What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health: Pt. 5

Posted on July 30, 2011
Posted by James Hopson


In the final segment of this series I would like to share some of my personal experiences and how I have seen medical astrology be a benefit to those who are seeking a fuller picture of their health.

In the beginning when I first started practicing medical astrology I was just as skeptical as some of you might be now and thought this could not be true.  Over time I found it to be accurate, not just once but over and over again.  Some years after I had been doing consultations I incorporated a scientific technology from Russia called GDV.  It is based on kirlian photography and has been used in Russian hospitals for the last eleven years.  It seems the Russians have accepted that we are not just made from matter but energy too.  What this special camera allowed me to do was to take a very accurate picture of the energetic field of the body.  What I consistently found was that what I saw showing up in the chart often presented itself as issues in their energy field of the person’s body.

I remember the first time I did this I was shocked and did not believe it.  It was a woman whose chart I will never forget.  She had three planets in the fifth house all in the sign of Taurus.  Okay… so what does that mean?  I know you are saying you have no idea what I just said… too much astrology.  Well let me explain it in very simple terms.  The fifth house often has to do with issues of the heart or back and Taurus is a sign that is often associated with the throat or thyroid.  What showed up when I took her picture with the special high tech camera was that that there were issues going on in her heart and throat areas.  It was from this time on that I stopped questioning what I saw in people’s charts.

Most people coming to see me for a consultation have already received a specific diagnosis.  What is a diagnosis anyway?  It is a grouping of symptoms, which Western Medicine has then classified as a disease.  This though is not the source of the problem but just the grouping of the symptoms.  The real underlying problem to this so-called disease, or what I like to call imbalance, has not really been addressed.  This then does not empower the person to take responsibility for what ails them.  How giving someone a diagnosis and then prescribing medications has always baffled me. How does this really help the person?  Yes they often help to reduce a person’s symptoms but only by suppressing them. Great! They feel better now but for how long before the true source of the problem expresses itself again.  To me this is one of the clear benefits of medical astrology, to be able to see what factors are contributing to the imbalances at hand.  Then if you are fortunate to have someone who has a broad understanding of medicine and health then you might also be able to receive real practical ideas about how to address the issue.  This empowers the person and fills them with hope and hopefully inspires them.

Here is an example of something I have commonly seen over time.  A person comes in.  Their complaint is fatigue.  They have tried to change their diet and this has helped some but the chart then reveals something deeper.  They have an aspect with the Sun and Saturn.  What does this mean?  The Sun has to do with our vitality and Saturn often has to do with some constriction.  So they are tired because their vital energy is not moving.  What to do?  With all of these kinds of people I have always found if they exercise then they have more energy and feel better.  The act of exercising causes them to move their vital energy.

Sometimes people come to see me because they either do not want to go to a traditional doctor or have not had good results with that or because even their doctors do not know what the problems are.  This is when I get excited.  A mystery… can we figure it out?  I feel like a detective who is trying to discover who committed the crime!  This is so much of what I enjoy – discovering what the underlying nature is that is contributing to the issue.  Sometimes this is easy and other times it is not.

Here is an occasion that I thought was easy.  A woman who was having trouble getting pregnant came to me.  Normal medical tests revealed nothing special as to why she could not get pregnant.  She had also tried in-vitro once and still had not been able to conceive.  In looking at her chart I could see there were some blockages to preventing her birth having to do with the planet Neptune.  One of the things that Neptune rules is medications and toxins.  Seeing this I advised her to detoxify her body, which I know would take some time – at least a year.  I also saw that there were some indicators that she could give birth in about a years time as well.  Almost a year to the day I received an email from her saying that she had followed my instructions and she just wanted me to know that she was now pregnant and very happy!

I like happy endings and this was one of them but they are not all like this.  Some have many complications and challenges that often have to be faced before the issue can be resolved.  Here though, as you can see, the benefit of knowing what was happening in her map helped us see what was invisible to the allopathic world.  This is the beauty of astrology and why I love it so.

Please feel free if you have any additional comments or questions to let us know.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and I wish you all good health.

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One response to “What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health: Pt. 5”

  1. dkbalsz@hotmail.com' Donna says:

    This has been a gret series!! Thank you very much!
    I’ll be looking for “the book”!!!
    Best thoughts and wishes for much success in your wonderful field of interest!

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