The New Moon & the Inferior Conjunction between the Sun and Mercury

Posted on September 18, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher


Within a short two day period we will have two significant transits each of which mark an ending of one cycle in preparation for something new to be born. There are differences between the ways these two will operate, but there’s a reason why many of you may be feeling like something is coming to an end, so let’s get to it.

The New Moon

At 11:44am PDST on Friday September 18 we are having the New Moon at 25 degrees of Virgo. It is in a very tight conjunction with Saturn which makes this cycle a focused and potentially very serious one. Saturn can be so exacting and demand that we approach every matter with so much realism that it feels cold, impersonal and severe. Yet, I used the word ‘demand’ for a reason. Saturn does not ask or request. We can interpret it that way if we want to, but the fact is that when Saturn is in charge, it will control the situation and demand that we show up fully, balance our accounts and if necessary pay for our mistakes. If a person has Saturn in significant aspect in their chart, they are going to be the responsible serious ones who make the sacrifices knowing that the day will come when everything balances out. They know that one must earn the reward in order to keep it. Saturn is exalted in Libra, the Scales, and so rules an impersonal justice that we may not ‘like’ but which we must handle. The coming month will have this theme as an underlying tone and since it is occurring when Mercury is retrograde it will ask us to take a look at any areas of our life where something that hasn’t been completed. In other words, it is an ending phase of a broader cycle. Endings are the phase prior to new beginnings and that’s exactly where we are cosmically.

The key principle whenever we are in an ending stage is ‘letting go.’ It’s all we can actually do, but it is human nature to try to hang on as long as we can and resist surrendering to the inevitable. The conscious and aware use of this time period then is to consciously let go of what you already know in your heart is dying or ending. This is rarely done at once, but is a process. How easy or difficult that will be depends, of course, on what it is that might be ending, bit it is important to realize that it is not a trivial process. Often we hear people saying to a ‘friend’ that they should just get over it. As if they didn’t know that. The truth is that it is helpful to remember that one is a process and that it will work its way out organically, if we let it.

Mercury Retrograde and the Inferior Conjunction

With Mercury retrograde nearing its conjunction with the Sun we are also in the middle of a cycle where we need to complete something which will take us to the emergence of the new. On Sunday September 20th at 3:05am PDST retrograde Mercury will align with the Sun. This phase of the cycle is an important one but is often difficult to see. It is like a New Moon, often called the Dark Moon because one cannot see it. The Moon is so close to the Sun that its image is washed out. We cannot see the Moon until a day or two have passed when we can see the tiny crescent in the early evening sky. It is also considered a dark period because it contains the seed of a new idea. In fact, the nature of the Inferior Conjunction is that a new ‘seed idea’ is born into us. But like a seed that is planted in the earth, we may not know its nature until enough time has passed. It will need time before it can emerge.

Ten days have passed since Mercury went retrograde and we have had to review areas of our life where decisions must be made or reviewed. We have gone over and over our options and may now have to make decisions. This is when we may do this. And when we do, something new is also born. One business owner has to decide whether he must close his doors. The decision has been in the air for months, but now the time has come when waiting is no longer an option. When the decision is made, it will begin a new cycle for him with many more decisions to be made, but the critical moment has now arrived. This is the type of thing that may be occurring for many people. Others who have been able to see the trends coming their way are prepared to act and move forward in a new direction. Depending on where this occurs is one’s chart, the shift may be big or small, but no matter how subtle, it is helpful to notice what is happening in one’s thoughts right now. What you are thinking the most about this weekend is apt to inform you of something that will be emerging in the near future.

On September 22nd Mercury retrograde will conjunct Saturn bringing more reality into any situation one is facing. After this one will know pretty clearly with what one is dealing. Planning can then begin. Yes, Mercury will still be retrograde meaning that a bit more will have to be reviewed, but the new cycle will have begun and we will feel clearer than we may be feeling now.

Mercury goes direct on September 29th which will be when things are likely to be fully clarified, but we’ll deal with that then.

I have written quite a few articles on Saturn. Why? Because it is often regarded as forcing us to deal with something we wish we could avoid. But Saturn is also the archetype of subtlety. It asks us to master something. So the question to ask right now is this. What am I being asked to master? Know that when you face whatever is happening, one’s life will improve. Perhaps slowly, for the processes of Saturn do work slowly. But inevitably and inexorably. There is a wild and crazy truism about Saturn. The more we deal with it openly and truthfully, the less we feel its oppressive side. When we deal with it head-on, somehow it goes away and life move forward again with amazing ease. Dealing with Saturn is in fact the line of least resistance and the way to bring peace into our lives. I love and hate this irony.

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7 responses to “The New Moon & the Inferior Conjunction between the Sun and Mercury”

  1.' Chris says:

    Great article Jim.

    As usual the content is particularly relevant to my current situation. I had a “come to Jesus” talk with myself yesterday afternoon where I made some major decisions that I had been stewing over for many months. When I read your post this afternoon, it really clarified things for me and provided a nice bit of external confirmation of my decisions.

    I read an article in the NY Times this morning about right wing rage that your readers may find particularly interesting due to its relevance to this post:

    It quotes Glenn Beck as saying “Americans know that SOMETHING JUST DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT, but they don’t know how to describe it or, more importantly, how to stop it.”

    It strikes me that this is a group of people who would benefit quite a bit by your advice on letting go and dealing with something they wish they could avoid. Perhaps some introspection and self reflection would prove to be a more constructive use of energy than lashing out at the most prominent politician they can find.

    Maybe we can get Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity to subscribe to your blog?

    Just a thought.

  2.' Candy says:

    The new moon conjunct Saturn is exactly on my Saturn, for my second Saturn Return! I had quite a epiphany: That the way we cling to our subjective versions of reality, is actually what separates us from each other and ourselves.

    I am actually on holidays in Bali, and was woken up in the morning yesterday (probably just about when this was exact), to an little earthquake. It was scary of course, but somehow my instincts carried me through with a level head.

    By the time you have your second Saturn Return, perhaps you are more realistic about things, even though there have been lots of shadowy little bits of Saturn to face up to over the last 18 months or so.

    I agree with you absolutely about meeting Saturn with honesty and forbearance, he actually strengthens you!

  3.' Debbie says:

    I like the delivery example.I am still awaiting delivery confirmation of a washer and dryer. When I feel impatience rise about its impending arrival, I say Mercury Retrograde.

  4. Alvina says:

    We all know the truism about Mercury retrograde being a time when communications get fouled up. Maybe these stories have become so common that they are boring, but part of me is continually fascinated when the truisms keep coming true. The following things have happened to me during this retrograde period.

    Flowers not delivered. The day after Mercury went retrograde, I ordered flowers as a “Thank you” gift for a co-worker from a reputable vendor I have used in the past. The delivery date came and went with no flowers delivered, my first inquiry to Customer Service went unanswered and it took multiple phone calls and inquiries to get the flowers delivered – 10 days after the original delivery date, with a free upgrade, but no explanation for what went wrong. There was nothing unusual or complicated about this order; the delivery was to a prominent business in a large city during regular business hours.

    Custom window blind misfit. I ordered a new window blind from a reputable company specializing in window blinds that I have used in the past. They came, they measured, they returned yesterday with the new window blind – which did not fit because in making the blind they mixed up the height and width measurements.

  5.' April says:

    Perhaps a specific decision that has been pending, once made, shall assist me in mastering my skills in my chosen profession; with this final preparation, I will be able to excel and recieve recognition and rapid advancement, leading to- the sky’s the limit!

    Thanks Jim! I love these articles.

  6.' Carol says:

    I know when I’m in the flow with Saturn my breathing is easier and so is life. There is a feeling of relief and the tension gives way to that ease.

  7.' Maria Doglio says:

    I really like this last line: “Dealing with Saturn is in fact the line of least resistance and the way to bring peace into our lives.” Isn’t our biggest problem the fact that we, as humans, are constantly resistantly everthing! – well, almost everything! But when we don’t, peace runs free in our lives and those around us.

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