Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron: Part I

Posted on July 26, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

Our nation and the World is going through quite a few significant transits, but one that I want to take an in-depth look at is the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction that is in effect right now and will continue in varying degrees through late 2010. To be more specific, on July 22nd, as Pres. Obama was making a speech on the health care debate going on in Congress, Jupiter conjuncted Chiron at 24 degrees of Aquarius. This transit is one of the chief factors driving the attempt to reform the U.S. health care system as Chiron, the wounded healer, calls our attention to the weaknesses of a system where the ever-increasing costs of health care combined with steady decreasing benefits in the insurance system is creating a crisis that may finally result in some kind of reform. On Dec. 7, 2009, Jupiter will conjunct Chiron again and then conjunct Neptune on Dec. 24th at 24 Aquarius. After this, Jupiter moves on into Pisces, but Neptune and Chiron will dance together for most of 2010.

In my view, this 2-year dance between these two giants and the one asteroid (Chiron) is doing much more than focusing our attention on health care, especially in the U.S. The reason why it is especially significant here is that all this is going over the Moon of the U.S. chart, which is at 27 deg. of Aquarius. The meaning of the Moon in a nation’s chart is important for it reflects the national mood of the people. It amplifies our sensitivities to all those things that enable us to feel safe and secure as a people and where we are vulnerable. Obviously it can also cause the nation to feel vulnerable, worried and concerned about where we are at as a nation without knowing from where the feeling is coming. (I’m not going to focus on the economy in this series of articles though this factor is clearly influencing all of the issues involved in these transits).

Neptune, the planet of dissolution, affecting a nation’s Moon does more than just create confusion and uncertainty. It can bring about the sense that everything we have depended on in the past is no longer something on which we can rely. We begin to feel the need to question everything not knowing if it’s even possible to come to any clarity. Because of the fact that Neptune moves so slowly, taking over 150 years to orbit the Sun, transits of this order affect a nation in a huge way. The collective consciousness of this nation will not be the same as it was before it all started.

So, what might be the issue that is forcing its way into the collective framework of the nation and the World? To me and to other astrologers the issue that is underlying all of this is the issue of climate change or global warming. This issue is certainly being regarded as important, but a very high level of denial is still in place and still rules any attempt to have a real debate about what to do. The so-called many reasons for not doing anything significant are still controlling the issue, at least for now. But I do not see how this will continue in the next year or two as Neptune will bring forward any issue that cannot be handled by only one nation. The issue of climate change is such that the only way it can even begin to be worked on is by the nations of the World, especially the industrial nations, coming together. And before this can happen, something fundamental must change in the collective consciousness of the people, which is the Moon of a nation. A huge paradigm change is becoming absolutely necessary. Most scientists know it. Most people actually know it. But, I believe that it is this transit that will create such a profound mark on us, that we will be forced to begin contemplating real action. Perhaps this is the issue that will bring the entire World together in a way that is truly historic, but that seems so far off that it is barely worth mentioning.

The astrologer and author, Jessica Murray, has written a wonderful book about the United States chart called “Soul-sick Nation” as well as a recent article in “The Mountain Astrologer”. In her recent articles, she states that ‘humanity as an intelligent collective’ is undergoing a ‘mass meltdown.’ Before anything truly new can be incorporated into the collective consciousness there first must be an often painful process of letting go of all of the old assumptions and trusted views of what life is and how it should be lived. This at first will be experienced as a very real threat. I’m not referring to the actual threat of global warming and climate change, but to the way in which humanity first responds to this threat. Denial is often the first response and is the one we are still seeing.

In the election between Obama and McCain it seemed to many that a ‘culture war’ was underlying the entire debate which lead to confusion, not only about the candidates themselves, but even about why one supported one and rejected the other. To me, Neptune over the Moon of a nation will amplify this and in fact, this transit hasn’t fully begun yet. It’s not merely about being conservative or liberal? In fact, it’s not about anything we can understand clearly. It’s deeper and more fundamental than that. We can think of it as more of how a person reacts to uncertainty and the feeling of chaos. Some people have great difficulty with such feelings and react with fear and blame. On the other side a person can react with the sense that new things are now possible and see the crisis as an opportunity for great new paradigms to be born. Most of us are likely to react in ways that are a little of both as we can sense that something very good could arise from something that remains elusive and unclear.

I will be writing much more on the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron theme in future newsletter articles as this theme is likely to capture our attention for many years to come.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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6 responses to “Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron: Part I”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    @Susanne – Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Love the clarity of the article. Ready to read more.
    Thanks for writing this information and for sharing it so freely.


  3. sharon.kane@att.net' Sharon Kane says:

    I love your profound insight! However, I believe that global warming is only a small part of a much greater transition taking place for our planet and all its life forms. We are actually entering a higher dimension of consciousness, moving from third density existence into fourth and then fifth!

    I am in tune with this Neptunian effect, as I have Mercury 23°, Mars 25° and Sun 29° Aquarius.

  4. etc_iam@Yahoo.com' Ellen Thomas says:

    I find what your article says a very good interpretation and I have
    Sun in Aquarius 21 deg. – in the 6th house – along with Mercury;
    squared by Uranus.. Presently 69 yrs of age. Fear and
    over sensitivity/nervousness effecting body and more confusion
    than I want.. I use to enjoy a bit of confusion..

  5. iamjoyous@comcast.net' Joy Lesperance says:

    Hi Jim, I love your new format!

    This article gives me such hope — and a much clearer picture of the overall confusion and denial that appear to be so prevalent. I love the sense that things are going to change, and I truly believe the changes will eventually be for the better, even tho there will no doubt be some pain in the process.

    Thanks for your articles they really help clarify things for me.

  6. yptorres@aol.com' Yolanda P. Torres says:

    Thank you so much for this informative article and all your articles for that matter. I enjoy reading and studying your interpretations which give me a better understanding of complex transits like this one.

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