When is Deadlock Really Deadlock?

Posted on April 27, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

There are quite a few very interesting transits occurring right now, the strongest of which indicates delay and even deadlock, but some of which also indicates progress and movement as well. I find that this is when astrology can really help us understand not only what is happening in the present, but also be able to extrapolate on where things might be going. Let’s get specific.

  1. On Monday, April 26th, 2010, Saturn opposed Uranus. This transit has been in effect since it happened for the first time on the day when Obama was elected President, Nov. 4, 2008. His entire Administration up to now has been ruled by this significant planetary transit.
  2. There is a Full Moon on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 5:18am PDST. The Sun will be at 8° Taurus and the Moon will oppose the Sun at 8° Scorpio.
  3. Finally, there is the Inferior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury (the conjunction when Mercury is retrograde) also on April 28 only three hours after the Full Moon.

These three transits then are happening so close together that they are, in effect, acting as one very significant transit.

The headline in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday morning, April 27th was “GOP unites to block Finance bill.” In the article we discover that the vote was regarded by most observers as political theater. On one hand, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that “a party (meaning the Republican Party) that stands with Wall Street is a party that stands against families and fairness.” In rebuttal, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell states that the GOP believes that the Democrats plan does not do enough to ensure that the government would not again foot the bill for bailing out institutions deemed to be ‘too big to fail.’ Isn’t there a way for these two viewpoints to come together? It does seem a bit crazy to think that there’s no way for something that both sides could embrace.

The average citizen can only read this and wonder what is going on. It is next to impossible to be able to tell exactly what each party stands for and against. There is certainly the sense that Congress is almost completely deadlocked. It has been during the entire period when Saturn is opposed to Uranus. The general and simplistic meaning of this transit is that the forces of change (Uranus) are going to be met with resistance (Saturn). Most of the time, after a long and drawn out fight, the forces of change will probably win.

But deadlock is not the only way a transit like this can manifest. It is also true that any important changes should be examined carefully before being enacted, which means that the Saturn force is needed. It does have the potential to bring about a more studied approach rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the impetuousness of Uranian need for sudden change. I would offer the idea that frustration builds up over time when people feel that needed changes are, for some reason, not being made. This is when a transit like this one can become so difficult.

Increased Polarization

The fact is that transit oppositions often bring about increased polarization. This allows for a revealing of the different viewpoints around any issue. In other words, people do differ in their respective approaches to social and political issues, but most of the time, there is not great emphasis on this. When oppositions or squares occur, the situation changes and great emphasis on the differences become much more pronounced. This is especially true when there is great frustration around the issues.

Look at what is happening in Arizona, where the most severe immigration bill in U.S. history has been passed. This bill is quite complicated, but it directs the police to stop anyone who they deem as a possible illegal alien and to demand proof that they are in the U.S. legally. It even goes so far to allow citizens to sue the police if an officer does not enforce this new law. There are many legal reasons why this bill is unlikely to ever become law, but that isn’t stopping the state of Arizona from attempting to enforce it. Obama has already ordered the Justice Dept. to investigate the law to determine if it is unconstitutional. The oddity of this law is what is so striking. How can a police officer determine who they can stop or question without using race or ethnicity as the primary factor? It is illegal to do so. Yet, the Arizona lawmakers contend that there is a way. Now, the State of Arizona has actually asked the U.S. Justice Dept. to help them determine legal ways to implement and enforce this law.

Is this law not an expression of huge frustration and polarization? It has already increased the polarization, not only in the U.S., but also Mexico. Some in Mexico are already concerned about legal tourists from Mexico being harassed or detained. Many are calling for boycotts, a reminder of the boycotts of many organizations who refused to have any conferences or conventions in state due to Arizona’s refusal to enact the Martin Luther King holiday.

Yet, the point of this is that when people are extremely frustrated, they will often call for extreme actions or draconian measures, if only to bring greater attention to a problem that has been ignored. The polarization this brings about then demands that whatever issues are being brought forth now be addressed and confronted. Thus, a re-balancing or equilibrium can result from that.

How Can Individuals Can Handle This?

While it is quite interesting to look at how astrology is affecting events in our nation or the general collective, it is perhaps more relevant to my readers to look at how we can use this information to help us learn and grow as we handle these same transits on a personal level. The real purpose behind my mentioning the way that events manifest in the outer world is to help us extrapolate on them and apply the principles we can learn from them to our own lives and situations.

This is a great time to pay close attention to whatever polarities are operating for us now, whether they are in our relationships, career or life goals. We can begin to inquire into questions such as where do I feel conflicted, what do I need to bring to some form of resolution, what must I make an effort to clarify, etc.

The Next Full Moon and the Mid-point of the Mercury Retrograde

Since a Full Moon can bring things to a head or fulfillment, this is a great time to become clear about some area with which we find ourselves struggling. The fact that we are also experiencing the Inferior Conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, suggests that the idea(s) that will help us most are likely to be new and/or inspiring ones. At this stage of the Mercury Retrograde, more will still have to be reviewed, but at the mid-point of this cycle, something old is ending and that simultaneously means that something new is emerging. So, if you are connecting with a new idea, concept or approach to an area of your life, it is good to be open to it, while continuing to investigate and learn more so that one is able to make the right decision as we move forward.

Please feel free to express your thoughts to this article and to also let the readers know how you are being affected by these transits.


Astrology Mercury Retrograde Saturn Uranus
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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15 responses to “When is Deadlock Really Deadlock?”

  1. helenaroseart@yahoo.com' Helena Rose says:

    Hello all, and thank you Jim for your ongoing insights into the greater picture.

    On a personal level, this year has been an amazing series of challenges, changes, spiritual awakenings and life-path-epiphanies… wow!

    And, I’m getting ready for even more – I feel a lot like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff and every fiber of my being is telling me to jump! Not in a suicidal way, but in a “don’t worry, you can fly” kind of way…
    I’m sure from an outside perspective I must seem a little crazy, but something tells me now is the time to do that which we truely feel we were put here to do – even if it means giving up the security of the unfulfilling life we’ve been living up until now… sometimes it requires a leap of faith to pursue our passion!

    I am very much looking forward to the many new challenges that lay ahead of me (even if they scare the bejezus out of me) including, attending Jim’s beginning astrology class in June!
    I wish you all well in your many journeys and look forward to sharing more in the future!

  2. Hi Jim & Everyone,

    With such huge changes happening on our planet, in our country, and on a personal level, it is such a challenge to stay balanced, centered in one’s truth, and not be pulled to any polarity on a mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

    Being an Empathic Healer, this presents a new level of Self-Mastery, especially being in a Saturn & Jupiter Return with Uranus strong in my chart as an Aquarian with a Sag Rising & Pisces North Node.

    So, everything in my life is in flux, review, restructuring, etc. I just moved back from Colorado after 5 years of ranch living & a healing practice. All doors closed for further opportunites up there due to recession & an energy shift in summer of 2008, which I “literally felt” in my energy field.

    So here I am starting “all over” once again & feeling like I am stripped down to bare bones! Spiritual Test? You bet!!! Now, how you would “read” that in my chart as to how I “read” that in my full chakra system has always facinated me. Love both modalities!

    There is a really strong sense that we are breaking free from the dense 3rd dimensional energies, paradigms, dogma of the patriarchy systems. What our new choices will be personally & collectively are in our hands NOW. Much compassion with Soul Discernment is helpful by all of humanity. Everyone is at different levels of spiritual growth & awakening. And how the Divine Feminine is being integrated into all of life too! This is SO HUGE, everyone! Multi-dimensional.

    Some days will be better than others, our emotions more balanced, then not. I do my best “each day” to hold & ground the higher vision of “Heaven on Earth” & our “New Expression” on this Planet. And to remember to enjoy the “ride”.

    And to remember how brave we all are to be here NOW, to have signed up for this “huge shift & growth” of everything on this planet & in the Universe. There is SO much more to come…inwardly & outwardly.

    Be brave, be strong, breath deeply, have compassion as people are emotionally triggered & reactive, do your best to process what is yours & bless what is not, and breath deeply some more, & bring your hands to your heart often to settle the energies.

    This is not always easy, but we did choose to be here. Our new higher life will be gorgeous beyond belief and all of this will look so archaic. All systems are being rewired & restructured within you personally (DNA-Cellular: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually), & the same with all systems on the planet (government, banking, health, education, military, etc.). Nothing is untouched!

    God/Goddess help us thru these tough years that we are in right now. Thanks to Jim & all you teachers with healing/guidance modalities to be of service. And thanks to every single one of us to be a part of this in whatever capacity we can help. All is needed…

    Thanks, Jim…for listening, for guiding, for teaching…


  3. L_corcoran_1999@yahoo.com' Lisa C. says:

    Right on Cheri! Don’t want to use this is a political forum but, I think the silent majority needs to come to light. Yesterday’s two top stories on NBC illustrate the problem very well – one was about a line of 600 people camping out overnight in Queens, NY in the rain, waiting for a handfull of elevator repair jobs, and the other was the story about this immigration show down. Not only do people come here illegally they also take jobs. I don’t care what anyone says about American’s not wanting the jobs. If unemployed American citizens had more pride or were forced to work for welfare, they would get the very jobs taken by illegals or work in domestic jobs AND they would speak our language. English is a first language in this country not a second. Our politicians get votes by handing out benefits to those who vote for them while the rest of us have our heads down working so hard we cannot get out and protest, or even stop to realize what is really going on and I don’t mean by reading the slant poublished in the LA Times. I hope the next group of Planetary transits signify a tax revolt and the abolition of the position of every member of congress. I will show up for that one.

  4. cynthiapaigeaaron@gmail.com' Cindy A says:

    A year of personal changes, letting go and finalizing of loose ends-divorce, bankruptsy, selling the house. There have been many delays, a feeling of moving forward one step, falling back two steps. Then in March suddenly everything came to a head-one, two, three-done. I decided to find a new apartment and for some reason became obsessed with this idea. After many months and much disgust with the apartments out there, I decided on one. I paid a partial deposit April 15th but the rental agreement was mysteriously delayed. Around April 20th, I found out there was an opportunity to move into my old house because of delays with the sale. I decide to take this “gift” and make the most of it. What will hapen next?

  5. Jim Sher says:

    To Tory:

    Without knowing more about your personal birth chart I am unable to tell you when this will end. I’m sure you already know that the nature of life is such that of course, ultimately, it will end, though while we’re going through very tough times, that’s the last thing we want to hear.

    The outer planets (especially Uranus and Pluto) are very active right now, so it is very likely that they are affecting your chart. If this is true, then things are being cleaned out so that you will be able to make a truly new and authentic start.

    Good luck hanging in there.

    Jim Sher

  6. perchina@hotmail.com' Tory says:

    Regardless of where one stands on AZ immigration law, it is definitely the most extreme bill on the issue (that I’m aware of). Heavy duty.

    On a personal note, I think I’m being affected by this transit. I am 2/3 of the way through an acrimonious and sad divorce, and I feel like where I’m deadlocked and at odds is where I see God in this matter. I’ve had a positive and meaningful relationship with a God of my understanding most of my life, but I am really struggling now with the idea that the Universe is doing this simply to punish me. It feels like God is a cat torturing a mouse (me). This is so antithetical to what I’ve come to believe (mainly that God is what gives us comfort, not a callous figure in the sky playing a video game with humanity).

    I’m also having these extreme thoughts like, ‘Well, since it doesn’t look like I’ll have a family I better go crazy and advance my career! Now!’ Which is also very black and white and doesn’t allow much time for grieving and healing.

    I used to feel like a balanced person, but the entire last year has been one of extremes, in my life and in my heart/thinking.

    Lastly, I keep having this urge to take all my possessions, flee to New Mexico and live in the desert without a phone.

    Ack! Please tell me this will end 🙂

  7. cheriatwork@yahoo.com' Cheri Terrell says:

    It doesn’t sound like a “higher level of consciousness” for people to break the laws of our country while we as tax payers pay for it. And it doesn’t sound like a higher level of consciousness for people to condone such of our country. There are legal ways for people to enter our country and become citizens and learn our language. I wouldn’t condone a member of my family to break the laws of this country or any other country, it just isn’t right, no matter what way you look at it. And by “looking the other way” and convincing yourself we are all brothers and sisters, well….then…as a brother or sister,enter our country legally, the right way, and learn our language and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  8. Jim Sher says:

    To Fernando:

    Yes, some people will be more affected by these transits than others. People who have planets in the late degree of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are very affected by the Saturn opposition to Uranus.

    And people with planets between 3°-12° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are very affected by the Full Moon and the Mercury retrograde cycle.

    Hope this helps. If you’re interested in getting more informatin, please contact me.

    Jim Sher

  9. FSEISDED3@COMCAST.NET' Fernando Seisdedos says:

    Thank you Jim,

    As always we enjoy reading your interpretations and benefit from the dissemination of your knowledge explaining why things happen. Very insightful.

    A question occurs to me… are these transits likeliy to affect some people more than other depending what part of the year we are born? That is – are Capricorn people less or more affected by these transits than people born under Cancer or Taurus?
    Just curious….

  10. Jim Sher says:

    General Comment:

    The recently enacted immigration law in Arizona has predictably awakened very high passions concerning the issue. Dawna has also raised another issue that Arizona faces concerning the increasing numbers of elderly coming into that State.

    When a transit like Saturn in opposition to Uranus comes along, what usually happens is that long-standing problems will suddenly explode into the public limelight, calling attention to the problem with which a society is struggling.

    This can result in such a ‘radical’ solution, that it has to be changed, modified and another approach will have to be developed. This is what is likely here for a variety of astrological reasons.

    But my point is that something must be done to fix the issues that this bill is attempting to address. While this law does seem to be both unconstitutional as well as heavy-handed, until the issue that is driving this is brought to light, nothing more subtle, fair and constructive can ever occur. Both political parties have not chosen to deal with it for many years now.

    Let’s see if something positive can come out of this.

    Jim Sher

  11. c2m2perry@sbcglobal.net' Maria Melo says:

    These so called “illegal people” in Arizona are all our brothers and sisters! Until we fully get the “connectiveness” of all that is and come from a place of love and compassion.We will continue to be stuck in old consciousness!
    As far as “dictatorship” is concerned! Get a clue! Having lived under dictatorship for 40 years. I find it very sad that anyone would be accusing Obama of that! Wake up people!!!

  12. Jim Sher says:

    To dawna:

    Thanks for sharing your story concerning your husband’s decision to restructure his business. This is a great example of how Mercury retrograde asks us to look at how we approach a particular problem and what might be needed to fix it. And if the solution doesn’t quite work out as hoped, which can also be a part of the Mercury retrograde, then later on, what is being learned now can be applied so that a better approach can emerge.

  13. dawnaleigh@featherriverproductions.com' dawna says:

    Hi Jim: The Scorpio Full moon is known as the Wesak Moon by Buddhists and it is the moon under which Siddhartha Gautauma was born as well as the moon of the his enlightenment thus becoming Buddha.

    Another problem that I have been made aware of in AZ is the mass influx of elderly citizens who are literally being dropped off by families who can no longer care for them, and require nursing facility care. Change and resistance to it are surely playing out in that theatre as well.

    On a personal and business note is a redux of the manner in which my husband structures his client relationships around the money matter, which so many of us have a tough time dealing with skillful means. We came up with a pre-purchase of 5, 10 or 20 hour block of time, thus alleviating scheduling issues, creating a more predictable cash flow (we hope!) and giving the client the service they need with an equally predictable cash outlay. This versus “project” structure which has none of the new features, since the nature of the web realm in which he works includes a number of projects that arrive half-baked by less than experienced prior web masters.

    We’ll be giving the structure a test drive this week.

  14. joyceagrant@usa.net' Joyce Grant says:

    Thanks for giving us your insights. First of all, people seem to forget that these People in Arizona, are illegal. They are costing taxpayers tons of money, and in additon, they are bringing illegal drugs with them, and killing US citizens.

    Due to political reasons, Obama has done nothing to protect our borders. He sees these people only as future votes. I truly hope that politicians on the right continue to stand up to Obama’s dictatorship.

  15. I appreciate this insightful perspective of the big picture astrologically and how it affects us politically and personally.
    I live in Az. and this immigration decision by Brewer has unleashed a backlash emotionally and economically. I was stunned she signed it into law,as it is clearly racial profiling. As always, thank you, Jim, for this collective overview.


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