AstroCast: May 5-19, 2012

Posted on May 4, 2012
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

**Times where noted are PDT; degrees where noted are rounded to the nearest whole degree.


May 5th will likely require a well developed balancing act as two significant oppositions make their mark. First off, Mercury at 25° Aries opposes Saturn at 25° Libra.  Independent and impulsive, the communication planet in the sign of the Ram will not want to be all that cooperative and prefer to think for himself.  The pull on the opposite end, however, is strong.  You do not want to mess with Saturn, especially when he is in an exalted position from which he will demand that others be taken into account.  We can cry freedom all we want but unless we want it for everyone, it will be no more effective than a whimper.  The Full Moon today, with the Sun at 16° Taurus opposing the Moon at 16° Scorpio, will add weight to this topic by insisting on tangible and steadfast values associated with that call for liberty.  What will it do?  Will it create a new order after it is finished wreaking havoc?  Once it breaks free from whatever shackles it perceives, will it replace them with something that is sustainable?  Slash and burn or supportable renewal?  Emotional passion may run high and fight with the resistance to move until we’re sufficiently motivated, even more so with Jupiter slightly ahead of the Sun in Taurus throwing in his weight into this configuration, which has the potential to either exaggerate whatever stance we take or take it to a philosophical level.  The balance comes when we deftly blend the contrasting energies.  That means not only letting each of them have their say but also listening with an authentic heart.

On May 8th the Moon in Sagittarius ties together the energies of Venus at 23° Gemini, Saturn at 24° Libra and Mercury, in the last degree of Aries.  Luna did this last week but from the perspective of “let’s just get along” Libra.  In Sag, Luna could be more blunt but the harmonious aspects she makes to each of these planets will soften the delivery.  Connections with others, how we feel about them, what they do for us and whether they may hold us back or unify with our mission, may be the most compelling topics of conversation.  Since this is the last significant aspect that Venus, the planet of relationships, makes before she goes retrograde on May 15th, look for clues as to what the retrograde period will be about.  One thing is for sure, with Gemini involved lots and lots of talking will be required! Mercury moves into Taurus towards the end of the day, just in time to quiet things down from the Aries rush and give us more time to reflect on this question.

The period of May 13th to 16th is full of powerful signatures that could set in motion significant opportunities, internal and external. Mother’s Day, May 13th, begins with the buoyant pairing of the Sun and Jupiter at 23° Taurus to open our hearts to all that is possible.  By brunch time the Moon embraces Neptune at 3° Pisces, heightening our desire to celebrate the Divine Mother in all our lives.  Hopefully these energies will have a lasting effect through dinner and give us the strength to diffuse potential confrontation or meltdowns when the sensitive Pisces Moon opposes Mars at 8° Virgo, where it can be militaristically efficient but not necessarily tactful.

Fortunately this energetic Martian signature will be activated in another, more harmonious configuration called a grand Earth trine, beginning with a trine to Mercury at 8° Taurus on the 13th.  Then Mercury trines Pluto on May 14th at 9° Capricorn, and Mars completes the configuration with a trine to Pluto on May 16th.  Mars and Pluto were similarly activated in April by the Sun in Taurus and Jupiter before that in March.  Now with Mercury following suit that makes three of these magnificent configurations over a couple of months.  If we haven’t taken advantage of this yet, now is the time to really put our minds to it – decide what we want to manifest or transform, then put those resolutions into action.  With Pluto, regeneration is always in the air; in Capricorn it will be about structures.  Mercury in Taurus will pull from proven practical values.  With some concentrated effort now we may be surprised what treasures present themselves.  Call it Operation Gold Mine.

Venus’ retrograde turn on May 15th puts current relationships in review and could likely bring up old ones for a revisit.  Speaking, and listening, from the heart will be doubly important as she traces her steps back from 24° to 7° in the sign of Communication.  Venus will have her most challenging effect on those of us who have planets or angles (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house cusps) in this degree range in the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius).  Venus turns around less than a degree away from a trine to retrograde Saturn in relationship-oriented Libra.  While that aspect won’t reach fruition until after the retrograde period is over, it still casts a spell of seriousness during this time.  It could indicate that long term relationships would benefit greatly from a healthy review with an eye for recalibrating their balance.  Watch for Jim Sher’s article for more on this transit.

On the morning of May 16th, sudden mood shifts could strike as the Moon unites with Uranus at 7° Aries and in a matter of hours inconjuncts Mars (an awkward 150° degree angle) and squares Pluto forcing up primal urges that could be selfish and unreasonable to say the least.  This highly emotional trigger of the escalating tension between the planets of revolution (Uranus), war (Mars) and destruction (Pluto) may last only a few hours but it could create chaos if we aren’t prepared to meet the day with consciousness rather than acting out. Lots of deep breaths or maybe a really good tuning fork can go a long way, especially if we can tune into the grand earth trine which offers a creative safe passage through the intensity.

May 17th brings the Aries Moon into the conversation between Venus and Saturn.  Within four minutes Luna first sextiles retrograde Venus in Gemini then opposes retrograde Saturn in Libra.  With Luna the only forward moving body in this bunch, and in impatient Aries yet, the need to review relationships could feel more like a burdensome duty.  If we keep sight of Other she may just give us the kick we need to get the process started.

The Moon joins Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun in Taurus on May 18th.  With Pluto and Mars also in Earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo respectively), that is a lot of grounded energy we could put to good use in our manifestation plans.  By mid-evening, she trines Pluto, then less than two hours later trines Mars, activating yet another grand Earth trine.  This would be an appropriate moment to really feel the drive, feel the power, feel the value and support of the foundation we’ve built from which we act in the pursuit of our dreams.




Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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  1. A lot to look forward to Kimberly, great job!

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