Transits for Sagittarius 2010

Posted on November 21, 2010
Posted by Jim Schultz

The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22, 2010 at 2:15 am PST.  Shortly after that, also on the 22nd, Mercury, which is already in Sagittarius, enters its’ shadow’, that is it moves into the area of its upcoming retrograde.  The “shadow” refers to that space where a particular planet appears to go back over during its retrograde.  Some things which come up between now and December 10, 2010, may come up again.  Pay close attention to details such as any contracts you might sign or purchases or repairs of things electronic.  On Thanksgiving Day, November 25, we may have difficulty expressing what we are thankful for as communication and gratitude may be at odds.  Or we may just have difficulty finding something to be thankful for.  It is always best to think before speaking since we may have to “eat” our words later.  There may be an urge to be spontaneous, but we do need to remember, engage brain first, then speak if appropriate as we may say something that is meant to be a compliment or a joke, only to have it taken the wrong way.  On a more positive note, this is also a time ripe for sudden insights or new ideas as “light bulbs” go on.  Write them down, but it may be best to wait to express them as there may be questions we haven’t considered which may come up again when Mercury goes retrograde.  This is probably an appropriate time to exercise a bit more caution in our actions as minor accidents or little things may also get blown out of proportion.

Sunday, December 5, there is a New Moon. The period of 2-3 days before the New Moon symbolizes a time for cleaning out or letting go of things that we don’t need and which no longer serve us.  This can also be a good time to “dust-off” that old idea or unfinished project and finish it.  The beginning of the New Moon period itself marks the emergence of a new cycle that can bring on new transformative or intense ideas, thought processes, etc., and which enable us to “see” what needs to be done to successfully complete them.  We don’t want get too attached to all of our new ideas as some may require some modifications or adjustments over the next 3-4 weeks.  For the Mercury watchers in the readership, on Friday December 10, the ‘winged messenger’ will appear to stop at 5° of Capricorn and then begin retracing his steps to pick up bits and pieces that may have gotten left behind.  (Mercury will return to its direct motion on December 30, 2010 at 19° of Sagittarius.) Oh s%*t!  Not again?  Yup, again.  Mercury will be retrograde for the remainder of the Sun’s tenure in Sagittarius.  Don’t be surprised if the energy level seems to amp up through the weekend into the following week.  This is another “prime time” to mind our “p’s and q’s” and be careful of what we say and do, so our intentions and meanings not be misinterpreted.  Can you say “Yee-Haw?”  I knew you could.  Remember, retrogrades are a good time for finishing things we’ve started before.  This can be a good time for gaining insight into old ideas and transforming them into action and for realizing which ideas/projects won’t work or really aren’t worth our time.  If it’s been done before, why try to re-invent the wheel?

On Sunday, December 19, we have the inferior conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun.  This is when Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth and when it is closest to us.  Like a new Moon, this can be a good time for new ideas and for finding new ways to do things.  We are almost done with Sun in Sagittarius, but as is often said, the best has been saved for last.  December 21, at 12:13am PST, just before the Winter Solstice, we have a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, which weather permitting, should be visible in many parts of the world.  If you’ve never seen a Lunar Eclipse, check for local viewing as it is worth getting up early for or staying up late to see.  Full Moons are the time for reaping the rewards of the seeds planted at the New Moon.  They are also the time for reflecting on what “seeds” failed to sprout.  What ideas didn’t pan out.  What didn’t we do that we planned on doing?  Coming as the Sun is in the last degree of Sagittarius; in the Northern hemisphere, we are being asked, “are we ready for the winter?”  In ancient times, this is when the people would busy themselves making repairs to their tools and planning for the new hunt or planting that will come with Spring.  For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this marks the end of spring and the planting season.  The beginning of Summer as we tend our crops so they may grow and we will have plenty for the coming winter.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun will be at its maximum height in the sky.  It will seem as if it is “stuck” at that level for about three days and then, slowly it will begin to get lower and lower in the sky in the Southern hemisphere as it slowly climbs in the Northern hemisphere sky, marking the return of the “Sun/Son”.  This Full Moon Lunar eclipse also sets up the Capricorn New Moon Solar eclipse which we will take a look at next month.  Eclipses always occur in pairs, a Lunar and a Solar or a Solar and then a Lunar.  Sometimes though, they come in threes.

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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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2 responses to “Transits for Sagittarius 2010”

  1.' Carol says:

    Excellent information Jim. While it is always a good idea to think before speaking it is always good to be a bit more aware during these times. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is on my nodes and I definitely don’t want to burn any bridges unless they need burning.

  2.' Chris Gonzalez says:

    Jim, thanks for outlining the planetary action in Sagittarius, which is particularly important to me with my natal Mercury, ASC, and Sun in Sadge. Your descriptions are appreciated.

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