First Solar Eclipse of 2011

Posted on January 1, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher


We would like to wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year. The coming year promises to be a very exciting one with many new cycles being born that will change our lives in exciting and unpredictable ways. The first major astrological event comes quickly as there is a Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 1:03am PST. A Solar Eclipse always occurs at a New Moon, but becomes perhaps 100 times stronger in its effects than a regular New Moon. I refer to a Solar Eclipse as an inertia destroyer, as it seems to force us to make a significant shift in some aspects of our lives.

Where this eclipse occurs in our birth-chart will determine the area of our life that is likely to be affected most. This eclipse occurs at 13°Capricorn and it is identified as 13 North in the Saros cycle system used by Bernadette Brady. A Saros cycle specifies the nature of a particular eclipse according to a very long (sometimes over 1,000 years) cycle of a repeating theme of 19 years in duration. I have found that this system is a reliable indicator describing the nature of any particular eclipse.

Let me describe the nature of this particular Solar Eclipse. “This family of eclipses is concerned with groups and associations. Its energy is about large, ambitious group projects. In order for these projects to begin, a separation or the breaking of a bond that already exists is likely. The individual affected may well experience this eclipse as a separation and then as a joint achievement.” The way I interpret Brady’s writing is that before a new group or relationship can begin, something old that is outworn or energetically dead, has to end before the new cycle can begin. This nature of this particular eclipse seems to be more disruptive than most but promises to also cause the bringing about of new starts and new relationships.

The chart of this particular eclipse affirms this theme as there is a Venus trine to the Jupiter conjunction to Uranus which suggests that there is an easy flow and harmony in the establishing of new relationships or partnerships that are needed for one’s future growth. Jupiter is accelerating now and will enter the sign of Aries on January 22, 2011. When it does, we can expect a tremendous surge in new activity and the start of many new projects that have been emerging for the last several months. What has been postponed or tabled can truly begin in late winter and early spring..

This issue of the newsletter also contains an article by LeeAnn Lambright on the sign of Capricorn. Because this eclipse is in this sign, I would like to urge you to read it carefully, as it will inform you about the nature of this momentum changing transit. Let me add that while sometimes these eclipses bring about events within days of the eclipse, it also is set up at least a month in advance and can last for six more months (which is when the next eclipse occurs) as the changes beginning now start to grow.

Mercury Goes Direct

On December 30, 2010, Mercury turned back to its direct motion ending the Mercury retrograde cycle. This tells us that whatever new information we have gleaned over the last 3 weeks is now established so we can move forward with more confidence. However, the issues that came up at this time are still being processed in terms of what actions are necessary to take. Because of this transit along with both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses, much has been revealed and some action may have already been taken as a result of what we are confronting, but dealing concretely with what has come up is still very much a work in progress.

In general, we are entering a very active phase right now. There are no major retrograde planets and Jupiter will enter Aries at the latter part of this month, so it may be a great time to be open to making changes in our life that lead to a greater sense of freedom and opportunity. The excitement is increasing and we can enjoy it if we’re able to embrace the new, emerging cycle.

As always, please feel free to share what you are experiencing during this Solar Eclipse period.

Thanks so much.

Astrology Mercury Cycle Solar Eclipse
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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4 responses to “First Solar Eclipse of 2011”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    To Alvera:

    The way eclipses usually work is that they actually begin before the eclipse occurs. This means you probably have some idea already of what is developing. I have noticed that if a Solar Eclipse is in aspect to a Grand Trine on one’s chart, that often the changes that the Eclipse sets into motion occur easily and naturally. They don’t tend to create events, but they may harmonize with whatever the Eclipse concerns.

    Good luck and thanks for writing in. Let us know if anything occurs in the 3-6 days.


  2.' AlVera Paxson says:

    WOW…The eclipse will happen on my birthday, at the exact degree of my sun, in the 2nd house,…I will also turn 70. That is a milestone in itself. I feel in my late 50’s…still working every day, having some great things happening, and still a ton of confusion around me. IT has been tough for a while, but have been able to “flow” with it all…I catch myself saying, Give me a clue, I will handle this too!! It does set off a grand trine, they tell me….so hoping for some great things!! Am i dreaming here???

  3.' Isabella says:

    So great… I am just about to write down my Year’s planning for my holistic center and was just about to yes…. list just a few of those… new resolution..
    BTW I am a pisces rising Leo… so. I just needed that kick of jupiteran rebound.

  4.' Linda says:

    I’m in the eclipse throes and woes already…12/30 brought an abrupt (overdue and much needed) complete rupture in a relationship that had been patched over so many times, it was a crazy quilt…emphasis on the CRAZY.

    I immediately began to feel the freedom (all was started with Uranus Direct on 12/5 and has been unspooling since!) and eagerness to fly on the wings of Uranus and Mercury. I’m rather like a race horse waiting for the starter’s gun right now. Full of energies, but not sure where they’re going to lead.

    The eclipse is 3 degrees into my 4th house…and I always take the opposite house into consideration, even at the Full Moon…should be an interesting ride.

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