Venus Retrograde Intensifying

Posted on October 26, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher


In any retrograde cycle, there are phases within that cycle that determine what and how we are likely to be experiencing that particular period. As the planet begins its retrograde movement, its velocity is very slow. This results in a focusing of our attention on the matters of that planet, but we are not yet able to provide any clarity on what exactly needs to be addressed or how one needs to approach it. Then, the retrograding planet gradually speeds up which is what is happening now with Venus. This is when things really get going. The issues come forth more clearly now and it is also when events are most likely to occur. The nature of the events themselves cannot be known specifically but they will evoke a hard look at something connected to our relationships, finances or values. Here are some of the events I’ve been told about from students and friends:

1. A home break in that resulted in a person having to deal with fears of insecurity and safety.

2. A relationship break up that had been coming for quite a while.

3. Friends suddenly leaving a person that, in fact, were not actually good for that person.

4. Addressing a need to fundamentally alter one’s financial strategies.

5. The decision to cut back spending and work hard to get out of debt.

6. A resurgence of depression that had afflicted a person so that they could now start to really work with the deep issues they have not yet faced or handled.

It is also important to mention that Venus retrograde does not require that we examine anything. Many people will not be willing to do that. But when it doesn’t occur, that person is missing an opportunity to move in a positive direction that could allow them to move beyond certain internal issues that have been holding them back. As you can see from the above list, Venus rules many things. In general terms it rules the principle of attraction and repulsion. It is what we desire and want to bring near us or what we want to push away. Thus Venus retrograde clarifies our real desires, helps us get into touch with what we truly want in our life, etc. It rules relationships, finances and values most of all. This means that separations from others can happen now as each of us figures out whom we want and do not want in our lives.

Right now, the Sun is moving towards a conjunction with Venus retrograde, which is the exact mid-point of the retrograde cycle. It is called the ‘Inferior conjunction’ and occurs on Thursday, October 28, 2010, at 6:10pm PDT. This is the day of maximum velocity of Venus during its retrograde cycle and marks a shift or turning point. It represents the beginning of the end of one thing and simultaneously the beginning of something else. This means that we are beginning to become clearer about whatever issues the retrograde period has brought forward. But perhaps more importantly it is also bringing in something new for us to consider and take seriously.

I’ve been asked about how the retrograde Venus might affect the coming elections. I’m not going to say much about this, except to mention that since economics are in part related to Venus (it also is influenced by Jupiter and Saturn), there is often a desire for a return to simpler times, which includes traditional values where we pay with money we have rather than put everything on a credit card. This favors Republicans in one sense, especially their argument that we must reduce government spending, but although passions are running high right now in the public debate, the present mood may not be as highly charged for the overall electorate as anticipated, so it is possible that the Democrats will not do as badly as is being predicted by many pundits. Either way, the national mood continues to be one of ‘contraction’ and budgetary care.

Finally, the Venus retrograde is occurring in the sign of Scorpio. One of the key phrases for this sign that I often use is that it tends to cut through the false or the B.S. and get to the bottom of things. It can focus on getting to the core of what really matters, the question of what are the most important things and moving back to basics. In the negative, it can also bring out the negative emotions of the desire for revenge, jealousy, greed and selfishness. With Scorpio you can count on intensity of whatever a person is feeling. So, taking the high road right now is important, since we will have to live with the results of our actions long after the cycle is over and our passions have subsided. Also, Scorpio is a fixed sign and can ‘crystallize’ around a particular set of emotions or thought patterns. For some, Venus retrograde creates a brief opportunity for a new look at these patterns. This could be one of the most important effects of the retrograde cycle. Rigid positions, especially about others, can move during this time, but only if one is open to the advantages of doing so. The resistance to doing this is due to the fact that to question old patterns is to also admit that one has either been wrong in some way, or at least that holding on to old ways of being with others, prevents real growth. At least it might be worth a look.

As always, I hope that many of you will choose to offer responses to what is written and tell us how you have been experiencing the Venus retrograde as well.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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11 responses to “Venus Retrograde Intensifying”

  1.' Tory says:

    I am still not divorced (ugh, the sluggish CA courts!) and had been crossing my fingers for Oct. 28th, but no dice.
    However, there is a certain French gentleman who has been pleasantly, gently, asking me out since May. We were neighbors for four years, he’s a sweetheart. I have been politely rebuffing him while drowning in divorce despair.
    On Friday, Oct. 29th I finally felt ready. We had a wonderful evening. He seems different from my nearly-ex in some crucial areas. It makes me nervous that I find him so attractive, but I’m taking it one date at a time.
    Regardless of how it goes with him, it was wonderful to feel present and open to something new.

  2.' Audria Gebhardt says:

    Since I have Venus square the ruler of my 4th house natally, there has been more of a focus on my home and possible expenses. Also noticed that the New Moon November 6, 2010 will be 13 Scorpio; exactly conjunct where Venus went retrograde…that may intensify and bring things to a head even quicker. Thanks for your wonderful site; I enjoy your insightful comments.


  3.' Kathryn says:

    I was just commenting last week that this retrograde had been pretty easy (silly thing to do) then had a week where I had a call (out of the blue) that I’d been selected as a finalist for a very high profile job only to get a call the next day that they had changed their minds. Strange. And double strange since I never really went after the job to begin with. Not sure what this means but Venus is retro in my 1st house and also is about money – which I need. Then Venus really did some work in my first house and I suddenly came down with a severe facial edema condition – still not diagnosed but being treated. Venus literally cause my face to swell up like a big round planet! And here I thought the Venus retro in my first would have me looking BETTER!

  4.' Lisa says:


    I am down with your experience being the Venus Retrograde at it’s best! I am looking at not one, or two but THREE business opportunities after months of dead ends. One will even take me to New York for a couple months, okay in winter, but still! It will completely reverse the tight financial times with lots of hard work for little visible reward. LOVE the Venus Retrograde (since it is in my natal chart as well). Thanks Jim for your insightful and cogent summary.

  5.' Anne says:

    Thanks so much for your great insight and educative information Jim. I decided this week and took action today to make a major transition financially and pay off my mortgage. A decision I’ve been struggling with for about 6 months — thank you Venus retrograde!!!

  6.' Dana says:

    Here is a brief addendum to my prior post about the change of name for my dog.

    The paperwork was faxed to the AKC and what usually takes several weeks to complete was finalized within two hours! I still am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around that! All I can say is WOW!

  7.' Regina says:

    Yes, I’ve definitely been encountering the deep dark depression. But I’ve also realized quite recently that it wasn’t in vain — coming out the other side of it, I’ve finally been able to realize and acknowledge what and who is really important to me. This particular Venus Rx has been a huge awakening so far!

  8.' Diane says:

    In retrospect, it is always interesting to observe how profoundly certain significant transits to my natal chart influence my life. I have Venus in Scorpio in the second house. Venus is also my chart ruler. In late September of this year, I decided to stop working in my current job, effective October 28, 2010. So the very day that the Venus retrograde is most intense, I will leave something behind and begin something new (I just don’t quite know what that will be, but I trust that I am definately doing the right thing!

  9.' Isabelle Flaherty says:

    Well I have it happening on all three fronts. My 28 year marriage (considered 23 yrs 4 mos because we have been separated for 5 years) will end, finally, in divorce probably this week, maybe on Thurs! Related to that, my finances, needless to say, are taking a big hit. After more than twenty years out of the remunerative working world and having full access to the substantial income earned by my almost ex while I was home raising our 3 now grown children, I will return to full time work to have a shot at keeping the marital home, our only asset (other than assets related to my soon to the law firm where my soon to be ex’s is a partner). The judge was a BIT misguided on the law forcing me (I was pretty much also forced to be my own attorney) to accept alimony of less than 1/4 of my ex’s income (ouch!). And last but not least, values. My beliefs, that tell me It is better to lose honestly, with integrity than to win dishonestly and deviously, have been confirmed. Because, ultimately, how do you live with a win that is the fruit of deception? But, as a attorney, it is tough to be brought down by what I consider to be a perversion of the justice system in which I have had faith–but who said I would be exempt from the unfairness that rocks so many people’s lives? Remarkably (or deludedly) I am very happy, almost giddy to move on. And a magical romantic relationship that has been confusing and obtuse, that has been inching forward and sliding back for over a year, recently, again this week, became, unexpectedly, clearer, like we became wiser, and it can finally, simply be good. So maybe my crazy combination of birth planets really resonates with the tumult of Venus in retrograde.

  10.' Dana says:

    I bought a puppy a month ago that was permanently registered with the two breeder’s kennel prefixs on the name.

    I was telling a longtime friend and old time breeder about how much I liked this dog and she suggested that she would like to help with expenses to campaign him. She made the comment that she would like it better if he carried my kennel prefix and did I think the breeders would agree to changing his registered name. Fyi, this is something most breeders are overly protective of; the name given to one of their show puppies, and especially their prefix. She said her kennel prefix didn’t need to be on him, that she would just enjoy the fun. I said I would ask.

    The final decision was made in less than 24 hours to not only change the kennel prefixes but to completely change his name!

    One prefix was removed completely, the new persons prefix was put right up front, the coveted place, and a third prefix, mine, was tagged on the end of the new name.

    The original name was Walker Texas Ranger and the new name is Yellow Cab aka Taxi, because we wanted to share the ride.

    Something like this is very rare. I’m glad I am a part of it. 🙂 This truly was recognizing and acknowledging values for all concerned.

  11.' dawna says:

    Whew … 4, 5 and 6 are certainly at work in the life and understanding cause and effect on more subtle levels. Though I will say that 6, re depression, isn’t profoundly arisen as such, but rather an understanding of the underlying and ancient causes of depression in this life, one matter points to 1,2, and 3 which is patterns of avoidance and abandonment of people, places and things in the name of renunciation; which deserves investigation, now underway.

    So, this is a bit of a journey through the wilderness and understanding that mind is the only obstacle that stands between suffering and freedom. Yep. I love, Zen … though this period has also been one of investigating that choice of path. Still, as it all churns, I find myself on the cushion each morning, curious.

    Thanks Jim for your elegant insights! No on can spare us the journey and the heavens appear to support us on our path!

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