The Coming Lunar Eclipse

Posted on June 24, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

Every six months the dance between the Sun, Moon and the Earth causes two eclipses – the Solar and Lunar Eclipse. The time is set for the pair of eclipses to begin again. On Saturday morning at 4:30am PDT, June 26, 2010 we will have a very powerful Lunar Eclipse at 4° of Cancer (the Sun) and 4° Capricorn (the Moon). It will be followed on July 11, 2010 with a Solar Eclipse at 19° Cancer.

What happens during a Lunar Eclipse is that the Earth lies exactly between the Sun and Moon, which casts a shadow over the Moon. My view of eclipses in general is that they are ‘inertia changers.’ Whatever has been static or resistant to movement will in some way be forced to move, thereby freeing up energy that will result in a flow that balances out whatever has been held back. To understand the nature of the Lunar Eclipse, which occurs at the Full Moon, first we need to understand the nature of a Full Moon. Each month we experience this and it is best described as the culmination, fulfillment or bringing to a head of something that has been building during the present month or sometimes even longer. The seed planted at the New Moon (which represents beginnings) comes to fruition at the Full. A Lunar Eclipse however is much stronger in its effects than the regular Full Moon.

The Nature of a Lunar Eclipse

So, what is the nature of a Lunar Eclipse specifically? Most of these eclipses will bring about some kind of emotional catharsis that while being difficult, will conclude with a clearing of the air and a clarifying of actual positions or stances someone is taking with you and you with them. The location of the eclipse in your chart determines how it will affect you personally. However, even if the eclipse does not affect us personally, don’t be surprised if others around us are. Most of us will know someone who is affected strongly and we will be dealing with them in some way. There is an axiom in astrology that posits the notion that eclipses happen before the date of the eclipse. In other words, nothing really happens totally out of the blue. There is a build-up, with the time around the eclipse creating the final release or revelation of what it is that has been emerging. Feelings are expressed that may seem sudden, but in fact, it is what the person has been feeling for quite a while, they just either didn’t consciously know what they were feeling, or they did know and felt that it was best to remain silent.

Here are some more effects of Lunar Eclipses:

  1. When handled well, they often enable us to grow in wisdom and maturity. How we handle the harder times of our life is so important in the development of our character.
  2. New events can occur such as marriages or divorces, birth of a baby or business, significant encounters that move us forward in some important way. It is the cleaning out of the old that paves the way for the new cycle that will come at the Solar Eclipse.
  3. Whatever happens at this time should be regarded as extra important since their effects are likely to last longer than a regular Full Moon.
  4. An increased sensitivity or emotionality is likely at this time. It is helpful to be aware of this so that you can be prepared to handle the demands made on you now. And, if you are rather unemotional, you may find that others around you are, and you will have to deal with them in some way.

The Best Way to Handle an Eclipse

I must admit that often events happen to us and we have to react. We may not have a choice. But because feelings run rather high right now, it is best to wait, whenever possible, to have that very intense or important talk with someone until the eclipse period has passed…. at least a week or so. And if you cannot delay the matter, then be aware that the softer and more subtle you are able to be, the better the outcome. Take a look at how President Obama handled the Gen. McChrystal firing and you’ll see a good example of this. He carefully prepared his response and had everything in place before acting. In fact, the outcome may improve things considerably. It’s interesting that Obama has been criticized for not showing anger more. First of all, it is not his nature with Aquarius rising. But how would people react in the long run if they saw their President reactive and unpredictable? Being calm under pressure demonstrated confidence and that inspires trust.

This Particular Eclipse

I must say that I do not remember seeing a more intense Lunar Eclipse than this one. This eclipse has what astrologers call a Cardinal Cross in it which includes the Sun, Moon and 5 planets. There is a conjunction between the Moon and Pluto (creating very intense emotions) and a Sun-Mercury conjunction as well. The feeling that one needs to say what is on one’s mind is very strong, and it can come out very strongly and quite suddenly due to the square to Jupiter-Uranus. This eclipse is a true ‘inertia destroyer.’ Much will be revealed and said, some of which may not be able to be taken back, so be very careful about what you say and do. However, when there are a great many squares and oppositions in a chart, it also means that it is a great time to do what you need to do to finish a cycle that has been moving slowly towards greater clarity. This is its best use of all. I know quite a few people who are going through just this thing. Sure, with Uranus involved, there can be some surprises, but with Saturn also in play, we will know what to do for the most part. If there is conflict, then we must deal with it calmly and strategically, but also we must face it. In other words, if action is indeed required, then we must not shirk or shy away from it. Take it on and deal with it honestly and kindly, but one’s future depends on acting in a way that frees us to be ourselves.

I want to encourage our readers to consider sharing their experiences of this challenging Lunar Eclipse. It can be helpful to all of us.

Astrology Eclipse Lunar Eclipse Sun-Moon cycle
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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16 responses to “The Coming Lunar Eclipse”

  1.' Janat says:

    Thank you Jim…feeling the eclipse strongly. Had a breakdown/breakthrough last night regarding finding work. I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half and found that having another door closed to me yesterday put me over some kind of edge. I also fell to the ground while attempting to sit and ran into the edge of a shelf so that I bruised my hip and feeling knocked around. Uranus (natal) is in my 1st house and right now I don’t know who I am in the World anymore. Today, a new cleaner, clearer effort in applying for work. wish me luck…all I want to do is serve!

  2.' JK says:

    Dear TD and Sandra,
    thanks or sharing… I can relate. I have been dealing with a financial crisis that has come to a head for maybe the third time. forms, courts, lawyers, confusion. In the last month I have felt insane, ashamed, oppressed, frightened, overwhelmed, envious and most of all ANGRY. I feel like every option I have sucks big time, and even escaping into ‘fun’ is not not working. I can relate to every little thing being an aggravation…I go home to regroup a LOT. I have become SUPER mindful driving as I am aware of the crazy driving in others that could surface in me too. Like Chris, I am not taking any s**t from anyone any more. This is big from a libra rising people pleaser…long suppressed aggression is coming out, and even surprising me.

    With natal mars is 5 degrees Capricorn, the eclipse and grand cross activated further what Pluto has also been on all year (Pluto has been on Sandra’s sun too). Robert hand calls Pluto on mars ‘Struggle or triumph’. I have a Scorpio Moon too. I am questioning my own judgement on all things now. This is not fun as I feel a loss of self trust on some level.

    However, the saving graces of this time seems to be:
    1. forcing me to ask for help and I am actually end up feeling supported.
    2. when something good happens its feels incredible!!! as it s such a contrast to everything else.
    3. creative expression of the tension has produced some good paintings. (If I can remember to paint my feelings, it feels MUCH better afterwards)
    4. I’m learning to be grateful for the little things.(sincerely)

  3.' Sandra says:

    Oh I am so glad to read this. I was having a VERY emotional week and couldn’t figure out WHY my feelings were so out of control. Thought I was having a nervous breakdown, the slightest aggravation would bring me to tears. I have a Scorpio moon and tend to get rather emotional during any full moon anyway and my Natal Sun is 5 degrees Capricorn and Natal Mercury 3 degrees Cap, I guess that Lunar Eclipse was at 4 degrees so this explains it all. Feeling much better this week.

  4.' Kathy says:

    Major Intensity is how I describe that Lunar Eclipse. I watched the neighbor dog meander towards me from across the street as a truck barrelled down the road. A close call and a visual I would not want in my head. Later, a little girl’s bicycle accident, where her screams and my RN knowledge convinced intoxicated parents that she needed medical attention. A Gypsy womans spirit caught inside a cat on one of my everyday sessions? hmmmm bizarre. And I too saw the earth shift with a sign of a flagpole. Could this be the 4th of July or just the personal earthquake that Obama just went through with Gen. McChrystal. Intensity, Yes!!

  5.' TD says:

    Last week was incredibly intense: my divorce is in its death throes, and my soon-to-be ex made some crazy- but upsetting- legal maneuvers to try and lay claim to a creative project I’ve been working on for years. He has no legal right to it, but was certainly successful in pushing my buttons.
    However I realized that the best course of action was not to go on the offensive (why fight crazy with crazy? no one wins) but simply do the paperwork I need to to get this nightmare finished. There’s no legal obligation to even respond.
    The whole mess should be final and done by end of July. I cannot wait to be through this horrible process.
    Then on Friday I got into a car accident. I am definitely in a ‘it doesn’t rain but it pours’ time. I sincerely hope this lunar eclipse will help clean out the old crap; I feel pushed to the breaking point emotionally (a lot of despair) and am praying things- even if its just my perspective- turn around soon.

    Thanks Jim for your loving insights, they definitely help me to navigate these rough waters.

  6.' dawna says:

    Hi Jim: Since We’re on the road, and I cannot recall for sure, I am wondering where my Moon lives in my natal chart, for this has been a time of inner turmoil about my son and his girlfriend relationship … good thing I am away as they go thru yet another drama! Also, much sadness and grief surfaced for me SaturnDay, after some rather surprising negativity before the full moon … once I stopped trying to apply mind only, thus adding heart, I could see the roots and the expectations that were adding to the snarl. The grace of my practice, once again, paved the way to wisdom. Especially poignant …”Can’t wait” for the Solar on 7/11 … hmmm … convenient or not? Thanks once again for your insights and revelations! Deep bows …

  7.' Debra says:

    Here in Toronto, Canada where the G20 is taking place all hell broke loose yesterday (Saturday). I have never seen such thuggery in my life from what they call the `Black Bloc` It is a method of infiltrating peaceful marches dressed in black and then creating all sorts of mayhem, and then blending back into the crowd. It was quite a challenge for police to pinpoint these people. They smashed police cars, set them on fire, then window smashed along major streets, looted and threw molotov cocktails, bottles, nails etc….they even knocked a police officer off his horse…I live quite close to where the summit is taking place and it felt very much like an armed camp, all hospitals were on lock down, subways closed, stores etc closed, and sound of helicopters continually echoing…I`m hoping that today, (Sunday) will be less violent….it was a very sad day for Toronto. We are normally a very stable city…

  8.' Suzanne says:

    I am a cancer (11th house) with most of my planets in the 10th, 11th and 12th houses. I guess I’m lucky that the moon is in the 3rd house! I’m anticipating based on some of the previous build up that there will be many changes coming over the next couple of weeks. I truly appreciated your suggestions, especially the one recommending intense conversations be held at bay if at all possible for up to a week after the eclipse (I’m assuming the solar). With luck this can be done. If not, it will be interesting to see the fall out of a very dynamic time period and growth expansion.

  9.' Chris says:

    I wish I’d read this post before I had my meeting with my business partner. Boy did I ever blast him today. On second thought, it wouldn’t have mattered.

    I really relate to this post; it’s almost as if everything has been building up for months and I have been overly nice but now I don’t care any more. He needed to hear the truth and I was done sugar coating it.

    And it’s not just in business. I broke up with my girlfriend last week too because the relationship was all about her.

    Now it’s all about me damn it!

    And don’t worry; I’m fully aware of how uncharacteristic of me this whole revelation sounds. Those of you who know me feel free to admonish me off-line but beware, I’m not taking any s**t!

  10.' Cindy says:

    In the middle of a big meeting at work, I was blasted by my supervisor last week for no apparent reason. We talked later-she apologized and added some concerns (or rather criticisms)that had been building up for her. The “talk” cleared the air (for now) and was intense but brief. Key words from her: intimidation,annoyance,”you always…” It was bizarre!

    Yes-people on the road have been crazy the last 2 weeks or so! Some near-misses! There are many annoyed, impatient and angry people these days. And the crowds downtown from the Lakers parade exuded such an erratic energy I had to hide inside the building until it was over.

    As for my Aquarian self, I have been feeling serene and calm, even though I’m intuiting some big changes on the horizon.

  11.' Noelle says:

    Wow to Sandra with a close friend who’s a triple Cancer! I’ve known Cancer’s to be such sweet people, good luck to her/him. For me, I’m trying to focus on the positive effect of movement in the areas of my life where there’s slow movement. Eclipses to me have been like a fast forward button on my life…hold on!!!! Thank you Jim.

  12.' Linda says:

    Very good article…
    This eclipse triggers the Aug. Grand Cross and we’ve been feeling it for some time.
    It hits my four angles, though the actual eclipse is end of my 3rd house. I’ve already blasted a couple of people who needed blasted. It was carefully considered beforehand and I’ve felt these energies just roiling for more than a week.
    Overall, it’s rather like standing on the edge of a cliff: should I make a “targeted” jump? Or wait for Saturn/Pluto to crumble the cliff under me and go into Uranian free fall? (Uranus is 9th/conj. MH…the trigger to change is going to come from afar? or a foreigner?)Definitely a life crossroads for me.
    Have been advising several clients to lay low, stay off the roads (people have been driving like lunatics) and wear full body armor! Expect the unexpected and you won’t be surprised! I’ve been intuiting major earthquake along the West Coast of the US…it’s the only area of the Pacific Rim that hasn’t been heard from yet.

  13.' Sandra Williams says:

    correction to my post: that was supposed to be “my son”, not “my so”.

  14.' Sandra Williams says:

    I love how you present information with great clarity. It will indeed be interesting to see how this lunar eclipse manifests in the lives of several people I know with those degrees activated. . . including myself and my so and a close friend who is a triple Cancer. Thank you for your consistently high quality astrology. You make all of us astrologers look better for it.

  15.' Margaret Hewitt says:

    Iam a Taurus and I just wait and see how it will affect me. Birthday May 18.

  16.' Donna Balsz says:

    It will be interesting to see how the next few days shake out..I have Uranus 5 degrees my first house!

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