Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron: Part II

Posted on July 31, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher


Let’s begin Part II by looking more deeply at the nature of Neptune and the value of this often mysterious planet. All planets can manifest in a variety of ways and there certainly does seem to be better ways than others. And yet, it is also important to understand that Life has a wild and crazy side where we can’t know what the outcome will be until we’ve gone through the entire process. Also, it’s true that the moment a particular force works out negatively (or positively), the opposite force is immediately evoked. This is the principle called ‘Enantiodromia,’ which means that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. This principle is the basis for the philosophical underpinnings of much of Chinese thought and is exemplified in the I Ching, the Book of Changes and the Tao Teh Ching. What this principle tells us is that in the broadest sense, there are no mistakes or errors because everything ultimately will work out. For example, the excesses that occurred in our economy the past 20 years will balance out at some point. Ultimately, regulations will emerge to balance out the previous lack. By the way, I’m not convinced that has happened yet, but that’s for another time.

So, what might be the shift Neptune is urging us to make? To me, Neptune is enabling us to consider the importance of a new national mood that is more compassionate, sensitive and able to ‘feel’ as a nation that we are inter-connected and in certain areas need to operate in a united fashion. Perhaps the nature of how ‘national security’ is defined will come to be reviewed and will no longer be thought about in the way the neo-cons have defined it which regards it solely in terms of having a strong military. Neptune can help us feel that there can be strength from seeing that we need each other to solve problems affecting us all.

Neptune can be rough for a nation because it asks that we put aside the personal, even ego-centered needs of the individual in favor of a broader understanding that is aware of how much we affect each other and are not as separate as we think. This will inevitably be resisted and antagonism will likely become very strong. It’s already begun as the charges of socialism have become mantra-esque in certain media outlets. Usually, a nation will go through a transit like this in a way that is not as critical as what the country and world is facing today. I recently heard a report about the very critical water problems of which we are not yet aware. We assume we have all the water we need and yet we live the way we did 50 years ago. We have discovered in California that this isn’t true and the problems we face in the near future may make what’s happening now look insignificant by comparison. Problems of this order cannot be solved by individuals ‘doing good.’ It’s bigger than that. It is something that a nation must face and work out together.

Poseidon (Greek) and Neptune (Latin) were the great sea-gods during the time in human history when people felt a profound relationship with the forces around them. People sought to live in harmony with these forces and knew that to fail to do so was to tempt fate and lead to a bringing down of those very forces against the arrogance of those who didn’t recognize that humans owe their very existence to these forces. The greatest sin to the gods was hubris, or pride. Fortunately humanity today doesn’t buy into such superstitions, right? We are above all that. No need to worry about such silly little things. And if things go bad, we are certain science will find a way to fix everything and make it ‘right as rain.’ Oops, that expression doesn’t sound quite as innocent now that we have acid-rain. Sarcasm is a sign of frustration and so we must turn to the hope that new (or is it old?) values will make their way back into the way we live so that we can avoid nature’s wrath or a possible Neptunian deluge.

The Importance of Mythology in a Culture

Neptune rules the principle of the archetype or mythos and sees this as a very important component of living with Soul. So, let’s look at this a bit. In mythology, we find that nearly all cultures have stories of the Great Flood or some sort of deluge that becomes necessary to destroy a corrupted world. Is there a practical value to myths? Are they merely something to be debunked, like the show “Mythbusters?” Part of the nature of our modern paradigm is to regard symbology as worthless. We have become a literal people and our hearts have become sick as a result. The name of Jessica Murray’s book – “Soul-Sick Nation” is one description of the condition that inevitably happens when we lose our footing in the world of symbol, archetype, story and myth. In the recent political campaign any speech thought to be – ‘nuanced’ – was criticized and labeled as part of an intellectual elite. It was even pointed out the word ‘nuance’ comes from the French language. What is this telling us?

Global warming and climate change may best be thought of as symptoms. Sure, they’re real problems. But these outer manifestations reveal in inner sickness. It is a sickness that can only be solved by making inner changes in our values that will then, of course, naturally result in our knowing that we must make outer changes in our daily lives that can lead to the making of a new world.

Let me state this more clearly. When a ‘people’ lose the ability to live in the world of imagination and archetype, we lose our Soul, our ability to find meaning in what has now become a Soulless world. And we then pay an even greater price, if that is possible. We then live in a manner that is so out of alignment with the forces of nature that we bring about our own ruin. The coming transit of Neptune (along with Jupiter and Chiron) over the U.S. Moon can of course add to our tendency to avoid seeing problems and continue to want to escape from that which is in plain sight. But it can also sensitize us to the need to question our values and assumptions and regard the feeling of uncertainty and the recognition of impermanence as valuable opportunities to open to new ways of living and relating to one another, other nations, and the World at large. With Jupiter also in conjunction with Neptune, we may come to understand that there is great value to rediscovering our roots in the world of the archetype or myth. It’s not only about the events themselves, but what these events tell us about our connection to a world of meaning and of Soul. We can begin to feel compassion for all human beings and for what it is to be human and might even see and feel a connection to whatever we call the Divine. No doubt we will see both sides of Neptune in operation, but the hope is that it will catalyze us and open our hearts that lead to new doorways of perception.

I want to add a brief comment about Chiron which is part of the conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune. It is often called the ‘wounded healer”. But some have added to its meaning by referring to it as the process that enables us to “Bridge” one type of consciousness (the literal, lineal, time-bound one) with a more transcendent and meaningful one, where each of us recognizes some a personal connection to one’s Source. Our wounds, the nation’s wounds, can inform us of the importance of seeing where things are wrong and what we will need to do to fix the problems that have created pain and sorrow.

Part III will look at how this transit is affecting our economy and approach to dealing with it.

Astrology Chiron Jupiter Neptune
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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6 responses to “Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron: Part II”

  1. There is an interesting piece in Popular Mechanics (a link provided by The Huffington Post)concerning the questions raised by scientists about what hit Jupiter, impacting an area the size of the Pacific Ocean. I thought it was interesting that Jupiter “received a wound” at this time when “astrologically speaking” Chiron is conjunct Jupiter.

    The Cardinal Cross phase and the Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction also brought to mind for me a trend noted by Laurie Garrett in one of her books about 21st Century public health concerns where she predicts that changing social and environmental conditions will foster the spread of new and potentially devastating viruses and microbes. I don’t know if viruses and microbes are the territory of Neptune, but it seemed fitting since many of these conditions are spread by unsafe drinking water or carried by our body’s mucus.

    Once again, thank you for your newsletter, which gives me lots of “food for thought.”

  2. wecook@madrivervalley.biz' dawna leigh says:

    On the matter of water … I live in Vermont, where we are having a very wet summer. So, the notion of water availability becoming a crisis here opposes the situation in the western US. Know that if we could, we’d send some of our fresh mountain water your way!

    Regarding symbology … life is ever so much finer and richer and yes, a lot more fun when I have the grace of insight to read the signs, connect the dots and “see” without interpreting and adding onto what is seen.


  3. jenamo@msn.com' jen amo says:


    this is brilliant and original…you should submit to mountain astrologer (or other astrological/metaphysical publications).


  4. Jim Sher says:

    Yes, there is a likelihood of significant volcanic eruptions physically, but archetypally, what is even more likely is that things will ‘feel’ volcanic. There will likely be an eruption of all sorts of deeply embedded feelings. For example, huge bonuses are still being paid to executives of these super-large banks. Will there be a build-up of anger and resentment over such things that erupts in some way? I think so, though we can’t know how it will manifest.

  5. Thank you for such an insightful and meaningful contribution. I also appreciated the mirror of a “soul sick” nation and how important archtype and myth is to well being personally and collectively.
    Shine on!

  6. gq11@verizon.net' Lori Bach says:

    Hey Jim,

    I agree with you that water availability will eventually become a crisis. Do you feel with Uranus transiting between Aries and Pisces in 2010 that we will see the beginning of more volcanic eruption? With these volcanic eruptions do see potential issues with our water being affected, either physically through volcanic ash contamination or a divergence in our water-ways from underground volcanic activity?

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