Uranus Square Pluto - #2

Posted on September 15, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


As this newsletter article is being written, we are about to have the second transit of Uranus square to Pluto. It will occur on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 11:55pm PDT. Let me remind our readers that a transit like this one, lasts for many years. Some astrologers believe that it begins 5 years or more before the first exact moment in the sense that there is a lengthy time period where there is a ‘set up’ for the coming transit. It is safe to say that the transit began to be noticed in 2008 with the economic meltdown that affected many of the world’s nations.

The first transit did not seem to create a lot of specific events, but this time is different. We are seeing riots around the world and not just against the U.S. Anti-Japan protests are occurring in China, thousands of Russian citizens are demonstrating against Putin, and tension with Iran and Syria continue to grow. The U.S. is facing protests in the Arab world, but also in other countries such as Australia. As most of you know, the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed in an attack in Libya this week and protests in Egypt are testing the new President, Mohamed Morsi, who was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood before being elected, as he deals with his first international incidents. What we can conclude is that this transit radically increases tensions for all of us, but it does so by amplifying the extremes of belief systems.

Paradigm Shift

I have often stated that this transit can bring many people into a new place and that a real paradigm shift is possible now. Why can this be possible now? The answer is not easy for us to understand and it seems that most people are not able to get it. But it boils down to this:  We Create Our Reality….. but for the most part, are quite unaware of the degree to which we do so. We create it through our belief systems which direct the way we interpret our world. Human beings are interpreters of the world in which we live. We perceive the world though our own bodies and mind. But how aware are we of our own belief systems? What I see is that most of us are not aware that our belief systems control how we live in the world and even more, that they are just that and nothing more. Belief systems are not facts or absolute truths, but so often, we behave as if they are. What does this have to do with the transiting square of Uranus and Pluto?

It is relevant because this transit could assist many of us to recognize this truth. Right now, it seems that the last thing many are aware of is that there are consequences in the external world for the belief systems we have. The quality of the present transit is bringing these to the surface. It is important to note that, at first, this phenomenon is not understood or recognized. We may feel that things are happening to us and that there is nothing we can do about it. We are victims of ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ forces. This can be seen in the riots against U.S. embassies in the Middle East as well as in the extremely odd hate of Obama. Clint Eastwood’s talking to a chair at the Republican convention, is the perfect metaphor for what I’m talking about. I have no idea why so many people hate Obama. I just don’t get it. According to recent polling, 35% of the Republican voters think that Obama is an African-born, Muslim socialist? The Eastwood speech was perfect to me in that he was speaking to an empty chair and talking to an Obama that only Republicans can see. One can agree or disagree with his policies, but why the hate? This nation ought to be looking very hard at this question.

Extremist feelings have been growing for many years and now they are right on the surface for all to see. This is how the Uranus/Pluto square works. Uranus can create conditions where underlying feelings explode out from our unconscious while Pluto both intensifies those feelings and creates the need for them to be seen. When a person is not aware of the deep-seated conflicts and repressed emotions within them, this type of transit MUST bring them into the light of awareness. This is why things seem to get worse. The transit is not making things up out of the blue. What is coming up now are the issues that have been stirring below the surface of a person or of a nation for many decades or more.

Let’s look at what is happening in the Middle East. The Arab Spring has brought about more freedoms from repression and ironically the U.S. broke from its past and was a supporter of these. Mubarak was thrown out and the U.S. didn’t prevent it. Many of the old guard of U.S. foreign policy felt that Obama threw Mubarak under the bus. And in Libya, the U.S. got involved militarily to make sure that Khaddafi was eliminated from power. Did this ingratiate the U.S. with the Arab world? Perhaps, in the long term it will help, but in the short term, it released deep, pent up feelings lasting for many years as they have believed that the U.S. is anti-Islam. Recently it appears to the Arab world that this is true. Not only has the U.S. been keeping dictators in power for many decades throughout the Arab world but now, under the present transits, a Islam hating film has come out that feeds the long-held belief systems the Arab world has is true. The hatred against the U.S. is coming to the surface. These riots, protests and murders are not happening out of nothing. And the film that supposedly ’caused’ all of this violence was just a trigger. But, can we understand this? And, by the way, has this nation realized that by insulting Obama by calling the President of the U.S. an African Muslim, they are simultaneously insulting the entire Arab world?

In the U.S. political contest, there seems to be no end to how extreme and out of proportion things will become. To me, the 2012 campaign is utterly disgusting. Facts don’t matter. Facts appear to be minor inconveniences and most of it is coming from a far-right extremism I just don’t understand. What seems totally unreasonable now is thought of as perfectly reasonable.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the increasing extremism has to do with the lack of respect of what it means to be living in a somewhat democratic country. I did some research about this and saw some very interesting things. We do know that this election is already over in all but 6-7 states. For example, Texas is red and California is blue. But further examination showed that Texas is going for Romney with more than a 20% majority. California will vote for Obama by a similar amount. This holds true for most of the states. Is this not a perfect example of extreme attitudes and feelings? Where is the will to be one country, to try to overcome the divides that separate us and to come together? I am suggesting that this is one of the expressions of the Uranus square to Pluto transit. And, given the nature of the U.S. chart, things are not yet as extreme as they will be in 2013-14.

I must say that without astrology, I wouldn’t understand all of this. But with astrology, I can see what is happening, though it is no less alarming. It is transits like this one that bring about harsh political changes that can result in major wars. When reason is supplanted by emotion and pure bias, one can expect bad things to happen. History has shown this time and time again. When people are full of passion and bias, logic and the simple desire to discover what’s really going on is seemingly erased.

In the long term, many people could discover through this extremism that we do need to stand back a moment and ask important questions. One could ask why one’s feelings are so strong. How can so many people really believe that Obama is a Muslim, African-born socialist? And why do the leaders of the Republican Party not consistently and whole-heartedly disavow this easily observed lie? And, do people really believe that Islam is a fundamentally violent American-hating religion? Why is this extremism tolerated? The answer is revealed when we understand the psychological principle of ‘projection.’ People project onto others, their own underlying fears, doubts, frustrations, etc. and seek to find someone else to blame.

Before a new paradigm can be born, the old one must be seen. It cannot die before it is clearly seen. In future articles I will be revealing the Inauguration chart for whoever becomes President on January 20, 2013 and it is a very difficult one. But let me end with something we talk about a lot in our astrology classes. Individuals can transform quickly, but the way that nations and the mass consciousness change is much more slowly. It can take decades or centuries for people’s minds to change as new information is discovered. This is the nature of evolution in thought and in belief systems. So, no matter what happens in the next few years, we can focus on what each of us can do to transform our lives in a fundamental way. Not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. We can make an effort to dig deeply into the underlying belief systems that might be controlling us and see how they may be restricting us and preventing us from being more free and creative Beings in a magnificent world.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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19 responses to “Uranus Square Pluto – #2”

  1. daintysquid@mindspring.com' Cher says:

    What you said Joy. Word per word. I don’t think the public realizes just how horrible Obama has been as a leader and a president for our country.

  2. joyceagrant@usa.net' Joy says:

    I don’t think people hate Obama as a person; they just do not like his absence of leadership, his unconcern about our rising debt (over 16 trillion) and the fact that he will do and say anything to be elected. If our financial problems are now solved quickly, we are going off a huge cliff. When he ignores that excessive over regulations placed on businesses,and taxing small businesses hurt job creation, Obama is hurting the economy. His administration is printing more money and the recent decision to boost the economy that way, (which has not worked) is devaluing the dollar. What happens to Social Security and Medicare when there is no money available and China will no longer lend money? Wake up people! Obama is destroying our country and again, it is not his person hood….it is his unworkable policies. Romney has better ideas on how to get our country working again.

  3. arisinggoddess@gmail.com' jane says:

    Thanks, Jim. I live in Costa Rica which recently experienced a series of major earthquakes.Today the water under the house came through the floor. A personal example of this transit.


  4. apopichak@rcn.com' andy says:

    “Where is the will to be one country, to try to overcome the divides that separate us and to come together? ” We own a property near a shelter. On any given day, numerous able-bodied individuals are loitering in the public parking lot across the street, smoking cigarettes, waiting for food bank food and a free lunch and a drug connection. Do I really want to join this group? What kind of welcome would I receive? What impact does this have on the value of my property? Do we share the same belief system?
    “Belief systems are not facts or absolute truths” Maybe not. But they should be grounded in facts and absolute truths. Physics is a belief system that has reference to facts. The truths may not be absolute, while at the same time we would not have the understanding of celestial motion and the computers to create our charts without the belief system we call physics. If we can create our own reality, we could create one independent of physics. Most people would consider that insane.

  5. cacla@ca.rr.com' Kathleen says:

    During times of stress and uncertainty people often gravitate to extremes to cope with inner termoil. This is true of the individual and the collective. As above, so below: in times of psychocosmological transit polarization of mood, thought and action will galvanize those who may intuit this transit but lack the organizing principle to cope with the changes at hand. Both psychology and astrology offer me a language to articulate these stressful and, often painful transitions so that I can dialogue with these images rather than act out or be controlled by them. Thank you for advancing the dialogue… this was a very healing article.

  6. lovearts@att.net' marcia s says:

    An interesting point to share from “Talk of the Nation” on NPR this morning, interviewing Middle Eastern scholars about the motivations for the recent deadly uprisings against U.S., its public servants. In Arab countries where “free speech” is NOT protected, or expected, indulged or tolerated, the ‘common’ people there have NO idea how “free speech” works in our country. Since their governments DO arrest, prosecute (and of course persecute…) dissenters, they cannot understand why our government has NOT arrested, prosecuted, condemned the maker(s) of the film denigrating Islam –if in fact, the U.S. truly finds the film objectionable…There’s no comprehension of what ‘free speech’ might offer.

  7. janetekersey@googlemail.com' Janet says:

    I concur with all the above, very interesting though I know little about the ins and outs of American politics I have often wondered why so many of his countrymen literally hate and demonise Obama so much, something not felt or seen in this country. I am interested in the personal aspects of this transit too – I have the greater number of planets in Capricorn in my chart, and my sun and moon are respectively ruled by Uranus and Pluto – already I am having to re-evalue my belief systems about my own actions and prejudices and those of others/our culture – yet constantly having sudden flashes of revelation that provide small stepping stones across this slightly chaotic flood of events I am trying to navigate.

    Would you be able to do an article on these more personal aspects (and apologies if you already have and I’ve missed it)? Thanks.

  8. jamiearg@gmail.com' Jamie says:

    Great article! Here in Argentina something similar is happening. After years of divide and rule, which in 2012 has reached a state where the country is polarised between pro- and anti Cristina Kirchner(the President)groups, it seems that ordinary people are starting to react.

    On the one hand there is a lot of abuse and aggression in Facebook and the media with exaggerated accusations (much of it modeled on government behaviour over the years – If you’re not with us, you’re against us). On the other hand thousands of people marched around the country last Thursday asking for an end to the aggression and the single-minded, non consultative government actions.

    Ironically, all the existing political parties have no idea what to do and their lack of representativeness of the people has left them out of the play. The new people’s voice also has no visible leader – simply individuals saying that they don’t like what they see.

    And Kirchner was reelected less than a year ago with a huge majority which seems to be dwindling fast, although if an election was held today she might still be elected as there seems to be no other figures to rally around.

    Conclusion, firstly, the Argentine people have a lot of thinking and soul searching to do. Many are doing it but the vast majority are probably still projecting the blame outwards instead of seeing how our choices over the years have led to this. Secondly, awareness raising is needed that this is a chance to change the way we do things, the type of life we live, the type of government we have. And I agree that it will probably take years to effect this change.

  9. Jim Sher says:

    To Eileen:
    I totally understand your concern. Innocent people are dying because of this. I guess we have to look at what the alternative candidate would be doing and see if we prefer one more than the other.

  10. ssodam@gmail.com' Angela D says:

    Thanks for the very insightful and relevant article, Jim. I am only just beginning to discover personally some of the ideas you discuss here – that I am the Creative author of my reality, for example. (I’ve perceived its truth only peripherally until recently.) As I evolve and become freer myself, I expect it will be fascinating indeed to watch the world go through its own [re]birth pangs… What a truly magical and beautiful experience, this life!

  11. eileenareena@yahoo.com' Eileen Tracy says:

    Until I saw a C-SPAN program on Obama’s 21st Century war using drones extensively, I was all set to vote for him. All of the “collateral damage” as well as executing people without any “due process” is a very hard to swallow. Interested in your thoughts on this.

  12. iam@amazinggracenow.com' Sharon Warren says:

    Very helpful and thought provoking insights. I do appreciate, Jim, how you express so succintly through an astrological framework, as a mirror of current events. Thank you for all you share!

  13. dreyskii@yahoo.com' Andrea says:

    Thanks so much Jim! I was hoping you would soon talk about the current transit in relationship to politics. I really appreciate the perspective and clarity that an understanding of astrology can bring.

  14. starlight7@Lcom.net' Bonnie Orgren says:

    Excellent! Transcendent. The fact that we create our reality is one that needs constant repetition. As Pluto is the slower moving planet, acting upon Uranus, I see this operating on the personal level as learning to trust ourselves and our values, insights and intuition, realizing that we do create with the power of our minds and thus we each change the world. More will throw off “herd mentality” and think more clearly. Uranus the Awakener is expressing through Aries the Pioneer and Spiritual Warrior while at a turning point with Pluto in Capricorn, a sign of initiation.

  15. grases2020@msn.com' Mirtha says:

    This is a clarifying article. Everyday when I see the news it confuses me. My logic mind try to comprehend but at the end is my intuition that conclude! In Venezuela, for example, elections are going to be on Oct 7. Chavez (actual president) belief system is based on hate and false Communism!We were a plural country but since 12 years ago when Chavez took the power everything change at the point that we are pretty close to have a civil war…On the contrary the other candidate (Capriles) have a different message, he is a young professional and a hard worker, he wants to unify people to rebuild the country. Caprile’s message is about hope and reconciliation. At the end my country is very deteriorate, people is full of resentment and sick of stress, just imagine we have 12.500 killed people in hand of delinquency every year :'(
    Thanks for the information and I competently agree that we as an individuals can be the change in the world.

    “Tolerance is not a small courage. Tolerance is very divine—and only divine people have it. It takes more courage to tolerate than to attack.” ~Yogi Bhajan 7/5/88

  16. Foghornpwf@aol.com' Deborah Freeman says:

    What an outstanding article. I’ve been caught offguard at times by my own reactions (expressed or not) to some situations and your article helps me understand the need to dig deep to understand them. I only wish I could send this article to my extremely dogmatic, tea-partying, Obama-hating sister. But, of course, she’d delete it since she thinks astrology is crap. And seriously looking at her own issues isn’t an option, because she’s right. Period. Phew, I can see how the next few years may be tough. Thanks for your thoughtful help.

  17. bett1019@msn.com' Betty says:

    Interesting article. Omission of the extremism liberals and the left showed against GWBush. The extremism works both ways. Liberals have zero tolerance for the opinions of anyone leaning right. The dislike of Obama comes more out of his socialist, economic and political policies and statements than his ethnicity or religious background.

  18. t-1mpth@msn.com' Melanie says:

    Well put! Bravi

  19. john@astroquestastrology.com' john says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful article, a rarity these days.

    In my reading of this aspect I tend to put more emphasis on signs. The arab spring and occupy movements seem to gather momentum as Uranus entered Aries after seven dormant years in pisces. While Pluto in Capricorn triggered of the fall of JP Morgan and the WFC and the wavering of the Euro as nations and transnational banks all begin to print and borrow lie there is no tomorrow . Which the won.t be, at least not as we know it now.

    The square seems to bring out the more shadowy sides of them both, not a pretty sight. Interesting times. Cheers

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