AstroCast: October 1 – 14, 2020

Posted on September 30, 2020
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell



All that is essential on the path [of transformation] is to reach the capacity to effectively focus power so that you can act when action is needed, and the way action is needed. An old friend of mine, a great Hindu teacher once said that the spiritual life is very simple. You think only the necessary thing. You feel only the necessary thing. And you do only the necessary acts. Very simple, but very difficult.

“Astrology and the Transpersonal Life,”

Transcript of Lecture by Dane Rudhyar

University of California, Berkeley, June 22, 1975

We’re taking a different approach to AstroCast for this article, being challenged as we collectively are like no other time in history. It is necessary to simplify and focus only on one topic that bears more attention to help us move forward. The article itself is a direct example of what is needed right now, as so eloquently represented by the Rudhyar quote above.

The multitude of intersecting crises we’re collectively experiencing can be confusing as we attempt to navigate our way through an unknown future. Rather than dispersing our attention on too many things, let’s try an experiment and gather our attention on discerning what is necessary to focus on and how best and when to act. As Rudhyar says, this is very simple, but very difficult. It requires us to reign in our emotional reactivity so we can stay alert to the reality of what is happening as it relates to each of us specifically, and then do only what must be done. That is what it means to focus our power. And this is the essence of the current transit of Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn.

To briefly recap, Mars travels through Aries, the sign it rules, June 27, 2020 to January 6, 2021, including its bi-annual retrograde period September 9 to November 13. As Mars traverses back and forth through Aries, it makes three exact squares to Saturn in Capricorn. At its highest spiritual expression, Mars in Aries is bold, pioneering and fearlessly creative in determining its existence. It is gifted with the force to birth the “seed idea” of the individual into this reality. To get to that point, however, it must come to understand the consequences of its often impetuous, reckless, self-oriented and at times violent actions so that it can adapt its ways and allow its seed-bearing creations to bear fruit. Saturn in Capricorn represents a steady, realistic and purposeful approach to life that is focused on developing great personal integrity. Saturn is the teacher guiding us to methodically develop our talents and abilities, within our natural limitations, in order to manifest our purpose in this reality. The Saturnian dark side we must overcome is the tendency to be fearful, self-doubting, resentful, unsympathetic and at times ruthless, in the pursuit of mastery.

With Mars and Saturn in the respective signs they rule, their potency is intensified as their first quarter “crisis of action” square is in effect from August 2020 through January 2021 (using wide orbs). This gives us time to work on this experiment and see if we can forge a pioneering new path for our life which serves the cosmic need that is archetypally expressed in our birth chart.

We could begin by trusting that we are in the right place at this particular time under these particularly restrictive conditions for a reason. We may then begin to welcome these crises, as we are personally experiencing them, for the tremendous personal growth opportunities they bring. Once we are in that fertile mind-set, we could take an honest and realistic look at all aspects of our lives – without judgement – and in that state of neutrality discern what is truly needed as compared to what we desire. Rather than feeling bad about our situation, we could ask a productive question such as “What will move us forward?” and then figure out the next necessary step to take us in that direction. In other words, this is a time when focusing on what’s necessary is important. It is what this transit is actually encouraging us to do. Also, understanding this will help us deal with any frustration we might have.

Setting limitations is a core message of this transit. For example, I have a friend with a business who has identified two projects that have been in a slow state of progress, but which he feels are the best ideas that will adapt and grow his business in the post-pandemic reality. He acknowledged he hasn’t managed his time well (a Saturn concern) and that he needs to concentrate his attention on these projects so is now making some tough decisions to free up the time to do so. I have another friend who has become aware she needs to assume greater authority in her role as an equity partner in a startup company. She has been thinking about this for a long time but realized she must act now to guide the founder in shifting from scattering her activities (an unfocused Mars) to taking care of and developing what they can during this restrictive time. For myself, the Mars/Saturn square is forcing me to really think through my daily routine. I have been working for some time on consolidating my activities and focusing more on that which is necessary. However, since the outset of Mars retrograde, I’ve been experiencing even greater restrictions due to my arm being in a cast for a month. I’m taking this opportunity to make even more refinements and liberate myself from some time-consuming habits that are truly not necessary.

As with all crises, everything is on edge and much is being revealed that exposes what a great mess we have created, not because of what we did do but what we refused to do because we were afraid, too comfortable, too busy, didn’t like it, etc. Most people won’t pay much attention to the grim realities now facing us, nor the opportunities for growth embedded therein. They will numb their way through it and afterwards quickly forget it, returning to their old life without experiencing any kind of transformation or evolution in their way of being. The good news is that consolidation of effort, focusing power, doing only what is necessary, and only what we can do in the moment, need not be a frustrating experience. Restrictions – whether imposed by external events or internal intention – only disturb us if we let them. All that is required to overcome the resistance to accepting our limitations is to summon up the internal fortitude to shift our attitude about them and constructively approach the Mars/Saturn challenge in “the way of the warrior.”


(By the way, this transit is also about consequences and things that were hidden coming to light. No need to put that in this article)


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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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2 responses to “AstroCast: October 1 – 14, 2020”

  1.' STEPHEN Hoover ZENDT says:

    Hello, Dear Kimberly!
    I was very sorry to read that you are healing from a wrist-fracture. May your bones heal well.
    Just to be supportive, 18 month ago I had the very same accident, out in front of my apartment.
    I am right-handed and this was my right wrist, so being in a cast for a month or so was a challenge.
    I was unable to do my office work, so had to apply for CA State Disability.
    Eventually, I was able to regain use of my right wrist and hand, with help from a Physical Therapist. I returned to work, but it was somehow never the same again, so I retired in January 2020. My wrist is now in good shape.
    Sending you the very best hopes for healing and recovery!

  2.' Anita M. Campion says:

    Dear Kimberly, loved how you guide us to the NECESSARY. Brilliant! Send you healing energy to your arm. Anita

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