisions within the church. I never hear of talk about Harry Reid’s faith or his allegiances. Is he part of a splinter group that doesn’t buy into Mitt Romney being “the chosen one.?” I wish someone would do an investigative piece on this.

    I have a branch of cousins who are Mormons, but we weren’t close growing up. I am a little wary of talking to people about the two topics that one is supposed to avoid in this country, politics and religion. (This is not so taboo in other countries). It pains me to think I probably have relatives who are voting for Romney.

    Oh well. At least the moon is not void of course on election day. However, I still think there will be a lot of confusion around that time.

    P.S. I also read Nate Silver’s pieces, but I must say that since I started reading his 2012 analyses, more states are now in the tossup column, making me very, very nervous!

    Once again, keep up the interesting articles!

  2.' Marci says:

    Thank you for your input…i lived in israel…and am biting my fingernails and then some b/c i feel romney is insane. PERIOD. please god/goddess and powers that be create a world without the HATE and insanity of this crazed being…my two cents….

  3.' Isabelle Flaherty says:

    Jim, I was wondering about the hush over the whole Morman thing too. I must confess I am rather anti-any organized religion in general since religious fervor from wherever it springs created so much trouble historically. I prefer a more personal approach to spirituality. I didn’t really give the Morman thing too much thought being basically ignorant about what the religion involved. Then I read a recent article in Rolling Stone magazine that explained how the religion started and some of the seemingly far out beliefs it promulgated. What was troubling is that the tenets of Morman teachings don’t seem to permit a practitioner to separate the religion from any part of their life and further seem to require that the believer put his or her religion first even if in public office. And there seems to have been a burning desire by some of the early founders to be President of the United States and make this a country of Morman teachings. I don’t think Romney intends to go that far, but a Morman, by definition does not seem to be allowed to be his or her “own man.” I guess those magical media spinners have managed to keep this off the table. Thanks for your insights. I head to Las Vegas tomorrow to do my bit for keeping the Presidency with Obama by working as a poll watcher for a few days during early voting. I respect all views and I am open-minded and hope everyone gets the right information they need to make an informed and proper decision when the vote. Astrologically, I feel these turbulent times cry out for a steady hand to keep things on an even keel and I feel Obama has demonstrated the needed calm in the face of the challenges presented to him during his first 4 years, to keep this ship afloat.

  4.' S.A. Warren says:

    I appreciate your insights on this very potent topic. Nate Silver’s Political Calculus and his forecast model, found battleground state(s) polling this week to be reasonably strong for President Obama, which of course increases his chances of winning the Electoral College (270 votes). Romney’s bounce from Denver in the first debate has appeared to diminish. For those unfamiliar with Silver, he accurately predicted 49 of the 50 states won in 2008.

    I was not familiar with the White Horse Prophecy and consider myself somewhat informed on the Mormon religion since I live in Az. and there are many Mormon communities here (many people don’t know that the majority of Mormons wear “magic” underwear day and night based on their belief it protects them from evil or Satan).

    Thomas Jefferson’s wall of separation and our constitution clearly defines a separation of church and state and is cited repeatedly by the Supreme Court. A theocracy (aka White Horse Prophecy) could destroy our constitution or it appears it could hang by a thread if a Mormon were elected president. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Jim, why is no one looking more closely at this?! Thank you for a very informative contribution.

  5. Jim Sher says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that.

  6.' Dorene Polcyn says:

    Very well articulated Jim. I especially like your slant on the “White Horse Prophecy”. I understand why there has been no emphasize on Romney’s Mormon persuasion, as it were. My first cousin married an Israeli woman and has lived in Israel for 20 plus years. He is very politically aware, and gives me the ‘insider’ Israeli news. Netanyahu is impressed with Romney, he says, much more so than he ever was with Obama. He feels that he will have a definite ally and true friend to Israel if Romney is elected.
    We shall see, very soon.

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