What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health - Part 2

Posted on May 23, 2011
Posted by James Hopson


In the previous article we started looking at the history of medical astrology and its relationship between astrology and medicine. We saw that the two fields had been related for hundreds of years until the introduction of the scientific model called mechanical physics.  This worldview of looking at things in a part-and-pieces kind of way still dominates the views of science and medicine today. However with the emerging paradigm of quantum physics and a holistic look at life there is hope that we will be able to integrate a new way of thinking when addressing issues of health and the human body.  If you did not get to read Part I click here.

So now what can astrology tell us about one’s health? It can reveal much more than meets the eye.  In the same way that astrology can reveal personality or psychological traits archetypally, so too can astrology be used to give us insight into the archetypal relationships with the body. Let’s take a look at each Sun sign to see the corresponding relationships to the physical body.  I invite you to read all of the signs since many of your friends have different signs than you.  Some of you may even be able to figure out your friends sign just by knowing this information. You may apply your Sun sign as well as your Ascendant for the following signs:


Aries: One thing many Aries know is that they like to be first but why is it they always lead with their head? The part of the body that Aires rules is the head, eyes, sinuses and the brain.  Did you ever wonder why some Aries have so much darn energy? This has to do with having strong adrenal glands, which is something else that Aries rules.


Taurus: Have you ever wondered why many Taurus’s sing so beautifully? The throat as well as everything related to the neck area is ruled by Taurus such as the thyroid. Venus, the ruler of Taurus has to do with sweets, and it is not uncommon for some Taurus’ to over indulge in sweets and have blood sugar related issues because of this. Now come on… tell me a Taurus who does not love sweet things?


Gemini: The areas favored by Gemini are the arms, hands and fingers. Gemini also has a relationship with the lungs and breathing.  How many of you Geminis out there have ever had injuries to your hands or arms?


Cancer: Cancer rules the stomach, ovaries and pituitary gland.  Sometimes, when out of balance, some Cancers will experience water retention or problems with the fluids in the body.   How many of you Cancers out there ever got a stomachache as a kid?  Some will even put on extra weight because they swallow too many emotions.  I am sure though this has never happened to any of you.


Leo: The great lion has to do with the heart and the back.  My best friend is a Leo and for sometime he used to have angina, which is when the heart goes into spasms. At other times in his life he has been incapacitated by back pain.  Another good example of this is former president Bill Clinton, a Leo, who has now had two open-heart surgeries.


Virgo:  For Virgos, issues often present around digestion as it relates to the glands that have to do with digestion such as the pancreas, liver or intestines. Do you know any Virgos who do not have some issues with digestion in their lives?


Libra: Our beautiful Libras often manifest issues around the kidneys or bladder or have issues with how the body filters and excretes fluids. Also, metabolic issues and difficulty balancing the metabolism can show up in Libras.


Scorpio: And for our magnetic Scorpios we find issues concerning the sex organs and the intestines. This gives a whole new meaning about learning to let go of that which they cannot control.  When they do not let go, everything in them starts to back up and the real health problems begin.  Often letting go can be one of their life lessons.


Sagittarius: For our expansive Sags we often find issues regarding the main areas of the body like the liver and the pelvic region including the thighs.  One Sag friend who was in an auto accident hurt only one thing – her pelvis. These people also seem to have a tendency to issues with the sciatic nerve as well.


Capricorn: For our hardy mountain goats we find the bones, gallbladder, knees, joints and skin issues can become problem areas.  I am a goat myself and when I was a young boy I had mysterious problems with my knees for many years. How many of you Capricorns can relate to this?


Aquarius: For the eccentric Aquarians we find issues around circulation, cataracts and the nervous system.  How many of you Aquarians out there find that you easily become anxious? Do you want to know how to reduce this? It’s simple. When this air sign does not get enough oxygen it naturally starts to feel uncomfortable.


Pisces: Last but not least we find that our very sensitive fish sign relates to the immune system, the lymphatic system and the small intestines, which interestingly enough has a lot to do with the immune system from a physiological perspective.


What has been presented is just a small piece of the picture.  In actuality each sign, planet and house has a relationship to the body, which can be expressed in a myriad of ways.  For those of you who are more familiar with astrology and with your own chart, you may find correlations to some of things mentioned if your Moon or Ascendant is in any of the signs mentioned above.  If you have a lot of planets in one place in your chart, often referred to as a stellium, you may also resonate with some of the things mentioned because this then becomes a focal point in the body where the energy is most concentrated.

Actually what your birth chart provides is your energetic blue print for life.  For the Medical Astrologer reading the blue print requires that one think like an electrician to understand how all the circuits connect.  Understanding this helps indicates how the energy follows through each part of the body and the subsequent health of the individual.  How a planet expresses itself in your chart is unique to each person.  It is colored with various experiences and how we respond to those events.  To fully understand this requires looking at all the relationships between the plants, signs and houses they are in.
In Part 3 of this series we will start exploring the many benefits of this model when used in conjunction with someone trained in the medical profession.  Also, there will be several examples to help you understand the usefulness of knowing this information and applying it in your own health.

I would love to hear from you on what insights you might have gained and the connections you have been able to make with your own health.


Good health to you!




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8 responses to “What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health – Part 2”

  1. cdax00@gmail.com' Chris says:

    You hit this right on the head for Virgo’s…wish it wasn’t so but it is! Would love to understant my entire chart from a medical point of view.

  2. dkbalsz@hotmail.com' Donna says:

    I am always amazed at the accuracy of astrology..Gemini rising: breathing problems as a child, wrist and finger challenges as an adult. Aries Moon: Migraines, sinus infections as a child, people think I’m out of my mind (brain) as an adult..;)
    Libra Sun: serious kidney/bladder problems as a young adult…
    This article reminds me of the reality of truth…it is different for each one, as we each see, experience and live from our own personal perspective! Thanks for sharing your specialty with us all!!

  3. psmarsan@yahoo.com.br' Paulo Marques says:

    Dear James,
    Yes I am a goat too and knees are my problem. Now at 46 years old I can really feel my knees complaining all the time… Too Bad. Keep in touch!
    Um grande abraço

  4. @James Hopson. Hi former classmate! Thanks for sharing your expertise. I was wondering if you’ve observed vulnerbilities with respect to the Chiron placement. Up to the present, I feel for me this seems to represent some of my health issues. Although, if one extends the Gemini interpretation to include vulnerabilities of the mind, that would apply to me, i.e. alot of Gemini in my sixth house (although Taurus is on the cusp). Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in my 12th house.

    Thanks for taking the time for sharing all the way from Brazil! Please visit my blog at http://www.astrologyspeaks.blogspot.com. I’ve only had one blog visitor from Latin America (Chile). I’d love to see Brazil on the Google Analytics page! Take care!

  5. tessast.touch@yahoo.com' Tessa says:

    @ Dorene, I have four planets in Scorpio and have rarely even gotten a headache, let alone full blown headaches, and I also have my Sun there as well. I agree with the information on the intestines though.

  6. I have Sun and Moon in Scorpio….chronic migraines are my affliction. I don’t know many Scorpios who are headache free!!

  7. ladyastro@hotmail.com' Dorene Polcyn says:

    Check out the best tome of medical astrology ever published that I’m aware of by Dr.H.L. Cornell. It was 1st published in 1918.

  8. katanawoo@hotmail.com' Rayne says:

    Totally awesome! As a Cap I def have knee issues grr! Joint movement in general is an issue…
    Pisces also rules the feet! As a Pisces moon… my feet are super sensitive, and the more my feet feel open and connected to the earth the better I feel.
    Aquarius rules the ankles too… I know a lot of Aquarians with ankle injuries.
    Love this little series! 🙂

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