Uranus and Pluto – the Metaphysical Side

Posted on September 21, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


The nature of any new paradigm is not a small matter. Nor is it mere reform. Instead, it deals with a profound, fundamental change in the values, priorities and the ruling concepts of a person, society, nation, or culture. When I write about politics from time to time in this blog, it is because I regard politics as a kind of mirroring ‘theater’ that dramatizes the issues within our society. Politics displays for all to see the conscious and unconscious conflicts inherent in the citizens of that nation. One of the things that makes the U.S. peculiar is that politics is going on nearly all of the time. In many countries, there is a restricted period of time for campaigning which is then followed by the election and that is that. Here in the U.S., it is non-stop politicking night and day. Why is this the case? Many of you will point to the news organizations desire to make money by keeping the public agitated and in fear, if not panic. But, I think it goes deeper than that. After all, people could turn the radio and TV off.

What is behind all of this drama and intense emotion? And what can we learn if we notice that this question is so rarely examined? First, I need to mention that more and more of my friends, students and associates are turning their TV’s off. They cite the fact that news rarely intends to reveal or disclose the truth of a matter. Instead, a pre-existing view or narrative is expressed day after day and ‘facts’ are made to fit that narrative. Does this not invite the passions to be constantly in a state of excitement and tension? What does a viewer end up feeling if they listen to this on a frequent basis?

So, what must be the condition of the majority of news watchers be? Must they not be in a state of fear, anger and even panic? Can a person solve problems successfully when they in that state?

Paradigm Shifts Occur by Asking Questions

…rather than by answers. If we don’t engage in asking fundamental questions, nothing important can be revealed. So, simple logic tells us something quite ironic and it is this irony that is the key to understanding how Uranus and Pluto work together. A paradigm shift becomes more possible when the atmosphere is more extreme. This is because these very ‘extreme conditions’ force us to ask the fundamental questions and perhaps also become more open to new answers that are significantly different from previous ones. We need to be in a state of questioning and openness before anything could possible change to a totally new set of answers or approaches.

This is what the present transit of Uranus square to Pluto can bring about over the next 5-7 years.

Let me again use politics to give an example of a possible paradigm shift. Not only does the U.S. have a rigid two-party system, but since the 90’s, it has become nearly impossible for a 3rd or 4th party candidate to run for any major office. Conscious efforts were made to stop it after Perot ran for office. So, in this area, would not an example of a paradigm shift by U.S voters be to change the election laws in a fundamental way that would allow for a much wider range of candidates to run for office? This would allow all kinds of new ideas to surface which now cannot happen. I’m not saying that this will happen. The fact is that with Citizens United just beginning to control financing, the nature of elections is actually going in the opposite, more exclusive direction. I’m just giving an example of what a paradigm shift might look like.

I need to say that paradigm shifts usually begin with individuals and then sometimes grow from there. Why? Because it is individuals who have the greatest chance of becoming open to the process of identifying and changing the belief systems that govern us. Uranus square to Pluto means innovations, insights and new ways of thinking, etc., but not just in technology. More importantly are the ones that occur within us. Are there new ways that we can see our world, our life and how we can relate to it in a different way? Are there ways our lives can become more Alive and vibrant, more free and creative, etc? It is those bigger questions that matter most to us personally at this time, in my view.

G.I. Gurdjieff stated that at times like these, more transformative energy is available on the planet than at other times. But, how that energy is expressed becomes a crucially important issue. Will it be used to go ‘crazy’ and engage in all kinds of emotions and behaviors or will they be used to assist us to evolve to a higher level in whatever way a particular person understands it? Gurdjieff knew that human beings tend to go to war with each other at these moments. But, it would be really helpful if humanity could find a more peaceful way than that. Nevertheless, people can use the energy in a way that is at odds with the mainstream. We can break from the old paradigms independent of what other people do. In fact, that is exactly the point of this transit. We should not be looking at others and how they operate, but focus on what we are thinking and feeling right now ‘authentically.’

Pluto represents the principle of ‘purity’ or ‘essence’. This is the most helpful definition of Pluto I know of. Identifying what we know as true, deep within us is quite a task. It is what Joseph Campbell called the ‘heroes’ journey.’ Please consider that it is exactly that journey that is the highest expression of the present transit. For those who hear and feel that call, this is your time. The outer conditions in the world will be what they will be. But if we validate the true, inner needs emerging within us in the next few years, we may find that our lives will change in ways we cannot foresee, at least not in the beginning. Politics is but one level of this transit. But, living life authentically and with great openness is on another level entirely. That is a paradigm shift. Seeking inner freedom and expanding one’s awareness in an exciting journey. Claiming our highest destiny as an emerging individual, no matter how it looks to others, is how we can creatively navigate through the possible turbulent waters of the next few years. Let’s try it and see what happens.






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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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2 responses to “Uranus and Pluto – the Metaphysical Side”

  1. iam@amazinggracenow.com' Sharon Warren says:

    Very interesting perspective and important contribution to look at things beyond the physical. Bill Moyers interview with Trevor Potter (a Republican) on PBS this week-end reflects the kind of paradigm shift and dialogue you mention. The topic was Fighting Big Money in the 2012 Election. Potter discusses how Citizen United decision shifted elections, and as an attorney, he is fighting for campaign finance reform (and reveals the loopholes the Super Pacs are using with 501c4 shell organizations so donors can contribute anonymously). I am hopeful there will be more dialogue of this nature without the knashing of teeth and blame game. As always, thanks for your insights, Jim!

  2. isabelleflaherty@gmail.com' Isabelle Flaherty says:

    Jim, I love that you are suggesting that everyone really, truly, believe in themselves; certainly not as easy as it may sound because it takes awareness, confidence and a certain amount of learning but still, very positive!

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