The Essence of Saturn: Taking a Stand

Posted on January 14, 2020
Posted by Sean Redding

“If they don’t stand for something, they will fall for anything” – Gordon A. Eadie


The origins of the aforementioned quote have been debated for decades, but the power of the statement resonates nevertheless. defines taking a stand as “adopting a firm position about an issue.” It then continues to explain that the “idiom alludes to the military sense of stand, to “hold one’s ground against the enemy.” For me this means that you are on the side of something dearly important to you and that you will not be moved. Saturn has been said to be the planet that demands that you take a stand. That you fight for what’s right or what belongs to you. However, grandfather Saturn offers no guarantees and you must often be willing to deal with the consequences of your actions. As Saturn, the planet of mastery, passed my nadir and is now setting up shop in my fourth house, I am being forced to deal with standing up for myself in a very visceral way… a way that, as the fourth house would have it, hits painfully close to home. The decision to take a stand wasn’t hard in and of itself, but the decision to be willing to deal with the consequences was where my Saturn challenge truly began.

After ten years of being what many would consider an ideal tenant, I was faced with having to deal with a long-held fear about my landlord’s reaction to my legally valid request to have an emotional support animal. My therapist had recommended it and I had known for many years that a dog would transform my life in a number of positive ways. I was, and still am, convinced that my emotional health would have the largest improvement of my life, through the support of this animal. My request was illegally denied, and my once peaceful safe haven has turned into one fraught with stress, fear, and petty retaliation efforts from my landlord. I had a choice. I could have let it go. I could have just accepted the “no pets policy” indicated on the lease, but I know my rights. I could have continued to deny myself the emotional support that this animal would provide me, but I know my rights.

I took a stand. A legal stand. A stand that has created a laborious pursuit of justice and an extremely uncomfortable home environment (particularly for my Sun/Venus in Cancer heart). Saturn’s delays and setbacks are all part of his larger plan. I thought it would be a quick and easy fix. You know, “Hey, Landlord. Here’s the law!” Yet, he is being obstinate, and I am now actively engaged in a battle to obtain my legal rights. However, sometimes through the tears, I feel cradled in Saturn’s arms. The cradle feels like that serious Grandad who infrequently shows affection, but when he does you know he’s always loved you.

In the seminal book by Liz Greene “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil”, Greene suggests that Saturn is likely to make one feel “thwarted in his self-expression.” She also suggests that for the “Beast” to truly be loved for who he is, he must be his authentic self. Only then can he be released into his prince hood. So, here we have a bit of a dilemma. If Saturn is associated with thwarting of self-expression, but it is only through the complete expression of our authentic being that we are able to access our highest selves (our “prince”), how do we balance these two seemingly opposing forces? Is it possible?

Colin Kaepernick, athlete and activist, has remained unemployed in the NFL for over two years because he took a stand (in fact, he did the very opposite by taking the knee). Colin was protesting racial inequality and systemic racism that has run rampant in this country since its inception. Colin is currently suffering the consequences of taking a stand. I imagine that playing football was a childhood dream of his. The kind of dream most never attain. It was right in his grip, until he took a stand. Once his contract expired, the NFL colluded to prevent him from being hired by any other teams. He had played for six consecutive seasons and most likely would have continued to be a valuable player to at least one team in the league. Yet, he still has not obtained another job offer. These events took place during his Saturn Return.

The secret truth about Saturn is that it rewards not just the disciplined, but also the brave. He does however take his time. Grandpa Saturn doesn’t spin around the zodiac as fast as his Sun through Jupiter companions. I believe Colin will work again and, in the meantime, he was awarded a confidential settlement by the NFL as Saturn is often the great Manifester. He continues to play a vital role in creating more young activists of color. He has become the modern face of true sacrifice as he continues to inspire in ways that he probably never imagined. Saturn, still the planet of mastery, has also helped Kaepernick to hone his athletic skills for when the right team does call. He knows that this is the time for mastery and deep, profound understanding of his craft, something that his Scorpio Sun would love.

Kaepernick has a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries opposing Mercury/Mars in Libra which are all currently squaring transiting Saturn in Capricorn. His Moon/Jupiter conjunction shows his emotional connection to justice. In Aries, this makes him quite fiery and passionate when injustice is present. The opposition to Mercury/Mars in Libra, the sign of justice and fairness, adds to his refusal to stand for a pledge to a country that does not live by its own words. If Colin knows that we do not live in a country where there is “liberty and justice for all” his Saturn return would not let him speak or act (Mercury/Mars) in a way that is false. His Sun conjunct Pluto, the planet which naturally rules his Scorpio Sun, is an additional indicator of his resolve and strong commitment to this issue. For more than three years, despite the constant criticism, utter hatred, and racist commentary from many Americans, most of whom have not even tried to understand his stance, he has stayed the course. Perhaps this is because they are not experiencing what people who look like Colin and myself are experiencing and do not want to even try.

Some people will judge you because they can’t understand what your inner calling is. Others will shake their heads at your lack of caution towards all that you have built. But when Saturn is asking us to develop our own foundation, ‘It’ cares not what others think. Saturn compels you to not be concerned with the opinions of others. Your calling is yours alone. #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, and #itgetsbetter are all Saturnian examples of taking a stand and not giving a damn to what others may think.

When what you believe in means enough that you are willing to give up the very thing that you thought to be so dear, it is certain fear will arise. However, inside, you also feel a sense of having done what was authentically right for you. What happens afterwards is a matter of your life path and individual journey. What is for certain though is that standing up for what you believe in is a hidden gift and secret challenge of Saturn. A challenge that becomes a catalyst to the mastery that it demands. What or whom do you need to take a stand for? Yourself? A community? A cause? With Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn that call is already there. Are you brave enough to answer?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. An average Saturn transit will take about 2.5 years to travel through a house, which is almost three times that, at close to 30,000 hours. When you master taking a stand, you are already standing. You are on the firm ground that your bravery and commitment has created for you. I could have kowtowed and let my landlord discriminate against me, but my Libra rising couldn’t do it and Saturn crossing over the nadir wasn’t going to let that happen. I needed to show my landlord who I was. I wasn’t someone who would just be pushed around. Remember, I know my rights!

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3 responses to “The Essence of Saturn: Taking a Stand”

  1.' Paul says:

    Good stuff, Sean. Thank you. A decision I’ve been wavering on making for half a year now came back to the forefront of my awareness in the past few days, and your article was just what I needed to hear.

  2.' melissa says:

    Good Article

  3.' Elizabeth June says:

    Excellent article. Well written and provocative.

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