Uranus Square Pluto - June 2012

Posted on May 2, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


It’s time now to begin writing about the upcoming and highly significant transit that astrologers refer to as Uranus squaring Pluto. These two transformational forces will dance together all the way through much of 2015, so this transit is a very lengthy one. In fact, they will square seven times over the next few years. The first time this will occur is on June 24, 2012 at 1:14am and will mark the full beginning of this transit. At this time, Uranus will be located at 8°24′ Aries while Pluto will be at longitude 8°24′ of Capricorn. Many astrological writers believe that the true length of any outer planet transit actually lasts up to 5 years and in some cases even more. One of the reasons for this is that the influence of a planet begins the moment it enters a new sign and affects the world at that point. The more I look at things occurring in the world, the more I believe that this is true. The economic events of 2008 are but one example of the beginning effects of this important transit. As we know, the impact of what happened then is still completely influencing events today and are the most noticeable in Europe, the U.S., and China.

Since I will be writing many articles on this topic, I won’t have to worry about covering all of its many facets all at once. So, where do I start? Here are some of the simple words that express the general nature of this period of time. Shocks, surprises, fundamental changes, extremism, radicalism, partisanship, chaos, feelings that we are at a life and death phase of life, etc. But all of these words do not really define the nature of what is at stake and what its intention might be.

As many of my readers know, my view of astrology is that it can reveal the nature and purpose of transits happening in the heavens. This is true in this transit as well. However, one of the most important things to be aware of is that during the middle of the transit it is almost impossible to know what the underlying set of forces are and where they are taking us. If I use the term “Paradigm Shift”, and you know how significant that is, then you are close to understanding the significance of what is on the horizon. Let’s examine the word chaos. One dictionary definition is that it refers to “a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.” But for those who have studied or heard about chaos theory, you know that many believe that underneath the appearance of confusion and disorder, does exist an ‘order’ we simply have not yet seen or understood. It is something that will be revealed, often much later and perhaps even years after the transit ends.

To understand the term ‘paradigm shift’ requires that we recognize the fact that the changes in play can be so big, so significant, that before new paradigms can be introduced, the ground must shake, the problems must become so big that people wonder if they can be handled, and there must be the feeling that one is lost and estranged from all that we knew before. Actually, this is the attitude we would do well to cultivate if we want to get through this transit more awake that when it started. Yes, one of the purposes of this transit is one of ‘awakening.’ And that means that every one of our assumptions or belief systems ought to be up for questioning or inquiry. The shaking of Uranus and Pluto is for the purpose of creating conditions where all of our past patterns, habits, routine, and conditioning are subject to total transformation, including the surrendering of them completely and forever.

Let me define the term ‘paradigm.’

It is a form or mold, a standard, or pattern that guides us. However, in actual life situations, it is often operating as an unconscious controlling force. We may see parts of it, but rarely do we see all of it or how much we are influenced and controlled by it. For example, if a person abides by a value or belief system that is used as a constant guide or standard for one’s actions, we are going to be so dominated by it, that we might not be able to see how thoroughly it influences and limits us. We may not allow ourselves to see anything else. We then judge oneself and others by those standards and live accordingly. This can be seen most of all in religious beliefs. So, when Uranus and Pluto strongly enter the picture, the first thing it does is create conditions where things suddenly don’t work or make sense in the usual way. It creates a feeling of the earth quaking (this happens more than real earthquakes do), so that one finally can look at what had hitherto been hidden in the quiet of one’s unconscious. I am talking about real inquiry and this means that a person must be open. Chaos creates an open mind. And, openness is necessary for one to be willing to consider a true paradigm shift.

Ask yourself how aware you are of all of your belief systems and assumptions. Is it possible to have very strong beliefs and not be aware of how much they are influencing you? If your answer is “Yes”, then ask how one could be made aware of that which remains hidden from you. The answer is simple. The only way for us stubborn, fixed human beings to truly question ourselves in a fundamental way is to experience a breakdown that is big enough that we are forced to see things that have been comforting us for a very long time.

Ah, the 60’s

I was there then. My entire way of thinking was irrevocably changed at that time. And I also have watched the viewpoints about that time go through all sorts of crazy alterations. The conservatives condemned it then and they condemn it now. They saw nothing positive about any of it. Well, I think they should condemn it since conservative partially means resistance to change. But the ‘essence’ of the 60’s was this. Many people felt an intense need to question everything. All aspects of life were open to this kind of examination. Sure, some people abused and misused the freedoms of that time. But, is that not an inevitable part of any revolutionary period? This period of history saw huge changes in race relations, women’s issues, views about the nature of marriage and relationships, etc. Many new paradigms began then having to do with health care as well as the relationships between employer and employee. Interest in meditation and other metaphysical transformative practices surged in surprising ways. Who meditated before 1960? It existed, of course, but it was rare and considered odd and strange. I am just scratching the surface of what went on then.

In astrological terms, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo then. What officially begins in June, however, is different. It is called the First-quarter square and represents a ‘crisis of action’ that is intended to take what began in the 60’s to a whole new level. But, in this square there is always a high degree of resistance. There was resistance in the 60’s, but it was quite tepid as compared with what is already developing and will become more amped up in the near future.

As events begin to appear that reflect this coming period, I suggest you make the attempt to examine the way in which you are interpreting them. Are you seeing through an old, perhaps, outworn lens? Are you open to watching as a detached observer would so that you might see things differently or are you so ‘invested’ or ‘identified’ with your usual perspective, that you cannot see anything positive happening from the chaos and confusion you may see or feel around you? Fear of change is a real part of the human psyche. It is natural. What is special, I think, is when a person recognizes the limitations of this fear and begins to be willing to explore ways to expand or even overturn those belief systems that hold them back from living a much fuller life. This is what can make this transit expansive and transformative. Many of you will be strongly affected byt his transit. This is when an astrological consultation can be helpful, as it can put the events that are happening in a constructive perspective.

In future articles, I will explore specific ways in which this transit is playing out and attempt to give meaning to the possible chaos and confusion that is likely to increase.


Astrology Uranus square Pluto
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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7 responses to “Uranus Square Pluto – June 2012”

  1. joannebourne11@hotmail.com' Joanne says:

    Jim, thankyou for your insights. I am concerned about the affect this transit will have on my daughter as Pluto is conjunct her moon, 8 Cap in the 10 house. Her Asc is 4 Aries
    29 Aug 1982 in Sydney. Australia 7.48pm Her son who is 4 years old has his Mars, 1st house at 8 Cancer, born 10 Dec 2007 7.21pm Brisbane. Aus I would appreciate insights from anyone. Thank You

  2. iam@amazinggracenow.com' Sharon says:

    Jim, this is an A+ excellent article. Looks like we are in for the E-ticket ride of our life. Thank you for all that you share…it’s insightful and compelling! I just posted to a Facebook link.

  3. tessast.touch@yahoo.com' Tessa says:

    Thanks Jim for your perspective! We are going through tons of change right now! We are moving from the states right when this transit goes into effect, and by September we will be giving birth! These are obvious big changes, but what is really exciting for me is knowing I am going to be able to give birth at all! When I was young I was in a very serious accident. My doctors at the time gave me a 20% chance then (17 years old) of ever conceiving! After that I had dismemorria, serious, painful cramps, and finally had three miscarrages before I was 21. When I finally met my husband, at 26, he was veagan, and for the most part I changed my diet from eating nothing but cheese, bread, and chocolate, to eating extremely healthy, things began to radically change for me. During 2008 was when I noticed that my periods were regular (which was never the case before), the pain started to lighten, and my attitude changed completely from never wanting children, to wanting kids with my husband. When we finally decided we were a little more intentional as to why we wanted kids, BOOM! We got pregnant! Now I am half way through and loving the fact I will soon be a mother!
    Talk about a radical transformation, huh?
    All the best,

  4. Jim Sher says:

    To Fran:
    Unfortunately, without knowing more specifics about your chart, it isn’t possible to answer your questions. However, if you would like to get more information, you can contact me personally.
    Jim Sher

  5. francesmann@hotmail.com' Fran says:

    Hi Jim, this first square is going to be exact on my Sun at 8.24 Aries. Can you give me any idea of what this might mean for me. I’m aware that Uranus is already helping me to become more conscious of, and change, many of my perceptions and beliefs, but I’m not sure of Pluto’s effects or the effect of having the square directly on my Sun.
    Any help to prepare myself so that I might work with the energy better would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  6. ladyastro@hotmail.com' Dorene Polcyn says:

    Excellent explanation Jim, of this dynamic coupling. Fasten those seat belts, people, we are on our collective way to an extraordinarily wild ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Very good overview and setting up of what is to come. I too feel with the square that deep seeded beliefs will be brought to the surface and a shattering like a mirror will occur.

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