A Time of Hidden Potency

Posted on August 16, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher


In previous articles I have written about the nature of the Mercury retrograde cycle that we are in right now. And we are in the exact middle of that phase right now. This phase is called the Inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury and occurs on August 16, 2011 at 23° Leo. For those who are interested the exact time is 6:04pm PDT. This is a very important point for those astrologers who watch cycles closely, for this is when a ‘seed idea’ is born into our psyches. Thus it is like a New Moon in the sense that it is a true beginning of a new framework or thought-form that will grow and develop over the next 6 weeks. Any New Moon is also called a ‘dark Moon’ because in a physical sense we can’t see it, and in a symbolic sense, we do not yet know what the nature of that newly born seed is. We are, for the most part, in the dark. So, it is very helpful now to pay close attention to what you are thinking during the next several days. Since Mercury is still retrograde, some of the ideas will quickly fall away, but not all of them. With time, one of the ideas will emerge as an important one to follow up on and take seriously. It will still go through many changes as the idea moves more completely into one’s conscious mind, but engaging in this process will be worth the patience and effort.

Astrology offers an interesting view of the mind. In our modern culture, we usually think we are in charge of our thoughts and believe further that new thoughts come from within us, from our own brain. I’m not sure why this belief is such a rigid one, since I know many scientists who have wondered aloud where such and such a thought came from. Their answer is that they just had an inspiration (breath), which is true. But where did it come from? Astrology suggests that perhaps it comes from outside us. It presents a picture of a dynamic, creative and flowing world that is full of mystery and even magic. All we have to do is allow the new moments to freely enter and take root in us. This is one of those times. We can help ourselves by simply taking time to notice, feel, and sense what might be emerging. Maybe it comes through a dream, a message from a friend or even a casual remark made by someone you overhear in a mall or restaurant that you immediately feel is expressed ‘just for you.’ This is the kind of openness we need to feel the inherent mystery and meaning within each moment.

But there is more going on at the same time. There is another cycle which is coinciding with the Sun/Mercury one. On the same day, August 16th at 5:08am, about 12 hours earlier, there is a Sun/Venus conjunction. This conjunction is called the Superior conjunction, which means that it is occurring while Venus is in its direct motion. The Venus cycle is much longer in duration than the Mercury cycle. It is approximately 19 months long as compared with Mercury’s 4 month cycle. The Superior conjunction is similar to a Full moon in that it brings things to some kind of fulfillment, completion, manifestation and clarity. The cycle actually started on October 28th last year (2010) and occurred at 5°Scorpio. For those of you who can find transits for your chart, if you look and see where that point connects to your chart you will learn a lot about the meaning of today’s set of transits. Perhaps a relationship that began at that time is coming into greater clarity and fulfillment.

Here we are talking about Venus, which rules relationships, attitudes and values toward people, money, investments, beautiful things such as jewelry, etc. Many people who began dating someone are finding out now whether or not they want to move to a new level in the relationship. Others are discovering that the relationship is not what they had hoped for and are ending relationships. It can go either way at times like these. What is certain is that something that is related to Venus is coming to some kind of fruition.

So, what does it mean when these two different cycles occur at the same time? It is a rare phenomenon and represents both beginnings and endings. As I talk to people about how they are doing right now, much more than usual, a silence comes over them as if to say, ‘I’m not sure,” but there might be some big things right around the corner. It is important to remember that the merging of cycles like these are less about the events that happen themselves and more about how we are affected by them internally and where they direct us to move in the near future. One thing we can determine now is that if something is working well, we can assume it will continue to do so and if it isn’t, either something is wrong and needs to be corrected or there is a large misunderstanding that will need to be reassessed.

This is a very potent time as we can get our bearings and discover both where to go as well as what to release. It is a time for creating priorities in the areas where we have greater clarity while being open to taking new directions if this is what is in the offing. In other words, there are conflicting flows and degrees of turbulence and confusion that do typify this unusual cycle. So, if you find yourself in confusion and uncertainty, you may need to wait until thing become clearer when Mercury goes direct on August 26, 2011. This is when the new ‘seed idea’ can begin to emerge and turn us toward the direction we need to go.

It is at crucial times like this that a consultation with an astrologer can be helpful. The art of the astrologer is to apply the archetypal forces of the moment toward a particular individual.

As always, we would love to hear from our readers as to how they are being affected by the present transits. Please let us know what you think.

Best wishes,

Jim Sher



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9 responses to “A Time of Hidden Potency”

  1. kbeaty@gmail.com' Katryn says:

    oh and thank you!

  2. kbeaty@gmail.com' Katryn says:

    I felt a bit relieved after reading this article..I´ve been going through a very turbulent couple of weeks.. especially this week. I felt so confused, and so uncertain of what I want, what I´m doing, where I´m going..and emotionally it´s just been ups and downs troughout the day and I couldn´t understand what was going on..after reading your article I feel a certain comfort knowing that maybe it´s not just me, it´s the energy that is going around..hope things get better by the 26th as you mentioned..

  3. As always, Jim, your astrological information is so well articulated and helpful. Thanks!

  4. tessast.touch@yahoo.com' Tessa says:

    As a student of Astrology, (your student) I was told about this conjunction in class and was (or at least I thought I was…) prepared to see what energies emerged for myself and those around me. Yesterday, however, I was not prepared for. I went about my day in the usual way, waking up, getting a shower, getting dressed, yada, yada, yada.
    About a week and a half ago my boss gave me a call to let me know he was running a massage ad and that it was going to be a big cut in what my massages usually cost. He asked me if this was ok, and since it was only going to be for first time clients, I was ok with him running it. Yesterday was my first massage from this ad. I had a wonderful session and she rebooked, and also wanted to know about acupuncture and see if we take her insurance plan(we can.). All in all a great start to this ad campaign. But by dinnertime with my husband I started feeling worthless, like my work was not only devalued, but that I accepted to do this when I swore to myself years ago that this type of marketing ploy was not the way to get the kind of clientle I was looking for, even though earlier I felt quite good. I started to realize what was really going on was that I was not really marketing myself at all, I was allowing others once again to do it for me. By the end of dinner I promised I would start putting out my own ads for what I wanted to see come through my doors of business, such as people with debilitating diseases like fibromyalsia, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. For now though I am feeling better and look forward to more work heading my way and allowing this ad to help bring me joy in whatever form it brings, be it a lesson learned, or more clients. Either way I am feeling better about my situation.
    Love and light,

  5. Oh great! i wished this new cycle is a new beginning for the arrival of a relationship in my life… !

  6. bluedot@souledout.org' Ilie says:

    Potent piece! Thanks!

  7. carol@personalandbusinesssolutions.com' Carol Pilkington says:

    This was beautifully written. The beginning of the cycle that you spoke about at 5 Scorpio was exactly on my Saturn. It was about making things real around Venus matters.

  8. jollyjeeper166@hotmail.com' Victoria says:

    Fantastic article!!! Thank you very much.

  9. iam@amazinggracenow.com' Sharon says:

    Wow–this article sure hits the nail on the head and is right on! Thanks, Jim!

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