Power of Synchronicity: Transpersonal Astrology Series #4

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Welcome back to our Transpersonal Astrology Series. Today, we’re exploring the principle of synchronicity, a concept that challenges our conventional understanding of the universe. Often seen as superstitious by the modern mind, this ancient yet relatively new idea in the West has deep implications about the cosmos and how it affects our lives.

The Nature of an Archetype: Series Video #3

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In this third video, we journey into the meaning of archetypes and their pivotal role in astrology. Starting with Carl Jung’s groundbreaking work, we trace back to the philosophies of Plato to understand how these timeless principles weave through our psyche and actions.

The Meaning or Attitude of Transpersonal: Series Video #2

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Welcome back to our series on Transpersonal Astrology. Today we go deeper into the meaning and attitude of Transpersonal. This term has only been used recently and began with the writings of the spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo and the astrologer Dane Rudhyar, who first used it in 1930.

Foundation to Transpersonal Astrology: Series Opener

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Welcome to our Transpersonal Astrology video series, where we explore this emerging field focused on elevating the consciousness of the individual and broadening their participation in the world according to their own unique nature.

Conditioning: Why is it Important for Us to Examine It?

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A person is rarely fully aware of the degree to which conditioning affects the way in which they respond to all of life. Why is becoming aware of it important? On a psychological level it is important because conditioning can block our ability to succeed and achieve our aims in life. On a spiritual level it is also very important because our growth and evolution demands that we learn to cease identifying with our programming so we can discover who we are and what ‘Being’ potentials we have.

How Memories Affect Our Identity

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How does one learn to live more in the present? To reach greater states of Presence we must learn to work with memories from our past. If we do not, we will constantly be pulled out of the present moment. This video looks at how we can work with memories and move toward living fully in a state of Presence.

A Personal Story: Learning to Listen

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I received an interesting story from a student telling me of an experience she had of feeling deeply connected to others and “to Life itself.” This video describes her process of wondering how this experience happened and what it means about the nature of true “listening.”

Questioning the Belief that one’s Spiritual Life must be separate from one’s “Normal” Life

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In this video we explore the question of whether we can live a ‘spiritual’ life while living a ‘normal’ one. Many people interested in experiencing higher states of consciousness or, even further, be able to permanently transform oneself, have the belief that this cannot occur while living a normal, everyday life.

The Sun-Mars Cycle (2017-2019) – Interview with Jim Sher and Kevin DeCapite

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When transiting Mercury, Venus or Mars is retrograde, it is customary for astrologers to interpret this type of transit by itself. But, when studying and practicing astrology, a deeper and more meaningful experience of these periods will emerge if one looks at the retrograde period as part of a much larger cycle. This is done by seeing it “wholistically”, rather than by trying to interpret it as a stand-alone transit.

The School’s Unique Approach to Astrology

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Would you like to receive an ancient, sacred, secret code that can help you understand yourself and the world? It can help you cope with life better, feel a sense of purpose, and become more successful in the world, while being authentically yourself. Would you want that? When approached in the right way astrology is that code.

What is Meditation?

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Where is the best place to start when we want to talk about meditation? This question itself may seem strange nowadays as meditation is widely accepted, almost automatically by many, as a good thing, even a necessary thing to engage in. There are many things that meditation can do for us to make our lives better. But, if we start by thinking of all the advantages of meditation, we may find that we have missed the most important and profound issues that meditation, as we think of it now, cannot reveal.

History of Astrology

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At Sher Astrology and Metaphysics we are presenting a new model of astrology that focuses on how this field can contribute to one’s spiritual evolution or transformation. Astrology can be a deeply meaningful tool for those willing to do real work on themselves not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of the society, culture and the world. But first we need to discover more about where we are right now in the development of the field of astrology as well as how it is being practiced. To do that we will briefly summarize how astrology began and what the significant developments of astrology have been over the past centuries.

Nature of a Mystery School

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Over many centuries, there are have been many names created for a School concerned with spiritual transformation, such as ‘Wisdom School” or “Mystery School.” But the purpose of such a School is simple: It is designed for people who feel the need to engage in a true transformational process and to then, when able, to assist others in whatever way is best for them. The nature of transformation is that it shifts a person into a new state of consciousness and a completely different way of understanding who and what we are.

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