Soli-Lunar Cycle: First Quarter Square on October 2nd - Libra/Capricorn

Posted on October 2, 2022
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

A first quarter square between the Sun at 9° Libra and Moon at 9° Capricorn occurs on October 2 at 5:13 pm PDT. More than just a momentary alignment, archetypally this initiates the “crisis of action” phase of their entire 8-fold cycle, marking a time when the seed ideas planted at the New Moon are becoming clear and necessary to act upon. The Sun in Libra correlates to a willful focus on our values and the relationships we are in as well as aesthetics and our philosophy of beauty. The Moon in Capricorn suggests a need to pay less attention to personal feelings so we can attend to the structures that organize our life by putting great effort into building and maintaining them with integrity. Our assignment during this “crisis” phase is to integrate these seeming disparate concerns without leaning into default binary modes, where we could devolve into the shallow, narcissistic characteristics of Libra or the harsh, restrictive characteristics of Capricorn. Bringing awareness to expressing these archetypes in a holistic, transpersonal way opens us to instilling a sense of beauty in our structural solutions and thus manifesting the developing seed ideas with resilience and grace.

Just hours before the Sun/Moon square becomes exact, Mercury ends its retrograde and turns direct at 24° Virgo. As it pivots, Mercury’s archetypal qualities are intensified, suggesting we may be more aware than usual of what we are experiencing and how we process the myriad data coming in and communicate it out to others. As Mercury moves forward, the information gathered over the past few weeks will become more discernible and firmly rooted. However, as Mercury changes directions, it does so in close opposition to Neptune at 23° Pisces, which suggests it may still be too early to act confidently and decisively. As Mercury picks up speed, clarity may arise, but at the onset, we may experience nebulous feelings and a great deal of uncertainty as to how we should move forward. Even so, we must validate any newly discovered insights and continue contemplating them with openness and curiosity. While the urge to force things to happen may arise, our Will is best served by cultivating patience and accepting the need to take only the actions required in the moment.

A supportive trine between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, in effect longer than usual (September 20 to October 12) due to Mercury’s station, suggests a way to gain clarity is to be as deeply authentic and honest as possible, with ourselves and with others, about what is real and what is only in our minds. Of all the possibilities imaginable on how best to manifest what we need, a good place to start is by contemplating which option presents a clear next step that is realistically within reach of our personal limitations and resources, even if it stretches us out of our comfort zone. Mercury/Pluto often corresponds to empowering insights, and especially now with Mercury stationing in its home sign. Further, with both planets in alignment with Neptune, also strong in its home sign, any insights we have may emanate from a deep feeling of compassion and sense of connectedness.

Maintaining our connection with the omnipotent force of Love is the best antidote to the challenges we face in maintaining internal stability through times of tremendous change, personal or collective. It will keep us open, supple and able to find humor in our human folly.

This week consider: What can I do to maintain my inner clarity and only act on what is essential?

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One response to “Soli-Lunar Cycle: First Quarter Square on October 2nd – Libra/Capricorn”

  1.' Anita Campion says:

    Dear Kimberly, extremely helpful!!! appreciate your insights very much! I am flying tomorrow from Mexico back to NY and will keep in touch from there, 🙂

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