New Date for Online Beginner Astrology Class Starting February 10, 2022

Posted on October 13, 2021
Posted by CarolP

The new online Beginning Astrology Course starts February 10, 2022 to be held Thursdays at 4:30pm PT/ 7:30pm ET.

The 4:30 pm time slot will accommodate growing interest from students on the East Coast. The sessions will be live on Zoom, and spaces are limited to 10 students. Since space is limited, please get in touch with Carol as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

The purpose of a smaller class is to encourage discussion and allow students to share experiences of their natal chart. We feel there is no better way to learn astrology than through one’s chart.

This astrology course is designed to complement a person’s current spiritual endeavors as well as for psychologists, therapists and transformational counselors that want to incorporate astrology into their professional practices. Although the course is created for beginners many of our students already know some astrology. However, many have not had an opportunity to learn astrology in an ordered and coherent way. Our holistic approach will fill in these gaps and offer cohesive, clear information.

This course will teach the basics of the signs, planets, houses, rulerships, aspects, configurations, and chart patterns. Also, we will look at the basics of synthesizing these principles in the natal chart. While you will learn the basic principles of astrology, you will also learn to use this astrological knowledge for astrological counseling. Jim’s approach to every aspect of astrology is holistic in that every astrological principle is connected to every other one. For example, he will show how each Sign is both uniquely itself, and also a part of the entire set of all 12 Signs.

To learn more please watch the following two videos to get a complete understanding of how and why we teach astrology the way we do.  The first to listen to is called The History of Astrology which briefly describes where astrology has been historically and why the curriculum has been created the way it has. The second video called The School’s Unique Approach to Astrology describes the nature of  the school’s curriculum as a means to put astrology on a new footing. It focuses on how one can understand oneself better, discover a sense of purpose, and become more authentically oneself. This video also discusses how deep the study of astrology can go in revealing much about ourselves as well as the nature of our reality itself.

This is a six month course that encompasses Level 1 and Level 2 of the curriculum. The cost of the course is $1200.00.  Payment plans are available upon request.  Full course amount will be charged regardless of cancellation as this is a six month commitment.  As per California law refunds will be granted within three days of purchase minus $100.00 administrative fee.

Please contact Carol Pilkington at to register or if you have any questions.

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