A Time of Real Practical Opportunities

Posted on September 3, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher


For the past three months, we have been in an astrological phase where many of us have the opportunity to bring about practical and transformational changes in our lives. This has been due to the trine, a very harmonious aspect, between the planet of opportunity, Jupiter, and the tiny, but potent Pluto, that intensifies whatever it touches. This began in early June, when Jupiter entered the stable earth sign Taurus and has been strengthening as the summer heated up. This transit lasts much longer than most Jupiter transits because of its retrograde period that creates the exact trine three times. In fact, it lasts until late March, 2012, which means the trine is in effect for 10 months. This means that we are going to have several shots at making something happen, if we are willing to take some practical risks.

I am well aware that the economy is stagnating for a variety of economic and political reasons. In fact, because of the much deeper transit of Uranus in square to Pluto, major changes are coming that will force us to question many of the models or paradigms that control life in this country and in the planet in general. But, for individuals, life goes on. In fact, it is very important that each of us recognize this and that we do what we can to refuse to get caught up in the general fear and possible malaise around us, so that we can take advantage if something does come our way. I believe that the transiting Jupiter trine to Pluto aspect we are in right now is preventing things from being even worse than they might be otherwise and that for some people, great opportunities can be discovered.

Let me first talk about the nature of any trine. It is an aspect between two planets of 120°, which is the angle that forms in an equilateral triangle. It represents ease, harmony and flow. The reason we like our trines when we have them, is that usually things will work out well for us, i.e. that our affairs go easy. However there is another side to this. Because there is an ease at this time, there is little pressure or need to act on anything. It is the squares and oppositions in astrology that bring us the necessity for change and movement. In other words, while this is a time of possible opportunity, it could be one that is wasted.

Please remember that, by necessity, I am making broad generalizations. There are many factors in an individual’s chart and all of them would have to be examined before we could know how a specific person could be affected by this transit.

So, this is a time to really look around and see what is appearing in our lives. Although there is no need to push, if we do see an opportunity, we should take it seriously. With Pluto being involved, the archetype of ‘all or nothing,’ is always the best way. Go all of the way or let it go. We need to dive in or stay out of the water. The ones who will win are going to be those who fully see the potential for growth and who decide to ‘go all in.’ This trine is an earth trine, the signs of Taurus and Capricorn, which tells us that this is a time of great opportunities to manifest something significant in the world. Jupiter, the planet of vision and expansion, means that there is a good chance things will work out the way we envision, if we only make the effort.

Right now, Jupiter has just gone retrograde. This does not mean that opportunities are stopping and that we must wait. It means instead, that things we might have missed, not seen, or which were not ready for manifestation, must now be picked up. You can picture a bus going downtown, but is going so fast, that some people who are important for our future, were not picked up for the ride. We will not be able to progress until we return to pick them up. Here are some of the other meanings for when Jupiter goes retrograde:

  1. Opportunities will reappear and this time, we will see them for what they are.
  2. Any changes in our philosophy about a project should be considered carefully.
  3. Avoid missing steps. It is better to take one’s time than to force things to happen prematurely.

More about a Pluto transit

This archetype is about resurrecting something new out of the ashes from an old cycle. For example, this is seen when a business is bought at a low in order to be rebuilt and radically transformed into something new. This includes, of course, the facing of the necessity of first letting go. We’ve seen both HP and Google let go of some products they have invested in heavily and which now are seen as losers for them. With the present transit, it will be interesting to see what they do over the next months now that they have surrendered to something they know won’t work for them. Other things we can do is look and see if there is value in areas that others have missed or something that you can see has great value for the future.

However, Jupiter is in Taurus, so we will need patience, perseverance and dogged determination if we are to turn this into something truly significant for us. What is needed here most is INTENTION. Once we’ve decided what we want to pursue, we need to commit fully and not let our courage wane in the middle of the stream. Any transit of Jupiter trine Pluto reveals the “Power of Intention” in determining our ability to succeed and create something new. But know that Intention is always tested and challenged. We cannot know if we actually have it, until we successfully handle this test. We are going to be measured for this quality. Why? Because this is what the sign of Capricorn always does.

As always, I want to encourage you to reply to this post. All of our readers enjoy hearing how others are being affected by the present transits.



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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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4 responses to “A Time of Real Practical Opportunities”

  1. francesmann@hotmail.com' Fran says:

    Thamks Isabelle and Christine,

    It’s very helpful to see that you’ve been going through the same thing Isabelle although it sounds as though you are further on with this as my past only caught up with me again this last May. Actually he caught up with me about three years ago as well but presumably it wasn’t the time to deal with it then and so nothing was resolved.

    It’s also nice to have it confirmed that as an Aries we’re also being forced to see things through slowly, and to learn patience, whilst our stress levels are cranked up to exploding point and we’d much rather JUST GET IT DONE!!! oh what a joy that one is!!

    And yes, I suspect that this whole episode is going to transform me in ways I’m only glimpsing right now because it is forcing me to dig deep into reserves I didn’t know I had. Discovering these unexpected strengths is quite thrilling and the quote that Jim has posted seems to sum up what I think will be the gift in this.

    ” As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ”
    – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    The more I understand and trust in my absolute ability to be all of who I am, then the more able and free I am to express and enjoy all of who I am.
    Realising that means that I’m now ready to face whatever fears have been forcing me to hold onto the comfort of this very old relationship. And as you said Isabelle, it requires slow and thorough evaluation and re-evaluation of so much of what we thought was real and true about ourselves and relationships …and well life really.
    You seem to have come though to a great place and I’m very sure that if I keep paying attention and being totally honest myself that I will too.
    It’s been a real pleasure to hear your story. Thank you.

  2. I really don’t have much to say. I was just struck by the similar themes that Isabelle and Fran speak of. It sounds like the season to deal with feelings about attachments of long ago.

    Taurus spans my natal fifth house, so I’m ready for Jupiter to facilitate some more lighthearted feelings,like fun, fun, fun. (Okay, so I’m ignoring the rest of my chart!) I remember Jupiter’s last transit of this house made me feel like exploding with creative expression. I’m way older now, so I’m not sure I have the energy to express it in the same way. Now that I think of it, though, I saw a clown dancing the other day and it really brought up some type of need for me to be more demonstrative in my creative expressions.

    Anyway, may we all feel healed when we’re done with what we’re done with, and that we possess new creativity in spades!

  3. isabelleflaherty@gmail.com' Isabelle Flaherty says:

    Thanks Jim (nd Fran) because in the relationship area I feel something very akin to what Fran is feeling about a long ago relationship (an ELEMENTARY! school sweetheart [that continued on and off through college] that I had not seen in 36 years that resurfaced 2 years ago and I now also feel that despite the long felt “hold” on me it is time to let go and I think I have. Jupiter is also in my 7th house which is Aires [not surprisingly, my ex-husband was an Aires] and is at 13 degrees. The current transit also seems to have a lot to do with a new relationship that started 2 years ago several months after first seeing that old time love. Namely, that this new relationship defies all logic but I have come to realize is a good correction of old bad patterns of choosing the wrong people. I have to keep coming back and re-evaluating it because it redefines for me what a relationship should be and I have learned a lot. The depth and resonance of the relationship supersedes any methodical, logical treatment but over the last year in particular, I have slowly and gradually (not my style, usually, and that is part of the learning) achieved more clarity about it. The inherent “rightness” in the context of its apparent in some views “wrongness” makes it all the more scary and risky.
    Beyond that I have had a long and somewhat torturous journey this past year in putting together that puzzle pieces of the fall-out from my divorce trial last August and the terms of the final divorce judgment filed in November of last year. In particular, obtaining the mortgage on our former marital home based only upon my alimony, in my name only, as a single woman has taken over a month and is still pending. I am confident it will be finalized and yet the stress and patience required is exquisite.
    So I think all you said fits in a good way for me: the need to embrace sometimes complete changes in how I think about various aspects of my life but gradually achieving the clarity step by step to understand that and take the necessary action. Thanks, as always, Isabelle

  4. francesmann@hotmail.com' Fran says:

    Thank you Jim, I’ve been reading your articles for a long time now and of course some of them have very much resonated with what I’ve been going through and some not so much.
    This one is spot on, maybe because I have Saturn at 6 Capricorn square my Sun at 8 Aries and Jupiter is stationed exactly on my 7th house Venus at 10 Taurus. Pluto is also trine my natal Pluto at 2 Virgo in my 10th.

    With Jupiter in my 7th this is being worked through in relationship for me, the unexpected re visitation of a long past relationship that I’ve never been able to free my emotions from.

    ‘All or nothing’ exactly describes the way I felt I needed to handle this so it’s really good to have this affirmation. I’ve been doing what I felt I needed to do and allowing myself to feel what I feel so that I can look at it honestly and see where the hook has been all these years.
    It’s been tough and scary and the ‘nothing’ option seemed the more sensible option but I couldn’t see how I was going to change things from the sidelines, and after all these years I really want to let this go.
    I’ve been seeing this thing through and really observing what is going on with me and my emotions and I’ve learnt a lot already so maybe by the time this transit has passed I will be much better about knowing how I feel about things (something I find horribly confusing because I’ve discovered that I convince myself that I feel whatever seems safest to feel)and the hardest one of all…. expressing my needs and desires honestly. Even writing that one gives me the shivers!

    You’ve brought me some much needed clarity about what is going on and given me more confidence to trust myself and this process. I’m not crazy after all!

    Thank you again.

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