The Beginning of the 'New'

Posted on February 16, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher

On January 22, 2011, Jupiter entered Aries, the archetypal sign of new beginnings. Within only 3 days and with Jupiter still at 0 degrees of Aries, the first demonstrations broke out in Egypt and only 18 days later, on February 11th Mubarak had resigned. The world was shocked, amazed and also bewildered. No one knows for sure what will happen next. Will the army give control back to the citizens marking the first true democratic state in the Arab world or will there be detours or even betrayals in the future? Yet, it does seem that something truly new is being born. There is the sense that we are watching history of epic proportions as the meaning of these events potentially has such wonderful possibilities for the entire region and the world. It is easy to become overly optimistic, but who can deny the joy of hope that seems to be emerging now.

The transit of Jupiter entering Aries has surprised us beyond our imagination and if this revolution does reach even some of its expectations, we are seeing a new paradigm come into being right before our eyes. On one of the political shows, one guest used the word ‘new’ many times and at one point even said that what is happening is an example of the new ‘new’. He just couldn’t find the words to describe the shock of these events. But astrology tells us that much more ‘new’ is coming. Uranus will enter Aries on March 11th which is likely to amp up the demand for freedom even higher. Already citizens of other countries are beginning to protest, including Iran. I thought that something like what is happening in Egypt would occur, but not until Uranus was in Aries. But now that the events in Egypt have occurred already, there’s simply no telling what the month of March will bring. Uranus literally rules revolutions and strengthens the need to break free from restrictive circumstances. We see it in the fact that many protesters refused to stop until they won. They are earning their freedom. But to me the most amazing thing was the way they went about it. One day after Mubarak resigned, I watched as the protestors returned to Tahrir Square to clean the streets, to get rid of the burnt out cars, and to replace the cobblestones they had only one day earlier used to as weapons.

When I wondered what the present transits might bring about, I did not imagine that anything like this would happen peacefully. Aries is willing to fight for what it wants and may not give up until it gets it. But this? I still am taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude. So many things can still go wrong, dashing the hopes of the young Egyptians demand for democracy. Still, the entire Arab world has witnessed this as well as the entire World. It has set a tone, which hopefully others will want to match. We have reason for hope. If Egypt, the largest country in the Arab world, does become truly democratic and peaceful, it could represent a new beginning in geopolitics that we cannot predict at all.

The Coming Full Moon

Early Friday morning, February 18th, we will have a Full Moon. We can expect some of the circumstances we are in or internal things we are undergoing, to come to some kind of culmination or fulfillment. But this Full Moon is going to be a bit odd or strange as the Sun will also conjunct Mars and Neptune. I recently heard that one astrologer referred to Neptune as the ‘Deceptor.’ That was her definition. Such statements are beyond belief to me. Yes, that is one way it can manifest. But it is hardly, the only way.

At the Full Moon, we may feel unclear, confused, especially about what to do about an issue that is confronting us. This is because Mars rules how we want to act or move forward and Neptune is asking us to attune to a different way of knowing that is feeling oriented rather than merely logical. It may be that the cause of the confusion is simply that we not on the right track about something or some person and need to shift the way we are seeing things. In other words, the confusion is caused not by Neptune, but by the fact that we need to ‘feel’ our way through to a new understanding.

Some astrologers believe we are the victims of our chart and of the transits that are befalling us. This approach leads to victimhood and the feeling that the universe is a bad place. It’s out to get us, so to speak, which is called paranoia and not to be promoted at all. So, why not ask different questions, such as “What is this Full moon asking me to recognize?” If I’m confused or uncertain, should I reevaluate something? Also, if we are unclear, maybe it’s not time to act yet. Slowing down and waiting until more is revealed is often the wisest thing to do. Let things develop on their own; cease needing to push so hard. We only do this sort of thing if we want to be in control all the time. Neptune is the most positive when we let go, surrender control to that which we regard as higher than ourselves. The reason why Neptune often manifests negatively is because this archetypal force is giving us a lesson. When we learn that lesson, we become happier and more content. Also, whatever is happening during this period may be showing us where we are too judgmental. I’m not referring to the normal and important need to create proper boundaries between ourselves and others. But Neptune can dissolve the armor that separates us from others and the world, the needless resistance we may have to participating in the fullness of living. I know there is a balancing act here, a tightrope, if you will. But perhaps life is best lived when we do walk this line, especially if we do it consciously. So, yes, Neptune may bring confusion, but we don’t have to confuse being conscious with that same confusion. We can stay conscious and aware of our lack of clarity and be humble enough not to force our way ahead, just because we want to. We can wait until something new is revealed, be open to that process of discovery and see the world in a new light. Try it and I hope some of you will choose to write about your Full Moon experiences.

Jupiter Opposing Saturn while Retrograde

We are in the midst of a 4-month cycle that is as archetypally conflicting in nature as anyone can imagine. As I’ve written in this article, Jupiter in Aries is highly motivated to begin new ventures, just for the sake of change and the desire for action. It loves taking risks and generally feels that whatever it begins will work out, and if it doesn’t, well, it was certainly worth the ride. There is an intense excitement arising in us and a ‘can’t wait for more’ attitude. Let’s just get stated.

Saturn in Libra, especially when retrograde, is about checking in with others and balancing all the issues. It urges us to be patient, to work step by step, and focus on being practical. Saturn retrograde, which lasts until mid-June, does have a purpose. We are required to go back and get something we will need before we will able to move forward. Maybe, we must partner with someone or find something we are lacking that cannot go without.

This transit is getting stronger and will become exact in March, but we are already feeling it. It can be frustrating, of course. In Egypt, the citizenry may become disappointed because things are not moving as fast as they would like, but it does not have to mean that it won’t work out the way they want. It just means that new structures take time to build. That’s what Saturn is all about.

So, how do we handle this or, at least balance it out? Like all oppositions, each side of this set, must get its needs met while also acknowledging its opposite too. We really do have something to be excited about as something new may be developing, especially if your chart is affected personally. But we must also know that we are just getting started, that there are many more steps that must be walked before we will have a foundation in place in order for us to begin to manifest the ideas we now see as important and possible too. It will feel like driving with the foot on the brake, but it’s OK. When Jupiter goes into Taurus this June at almost the same time that Saturn goes direct, we will have our chance to begin the project. For now, we dream, we do what we can, but mostly prepare for the exciting future ahead.

What starts now is important, but it is still dimly lit. It’s too big to be rushed. And if you are not seeing anything yet, just wait, for I think it is likely that many of us will be finding out that something quite new and exciting is in store.

As always, your responses are appreciated and I will answer questions to the best of my ability.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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9 responses to “The Beginning of the ‘New’”

  1.' Dorene Polcyn says:

    Hi Jim…

    Superb discussion. I have cousins living in Israel, who are very concerned about Egypt and the developing situations all over the M.E. They wrote me about the ‘tests’ that the Universe is seemingly presenting. I like this quote by Mike Dooley (of “The Secret” panel)…and thought I’d share it with u and your extended group. “Life’s so called ‘tests’ aren’t really tests at all. And to dispel a common misconception, they are not dolled out by the universe. They are just the facts and circumstances one has unintentionally crafted with their focus, that ever so conveniently reveal powers not yet claimed and understandings not yet grasped.”
    As an astrologer myself, I know astrology points the way to a greater understanding of the mysteries of life.

  2.' Candida says:

    Great article, thank you so much.
    I really like your understanding of Neptune as the surrendering aspect its about time we stopped mistrusting this higher frequency of Love….so interesting that the full moon has Mars and Neptune around, these two together can fire up our imaginations, maybe we can visualize how Mars can work in a more Loving and ‘feminine’ way: com-passion…
    We are living in such very extraordinary times, and slowing down to really feel sounds like the best way to integrate the shifts.

  3.' Merryweather says:

    Thank you, Jim, for the bit on Jupiter opposing Saturn. I have this opposition natally, so you would think I know how to handle it, right? Seriously though, your insight above was really helpful for where I am right now – starting a new business. I’m been chomping at the bit to get my website up (Jupiter transiting my 10th house now), and it’s just not going as fast as I would like! Ahhh Aries. But now I’ve realized that with retro Saturn opposing it, I do need to take more time to get the foundation laid and the structure sturdy. Thanks for the Eureka moment!

  4.' Debra says:

    Yes your description of what is going on in Egypt and indeed the Middle East feels accurate. There is a sense of a new “newness”. It will be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the world as this domino is activated and I don’t just mean the Middle East.
    As for my own personal situation, I so hope that I’m gainfully employed very soon…it has been a hard slog….waiting to hear about a couple of prospects..I’m cautiously optimistic…the feeling is a real dragging…it feels like a giant toffee pull…I keep in mind the cyclical nature of life.

  5.' Margaret Bacon says:

    Just received a post from a friend in Egypt. The comment was made that the Egyptians are aware that building a democracy for themselves will be a long process but they are cautiously optimistic. How much more descriptive of the astrological process could it be!

  6. Thanks for the insights into ALL the transits. I failed to notice the opposition of Jupiter/Saturn — very important and you hit the nail on the head for what’s happening with me currently given the complete picture. Great work. Love to read your posts. . . they give me cause and pause to think.

  7.' Lindsey says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this incredible historic situation! I’m taking a college history course on the Intro to the Middle East. The very first class day began a couple days after the Tunisian man set himself on fire. Watching this unfold has been a tremendous experience. I can’t imagine what March will bring! How long will Jupiter and Uranus remain in these signs? What do you think the eventual move into Taurus will do? Hopefully ground all the new democratic political forces into something stable! If they get that far… And here’s hoping they will make it. I feel like most of the world is pulling for them–that has to count for something.

    I just wanted to comment on the last part of this post, “Jupiter Opposing Saturn while Retrograde.” I can’t believe how much this analysis has mirrored my new relationship, which began on OkCupid right before Jupiter’s transition and then picked up speed when Jupiter moved into Aries. We took a risk, met up spontaneously for coffee, and neither of us can believe how wonderfully we have clicked. I totally understand your statement about “an intense excitement arising… and a ‘can’t wait for more’ attitude” because that’s all we’ve been thinking since day one. This whole process has been helped a great deal by Saturn being in retrograde in Libra, which is my Rising and Moon sign, and shows up in his Venus. With the whole process of building this relationship, it’s been incredibly easy to set boundaries, explain our needs, and just “check in” with each other to “balance the issues” as they come up. It doesn’t even feel like driving with the foot on the brake, because the whole past month has been like a dream of an adventure–having Saturn retrograde in Libra is kind of like giving us the opportunity to stop and ask for directions when we get lost!

    I really would like to know how long Jupiter and Uranus will be in Aries or if there will be any other important forces at work after Saturn gets back to normal this summer. It’s hard for me not to wonder if things will become harder for our relationship once the “brake” is removed–will we run helter-skelter off into crazyland??

  8.' Aazura says:

    Great atricle…so many confirmations on what I’ve felt and been experiencing. Yes we are all on a journey to the “new”. I choose to step forward leaving the resistance behind. Thank you Jim.

  9.' Rayne says:

    Thank you for this… about Neptune and just surrendering and not pushing ahead. Needed to hear that. Ugh!!

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