Soli-Lunar Cycle – Leo/Aquarius Full Moon, February 5, 2023

Posted on February 5, 2023
Posted by CarolP

A fixed T-square shapes this week’s phase of the lunar cycle when the Full Moon unfolds on February 5 at 10:28 am PT with the Sun at 16° Aquarius opposing the Moon at 16° Leo. As it has throughout this cycle, Uranus again influences the luminaries, this time in a configuration that archetypally correlates with a high degree of tension that must be resolved. The Sun/Moon T-square with Uranus in fixed signs further signifies a determined, persevering nature. However, Uranus, the planet of shocks and change, is the focal point of the T-square, likely stoking the desire for reform or significant change, no matter how deliberate or methodical.


Once oriented toward a goal, fixed signs possess the stamina and intense focus to accomplish it. When life demands a shift, however – as this fixed T-square implies – any resistance to the need for change will lead to frustration and stubbornness. If this occurs, fixity can become unbalanced, inflexible, and unwilling to seek out or accept the viewpoints of others. As the Full Moon unfolds and releases its culminating energy, the Uranian force will likely stimulate the sense that life modifications are indeed necessary. The realizations or revelations that accompany the Full Moon may further spur this process, although in a more sustained, consequential manner due to Taurus’ fixed earth energy.


Additionally, the Full Moon chart contains a square between Venus at 12° Pisces and Mars at 11° Gemini, another dynamic alignment that could spur creative collaboration or vigorous competition. Archetypally, Venus represents desire, while Mars represents action. When they are in a square aspect, it may correlate to an internal conflict about determining our true desires. This square’s mutable quality at the closing “crisis of consciousness” phase of the Venus/Mars cycle, signifies there will be a great deal of communication around our deeply felt hopes and aspirations. At this time, it is essential to determine what is in our best interest as well as that of others. To begin the process of understanding what we sincerely want and what motivates us to get it, we must take the time we need to observe our inner world and be open to communication and new ideas.


A sextile between Mercury at 22° Capricorn and Neptune at 23° Pisces may coax us to integrate our imagination with a realistic grasp on our current conditions. Mercury is known as the “Messenger of the Gods” because it symbolizes the act of receiving messages from the boundless cosmic consciousness, which Neptune represents. This last major aspect between Mercury and Neptune before their next conjunction and new cycle beginning in mid-March, suggests it is time to contemplate the ideas coming in and notice if one pops with clarity. Further, paying attention to signals in the form of synchronicities can feel magical and instill a sense of profound connectedness. The breakthrough Uranian impulse underpinning this lunar cycle could arouse our courage to act on what we know to be right without being held back by fears of not living up to our own expectations. The Mercury/Neptune alignment encourages us to recognize everything that happens is a gift which leads to the growth of our consciousness.


As the Full Moon phase unfolds this week, we have an opportunity to synchronize with the cosmic intelligences’ message to persevere in our efforts, keep an open mind and embrace progress. This will help us build the internal fortitude and conviction we need to follow the signposts of our true desires.

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