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Posted on October 12, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher


The retrograde period has fully begun and we may find ourselves having to face the challenges that it may be bringing. It can be helpful to conceive of these matters as areas that have been present for some time, but is only now something we are able to recognize and therefore something we have to handle. Thus, we do benefit from examining them more deeply.

Because Venus rules values, one of the most significant aspects of this 6-week period has to do with the priorities we have consciously or unconsciously set for ourselves. Life always has its limitations, so we can never do it all or be all things to all people. So the question of what really matters to us is important. And along with that is the issue of why one thing matters more to us than another. Venus rules our likes and dislikes, but during its retrograde cycle, we get the chance to look closely at them to determine why they are important to us or not. This is especially true right now with Jupiter also being retrograde. Jupiter rules our philosophies and belief systems, so together we need to really get to the ‘essence’ of what is important to us.

Our relationship to others and to things/objects – the Venus retrograde affects our relationships certainly. But I would suggest that we go a bit further to look at the nature of our relationship to a person or object in our life. In the negative sense, Venus is known to rule greed, narcissism, possessiveness, jealousy and so on. But it is when Venus is retrograde that that we have an opportunity to discover what is really motivating us in that relationship. What is really going on inside us? We say and feel that we love someone, but do we really? And, if so, why? What are the underlying or real motives behind the relationship? And do we like what we see? If not, the Venus retrograde period is the time to become open to a new way of loving, a way that is real and genuine and which takes into the account not just our needs, but the needs of the other person as well. Venus can be selfish in its needs, so now we get a chance to shift. And, on the other hand, if there is an imbalance in the opposite direction, that is that we do not take our own needs into account sufficiently, we have a chance now to shift in that direction as well. This is a time to examine and re-balance.

Jupiter conjuncting Uranus Revisited

I haven’t written recently about this on-going transit, but it is with us until early February of 2011, so I’d like to revisit it. History records that this transit corresponds significantly with important technological discoveries, quantum leaps of all kinds, political rebellions and awakenings and peak experiences. Let me list just a few:

  1.  The Apollo Moon Landing
  2.  The report by Arthur Eddington in 1919 that confirmed Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
  3.  The construction of the first computer by Jobs and Wozniak in 1976
  4.  The completion of Michelangelo’s ‘Sistine Chapel’ in 1512.
  5.  The invention of the electric light bulb (1879), the telegraph (1844), the first radio broadcast (1920), the first Internet transmission (1969), and much more.

Sometimes we won’t know until after the transit has completed what is being discovered at this very moment, but one of the most obvious developments affecting the planet is the rise of the smart phone and its exponentially expanding use in the social media world of Facebook, Twitter, etc. The desire for immediate connection to friends and the whole world is changing our world in ways we cannot yet being to fathom. It has become easy for a person to create a website and there is tremendous growth of the Internet newsletter services, such as the one I’m using for this School and its programs.

Of even greater importance perhaps are the paradigm shifts that this transit is bringing about. Any sociologist/astrologer must look at the Tea Party movement (and it is undeniably a movement) and try to determine what it’s all about. Here, I think the astrologer has an edge, because it is easy to see that this movement has all the earmarks of Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Sure, it is disorganized and lacks a center, but that itself is very consistent with the nature of this conjunction, especially when it is in Aries. The movement seems to have the general theme of advocating reliance on oneself and much less on a government. There is anger that is sometimes hard to understand, but which conceives of the government as a hostile force that destroys freedoms. It has already gone so far that many are advocating the privatization of public services such as fire departments that in the past were an unquestioned responsibility of local governmental bodies. Where will it lead and how far it will go is not knowable right now, but it is clearly operating strongly and is likely to grow even more as both Jupiter and Uranus re-enter Aries in the late winter and early spring.

What I also want to emphasize is that for each of us there is the great possibility of starting something new, both externally and internally. Patterns from our past can be released or loosened now and we can both imagine and act on the demand for new approaches to our life, our goals and our sense of purpose.

Although there are no direct aspects between the Venus retrograde and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction since they are operating at the same time, it suggests that we are freer than ever to find new ways of being in relationship, learning to be free and independent while at the same time, discovering ways to have warm, loving relationships. It’s new territory, perhaps even a little scary, but it is possible, if we are willing to take some risks and venture out onto the tightrope to see what we are made of and what is possible.

 Now that we have fully moved into the Venus retrograde, I want to invite my readers to write in and describe how you are experiencing these interesting times. If you do not want your name attached, please email me and ask me to post it for you and I’ll do it.

Thanks for reading.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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11 responses to “More on Venus Retrograde”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    To Sara:

    There’s no way to know more without knowing your chart and perhaps the other perosn’ as well.I have seen people marry someone they met with Venus retrograde and I’ve seen nothing come of it. That the person be expereincced as compelling in some way is not unusual, but where will it lead? If you feel interested, why not find out?


  2.' sara says:

    I have a question…. I met someone from an online dating website during the venus retrograde. We began emailing and texting before this venus retrograde started. we’ve been out 3 times (during the retrograde) and he seems to be taking things very slow… which i appreciate but i am also not sure what his thoughts might be towards me. He definitely sayas things to make me feel like he’s interested. I also think i like him. I want to know if meeting during the retrograde will lead to this possibly not working out?
    What are your thoughts?

  3. Great piece, Jim, most insightful and relevant for me this week: wow! Expansions calling in the midst of eruptions! Holy questions arising again: what REALLY matters to me, what do I value, who I Am essentially now at age 65? How do I adequately advocate and navigate for myself with integrity, which requires equal care for others’ needs? And how to honor and act on all this when mutual insecurity is so triggerable these days? I’m really Seeing some ancient habits of mine that come from Scare City… And better able to Shift….I also see Venusian matters resurfacing –even a surprise new tantra client! (How do I want to do this work now?) and I’m having to re-evaluate contracts I’ve made for work and service, and priorities in general…Am getting a lot of e-mail from men looking for partners –causing me to mull about how to ‘partner’ for mutual deLight…And, in the midst of evolving a curriculum for Oral Autobiography and Life Review –my class of seniors are examining “values” and essentials, even as I am looking for “new” ways to market it, and my talents. Ohm….. Thank you –WOw, yes, :”spot on” — and I will keep your wisdom in mind these next weeks to help contextualize all these [‘changes’ and opportunities for Growth. Marcia

  4.' Debra, Toronto Canada says:

    Hello Jim, As always, a pleasure to read in astrological terms what is going on…. In my life well, with my birthday just around the corner 11/17/52, I’m in my Saturn Return….one of the aspects is Saturn opp Chiron, now until June/11 and then another aspect among others is Pluto Conjunct my Ascendent…and yes with Venus retrograde….I am looking at all my values….I am being faced with a life review….and what I am giving out to the world and what I am receiving back…always a clue..the universal principle….I never realized what an angry person I am about so many things….all of it is surfacing….I am also going to be a grandmother for the first time, in December…Newness….
    Ultimately, it is about letting go ….acceptance of my vulnerabilty, things I cannot change and to be at peace with my life thus far as I move forward….A lot of the external things that I have measured my life with have disappeared….and I am being forced to go within to connect and identify with who I really am….painful yes but necessary…
    I have also recently discovered Skype and a man that I met in India 10years ago, and who is my spiirtual buddy…we talk a few times a weeks – we are now able to see each which adds another dimension…Yes venus retrograde is alive and well….
    All the best,


  5.' monika moffa says:

    Hi Jim,
    Perfect time for me to surface right??? This is hitting my chart in a tremendous way.. being born in a Saturn/Uranus opposition 4/22/65 and being ruled by Venus I am sure you can only imagine! First made a huge leap and cut 6 inches off my hairdresser being a Taurus herself was a bit reluctant but all worked out well(because I was certain that I wanted and needed a change) I am in the process of looking at my career and asking for more money, making sure that I am valued!! Funny right? Deleated 4 different men whom were in my life but I had no interest in committing or even dating any of them. It was all ego based. I have been reflecting on my values intensely and trying to figure out what really is IMPORTANT to me.. I am in the process of understanding where I stand in the world and in MY world… Thanks for the insight and I hope all is well with you.

  6. Jim Sher says:

    To Josie:

    The usual intepretation is that since one’s values are changing that it’s best to wait to buy a car until the period is over so that we know what it is that we actually want. But during the last Venus retrograde a close friend bought a car she has wanted for years and is so happy with it that she hasn’t ever had one regret. So, perhaps what can be taken from this is that if you already know what you want and you’re sure, go ahead and get it, especially if the deal is good. And if you’re not sure, it is best to wait until the retrograde period is completed.

    Hope that helps.


  7. This newsletter is spot on. I’m in a budding relationship and find that I’m requiring myself to look very carefully at what I want and what is OK with me. I’ve been telling myself over the last few months that I want to fiercely maintain my privacy while having a close relationship, but now that something like that has arrived, I’m checking whether I really like all that freedom because that freedom has to go both ways! Isn’t being conscious grand? I’m finding that the old social rules need to go out the window and that I need to just “be” with what comes up. I don’t need to wait by the phone or hold myself back from expressing what comes up naturally. I am growing out of the old “good girl” paradigm and into an “equal, respectful partner” paradigm. At least that’s my goal. Being Libra, Libra rising with Jupiter/Uranus transiting 5th house trine natal Venus is a very interesting place to be. This is so obviously a BIG growth place for me.

  8.' JK says:

    Hi Jim and everyone,

    I am thinking about buying a new used car during this cycle (as in before this year is over….). The money may become available suddenly for a purchase that was planned 2 years ago but did not happen then.

    At first I wondered why my question would come up in this Venus retrograde period, then I realized that my car is an object that I love, name and even chat to. Its a part of my identity. I have a relationship with it! Does that sound crazy? or just like some one who lives in LA and has embraced it? 🙂

    When I have thought of selling my old car over the last 2 years (which has a crack in the head gasket), I get upset and don’t want to let her go even though it may be time…she can’t do road trips anymore, breaks down occasionlally…etc.

    What do you think? Is it wise or unwise to do the exchange to a new car in what remains of 2010….?

    Thanks for any thoughts you all may have,

  9. Jim Sher says:

    To Linda:

    I am aware that many astrologers have said that Venus retrograde is a bad time to begin a new relationship. The logic of that is the idea that since this is a time of reflection and review and that our values may be changing, we may not be ready or clear about what we would want in a partner. However, I have known cases where this turned out not to be true. I wouldn’t assume anything, but suggest patience in order to let things develop naturally.


  10.' Lee Varis says:

    Thanks Jim for another insightful article. For myself, this period is important on both the Venus and Jupiter/Uranus fronts.

    The Venus retrograde finds me with a 34 year marriage in crisis and while I have been experiencing an urge for freedom, the retrograde has me re-examining my core values in relationship to others and, at the moment, more reflection is needed before any serious action can be taken.I’m also taking stock of what matters to me most with regards to personal values and other relationships. I have bee re-establishing a close relationship with my sister with whom I’ve long been out of contact.

    Jupiter/Uranus finds me in the midst of a major change in my career, lifestyle and a surge of creative energy. Some of this is on display in my new blog: which is becoming part of an overall life/career strategy to connect with an audience for my creative services as well as teaching and training activities. Balancing all this new activity with an already complex creative life is the challenge moving forward.

    Thanks for being the lighthouse helping to mark the rocky shore and guide me to a safe harbor…

  11.' linda quakenbush says:

    hi jim
    thanks again for your helpful, caring and insightful newsletter (which is always a delight to see in my “inbox”!

    i have read elsewhere that a venus retrograde is not the best time to begin new romantic relationships, yet your comments regarding the jupiter/uranus conjunct. suggest otherwise?

    just curious…

    wishing you all the best!

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