A Personal Experience of Sun/Venus Conjunction in Libra

Posted on October 24, 2022
Posted by CarolP

Venus rules Libra which is about the art of relating and what we value in our relationship to Self, other and things. When Venus and the Sun conjunct, it can be a doorway to bring awareness to our own value system and our own self-worth not only on a micro level but our sense of value on a macro level.

The Sun/Venus conjunction in Libra can help us examine all of the above. I can personally speak to this as I happen to have Moon/Venus/Neptune in Libra in my chart with the Sun/Venus currently traversing the conjunction of my Venus/Neptune right now. Having this stellium (three or more planets conjunct) in my chart, I am naturally aware of the dynamic of Self/Other.

The Sun/Venus inferior conjunction happened in January, 2022 at 18 Capricorn in my 2nd house (hidden talents and ones values) squaring my Libra planets in the 11th house (community coming together for a purpose). A seed started to germinate within regarding how I might be able to collaborate with others in my field of work as well as create a program that could be delivered once and people would be able to access over and over again. Over the next eight months opportunities came my way that made it possible to fulfill that first impulse and more. I became a Sr. Partner in a business venture with other wellness practitioners and business owners.

With the current Superior Conjunction of Sun/Venus on October 22nd which has been going over my Libra planets (Moon, Venus/Neptune), I have proven to myself that I can collaborate with others in similar fields and not lose my own sovereignty. By the same token, while I can collaborate with others it is also important to continue to do build my own community and counseling practice.  I realized I can to both.

When it comes to collaborating and cooperating with others it is important to remember to take nothing personal.  This one lesson that I’ve learned over the years has prepared me very well for all that is coming my way now. There can be a lot of bruised egos where others accomplishments and initials after one’s name might be intimidating and feelings of not being enough or unworthiness could creep in. From the Sun/Venus Inferior Conjunction to this Sun/Venus Superior Conjunction it has made me realize that I have learned these lessons and I am able and ready to play full out and stand my own ground.

The Sun/Venus in Libra can shine a light on where we might be taking things too personally in our relationships with those close to us or in business. Since we are who we are no matter what the environment, be it personal, social or business, our value systems live within us and are on display in all these areas of our lives. For instance, if one feels undervalued it might be worthwhile to examine how one undervalues oneself. This under valuation might be experienced as not being appreciated for the work one does. One can never feel satiated enough if one seeks approval, praise and accolades from others especially those in authority, to fill that void of unworthiness or not being enough.  The Sun/Venus in Libra is where we must put our own stake in the ground so we are able to be in relationship with other in a more authentic and healthy manner.

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