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Welcome to the Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics! We offer astrology, meditation and other spiritual classes at different levels of experience and knowledge.  We also provide holistic astrology consultations and spiritual counseling. Currently we have two locations, one in Sherman Oaks and the other in Culver City.  The nature and structure of our classes foster an intimate environment for students to connect not only to the material but to one another.

The nature of a ‘Mystery School,’ as this type of school has often been referred to in the past, is two-fold. It is to present to the student a holistic approach that includes both physical and metaphysical models while simultaneously training that student to be able to experience both higher states of consciousness along with the ability to receive and understand higher levels of information. Watch our video on “The Nature of a Mystery School.”

The education of the student is to introduce holistic symbolic systems that describe both the nature of our multi-dimensional reality (cosmology) and the universal process of transformation that can lead a person to becoming aware of one’s nature as a multi-dimensional ‘Being.’ Examples of such systems include astrology, numerology, Tarot, I Ching, the Tree of Life, the Hebrew alphabet, and many others.

For many centuries many people have thought of astrology as a separate study which, in varying degrees was separate from other metaphysical or spiritual disciplines. But historically, in some cases behind the scenes, something different was occurring. Astrology was considered to be a sub-set of what was often referred to as a ‘Mystery School.’ These Schools, which were often very difficult to find, were designed to promote and develop the evolution of those people ready to do real work on themselves not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of the society, culture and the world. These Schools taught certain sacred subjects such as astrology, numerology, various types of divinatory tools, such as the Tarot or I Ching.  They also taught many forms of meditation and studied sacred texts. This means that for many people astrology was considered to be a part of a spiritual or transformational Path.

This is the nature of this School. Our School’s intention is to help you begin a process that can lead to having a direct experience of the truth of one’s own nature. While this state of consciousness has been referred to by many names, such as Higher Self, enlightenment, connecting with the Divine or with one’s divine nature, what matters most is to know that an experience of this state is what will transform you, not just the study of it. The School is designed to serve those of you who live normal lives making a living and having to face the everyday challenges of modern life. You don’t need to live in a monastery and in fact, there is an advantage to working in this way. Having a direct experience of the truth of your ‘essence’ while living a regular life can assist you to integrate into the world in an enhanced, purposeful, and magical way.


Jim Sher, MSW




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