The Excitement is Growing

Posted on June 16, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

We have entered a most interesting time, where very significant changes, many of which will be unexpected and surprising, are becoming much more likely. What has changed? On June 6, 2010, Jupiter and Uranus both entered Aries and were nearing a conjunction at 0° of that degree. They will remain there until August 14, 2010 when Uranus will return for its last, brief stay in Pisces. Jupiter will follow Uranus back into Pisces on September 9, 2010. This means we are beginning to receive a glimpse, a sense of what is coming fully into being in the late winter and early spring of 2011. But the fireworks are beginning now.

The Nature of Aries

It is hard to understate the significance of a planet moving from the sign of Pisces into Aries. Pisces, being the last sign of the zodiacal system, is the archetype of the endings of cycles where one is asked to let go and even surrender to the inevitable fact that something must die in order for something completely new to be born. There is a sadness to Pisces that does express this internal sense that the old cycle is about to end, while the new one has yet to be seen, much less engaged. We are ‘turned toward a future we feel coming but cannot yet see’ is how Dane Rudhyar has described it. This is what makes this shift one of the most important for us. The nature of Aries, on the other hand, is in complete contrast to Pisces. It represents the purest sense of the new. It is the new shoot that rises from the ground in early spring, tender and vulnerable, but full of hope and believing that anything is possible. There is a naiveté to Aries, which is a necessary part of what it must be if it is to be fully open to the emergence of new possibilities, challenges and worlds to conquer. The somberness of Pisces gives way to the exciting and enthusiastic embracing of the new represented by Aries. It is impetuous and seeks to plant itself in a new way into the world, not caring what anyone else thinks, for that would only serve to inhibit and even threaten the new vision that Aries inherently carries within its own being.

Yet, it is because any new vision will have to be integrated into already existing structures that Aries also must be willing to develop adaptability. Its very survival depends on this. But this adaptability is not meant to suggest compromise in any way. That would be the death knell of Aries. I refer to the awareness that the outpouring of energy given to the Aries cycle will necessarily be forced to face and confront the old ways of being and therefore must find a way to survive what could be a potential threat. On one hand, one must not give in to any threat to this new vision being carried out or care hardly anything about what the results of his action will be. Aries does not care about results. It must not care. For to do so will restrict Aries too much and this is what cannot be allowed. Concern with results is premature now. There is a lot more to be revealed before one can become concerned too much about where the new impulse will lead.

What Aries must do now is to recognize that what it carries is important, its seed is needed, for as it fecundates the world, the world itself awaits the much-needed inspiration that will fortify and strengthen it and even make the world itself come alive again. Aries must learn when to adapt, not compromise, so as to not spend itself so unwisely that the seed itself is destroyed. Aries must not take for granted that ‘life’ or ‘spirit’ will be able to satisfy every Aries desire for action or release. Thus it must learn to manage its own life energy, to not waste its seemingly unlimited stores of power, for not to do so, is to squander its God-given gift. Aries does best when it realizes that it has lying within it something so special that it must be regarded as sacred. That it is NOT its own, but is something that the World needs, even though one has no idea of how that could possibly be true or how it will come about. It is for other signs to develop the newly arising cycle and to let this original impulse emerge into something real. Aries does focus on itself most of all, and this is what it must do. Reliance on others is the lesson for other signs. But this does not mean that Aries is unable to know that the new impulse exists for self alone. Aries can know this and in so doing, know itself to be a carrier of the possible and perhaps even the impossible. For Aries is willing to aim so high that all ‘common-sense’ tells us that it just cannot be done. Aries says, “Do not tell me that it cannot be done! Do not speak to me that way! No one knows what is possible! Not until one makes the effort, and not just a small effort, but the kind of effort that demands everything one has, can we know what is possible.” Only with this attitude will Aries begin to discover its limits. Aries adapts when it knows that all of its creative power is given to him/her by spirit and is given for some sort of purpose known only to the source of that energy. With this knowledge, it adapts with grace and gratitude. Aries sees the new cycle as containing the entire cycle within it, and this it must protect and regard it as sacred, as something that must not be destroyed.

Uranus in Aries

Once Uranus returns to Aries, it will begin an 84 year cycle through the zodiacal signs, but right now, for a few months we have a bursting forth of an even higher degree of openness to the new than what I’ve written above in Aries. Uranus is open to out-of-the-box thinking and approaches. Whatever was regarded as true is now suspect. It’s the old way of doing things, of approaching something, and is must be questioned. Uranus is radical, concerned with revolutionary ways, not just minor modifications or reforms. This is a time for new paradigms to emerge. Some of these new forms will inevitably fall away just as nature always creates prodigiously. How many seeds are created by the plant that will actually sprout and come alive? But we also know that no one can know which ones will grow up at first. They all have a chance. We must assume that. We are entering a time for craziness, for a no holds barred openness to new opportunities, and where everything must be considered to see if something valuable is hiding within it. It’s time for hippies to rise up and question authority. Did I go too far, there? You know, hippies have been criticized and made fun of for a long time. They’ve been the easiest of targets and labeled druggies, unmotivated bums. Well, some of them were, and some of them are. But that was not the spirit of the 60’s. What they were about in the best sense is the very openness that I’ve been writing about in this article. They were encouraging us to open our minds and hearts, to ask the big questions, and to find the answers within. This spirit may return and vitalize our stagnant minds, that have become so small and contained and which accept whatever some ‘authority figure’ says or demands.

Here’s a crazy idea. What happens if the far right and the far left suddenly realize that they have more in common than they thought? I’m seeing a lot of people lately thinking in ways that question everything so much that we should not assume anything, while being open to everything.

Things are getting interesting and exciting and we’ve only just begun!!

I’d love to hear more from you. Tell us the wacky and crazy things you’ve been thinking about lately. It will be fun to hear from you.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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10 responses to “The Excitement is Growing”

  1.' maría abraham says:

    Hi Jim, thank you for this article. I would like to know about the T-square of the 31st July 2010. Some say it’s “the crisis day”. Personally I think that things could turn worse after Saturn leaves the opposition. Could you write something about that day? Thank you!

  2.' Isabella says:

    the best I have read about this in months!

  3.' Cindy says:

    I tried to read your article at least 3 times and distractions prevented me from finishing it. That’s how crazy it’s been. Finally finished it this morning. So many changes happened in May. Then all was quiet. Now more changes but on the order of creating boundaries in the practical world, and opening beyond the boundaries in the spiritual. I lost my dog one week after moving. He died right in front of me. This opportunity pushed me into a shift of dramatic proportions. An understanding of what death really is. Because of this shift in me, I was able to visit my mother’s grave after years of avoiding it and not shed a tear, but to just “be” there. My dog Keaton has visited me 3 times in my dreams since he died. We are all connected, no matter what realm we are on. I’m “seeing” so much, feeling so much. The veil is beyond lifted- it’s being blown into oblivion!I’m hoping this kind of shift will take place on the world stage. We are so in need of transformation. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities. Thanks for your insightful article, Jim.

  4.' Suzanne Mercier says:

    Cannot thank you enough for your article !I went to bed last night wondering whether i had “lost” it completely…this week, i enrolled my children in a school for this september, but we will not know until the end of the month of september the results for the scholarships, so what’s wrong with this picture ??? I have been under financial stress for the past 10 years of my life, so i wondered why i why in my healthy mind i would ever dive even deeper ! Now i feel that this is because i made my decision from my heart, so i can just relax and enjoy the ride, and a better job is coming my way 🙂 Joyful ride to ALL !

  5.' Noelle says:

    Great article, thank you Jim! The description of Aries is so accurate. So many people I know are transitioning in their lives in one way or another these days…including myself; which I am thankful for as I need the change. I hope that both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries will motivate the people of the world to change our old destructive polluting ways to environmentally clean ways that is much needed for our future. I’m very interested to see what happens as both planets will be going back into Pisces for a short time and then progressing again into Aries for a second push! And we can’t forget the eclipses coming at the end of June!! Wow!! So exciting!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  6.' Moonlite says:

    Received this through a friend today. Today I am going to look at some land I am retired. A friend of my soon to be partner as we make our live foods and get them in the stores this summer. My vision for almost 7 years now land to grow food prepare for restaurant on the land, etc etc. It is now coming IN. The energy is so exciting that at times I got to lay down for a minute. We are not hung up on what ifs………..

  7.' elizabeth russell says:

    This is very intresting I lnow nothing about astrology but would love to learn more as I am in a developement circle and I llike David Wells who realy makes it sound good

  8.' barb says:

    Thank you for an inspiring article. We too, have experienced great change in the last few months here in Nashville. My husband and I lost our home, it’s contents and our vehicle on May 2. Wow, talk about life changing . . and an opening for amazing new possibilities!
    Thank you-

  9.' Suzanne says:

    This is truly exciting! We need radical change fast! Hopefully we will see new innovations in the areas of energy resources,diplomacy, and environmental clean up just for starters…

    Thanks for writing your articles. You have a talent for making what could be very complicated material clear and simple.

    Looking forward to the new changes expected from Uranus in Aries.


  10.' Joann says:

    Jim, this is beautiful and invigorating. Our country, our world has come to place where the only way out is the original/spontaneous thinking that you have been mentioning. And, the part that excites me most is that this, too, is happening in each of our lives. During the past six months, my life has been turned upside down and as soon as I get through feeling “crazy,” that part of life settles down and another level opens up. My newspaper of 13 years was no longer able to be published because advertising had dropped off. I was sad…then, put all my efforts into the online version. And it is working out better than I could have imagined. And it just keeps happening…a dramatic move helped out finances, with a boon of many new friends. As soon as I am able to “let go” of the “Oh,No what is happening,” it just keeps unfolding into something even better!

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