Soli-Lunar Cycle: First Quarter Square, Capricorn/Aries, December 29, 2022

Posted on December 31, 2022
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

The First Quarter Square occurred on December 29 at 5:21 pm PST with the Sun at 8° Capricorn and the Moon at 8° Aries. This alignment initiates the Crisis of Action phase of the soli-lunar cycle, which further intensifies the theme of the New Moon and its emphasis on the contrast between Capricorn’s practical and grounded approach and Aries’ fiery, impulsive energy. There is a strong urge to act, even if our ability and drive are lacking. It is advisable during this time to inquire how one can temper their urge to act by allowing for reflection, neutrality and discernment when observing life.

Two significant reasons contribute to our endeavors being limited. The first is that Mars, at 9° Gemini, has already slowed down and will turn direct on January 12. However, it is only 1° away from where it will station, which illustrates how slowly it is moving. A slow Mars is both potent and inactive at the same time. Although a sincere desire exists, there is no energy or motivation to do anything other than what is necessary.

The second caveat is that Mercury turned retrograde, also on December 29, in a prolonged conjunction with Venus at 24° Capricorn. This indicates we are entering a period of review and reflection requiring a reexamination of organizational structures and a shift in our strategies over the next few weeks. We may feel a need to focus on how well these structures and strategies serve the collective as well as individual needs. Further, transiting Saturn is un-aspected, so it may be difficult to formulate a clear plan of what needs to be done. This suggests that simply observing the conditions around us from an impartial perspective is best to garner the insight we need.

The Mercury/Venus pair are also in close conjunction with Pluto. Although Mercury retreats before reaching it, Venus moves into an exact alignment with Pluto on December 31 at 27° Capricorn. Venus/Pluto amplifies the need to be authentic in our relationships. Being totally present adds intensity but also a sense of aliveness in our connections with others. In Capricorn, we may be more attracted to unembellished truths than superficial trappings, preferring the elegant beauty of simple honesty and integrity. Yet again, temperance is advised before allowing intense emotions to devolve into chasing objects of desire to relieve an internal sense of emptiness. Venus/Pluto invites us to first unite our ego self with our soul Self. The more we can merge our unconscious psyche with our conscious one, the more we will experience a profound sense of Self-awareness.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus is also active in the First Quarter Square chart. Its trine with the Sun provides an archetypal opening to view things from an unexpected perspective. Uranus is moving very slowly and is within half a degree from the point it will station direct on January 22. Its potency will continue to grow as the lunar cycle progresses offering an awakening force that could motivate us to break free of limiting psychological programming. Taking this time of “no action” to observe both our internal and external states can better prepare us to take action at the optimum time.

Observing life with a nuanced lens is the best way to deal with the pull between moving forward and focusing on the many issues at hand, including how we perceive them. It is essential to allow for new ideas without clinging to them, and to reflect before acting or being fluid when the need to pivot arises.

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