A Student's Experience of Discovering the Depths of Astrology

Posted on December 18, 2019
Posted by Addy Gonzalez Renteria

In many ways, astrology has been a part of my life for a while, but never in a deliberate and conscious way. To be quite honest, I didn’t buy into the idea that astrology would be something that could lead me to any type of transpersonal insight. Sure, I loved delving into horoscopes, online compatibility quizzes, sextrolgy books, and the occasional online chart reading. It was “fun” contemplating its predictive qualities, and the concept that we all share certain tendencies within a Sun sign. I think because of my early interest as a teen in tarot, numerology, esoteric philosophies, metaphysical phenomena, the supernatural, and everything/anything “otherworldly,” it led me to the occasional “flirting” with astrology, but to be honest, I never took it seriously. It was difficult for me to wrap my head around the concept that every human being could fall into specific archetypal categories and that the planets had anything to do with our fate. In fact, I found it ridiculous and, in some way, foolish to believe that planetary forces dictated human behavior.

This all changed when I started to understand the incredible amount of information a natal chart presents. A good friend and teacher of mine, Jim Sher, recommended Steven Forrest’s book “The Inner Sky” to meAfter reading this book (which I still reference) I had a more holistic and historical understanding of why astrology has been misrepresented and misunderstood. I became more engaged and began to consider taking a class. I was fortunate to have come across Jim who not only lives and breathes astrology but one whose approach is deepened by his experience in psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics.


As I continued to dip my toes in this type of approach and with the guidance of my classmates and teacher, the past notion I had of astrology was completely turned on its head. When I started to understand the planets and the signs not just cognitively, but experientially, and seeing how these archetypes were manifesting in me, it completely transformed my entire concept of astrology.

The first time I made a real effort to understand my chart, the thing that stood out the most was the cluster of planets in the 2nd house. I figured, “here’s something to focus on” – because honestly, looking at my chart – any chart – just looked like a wheel puzzle I had no interest in solving. However, my Virgo stellium was a type of magical entry point. I read up on Virgo, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (these are my planets in Virgo) and I was floored. It was like “I got me” in a completely different way. Not only did I “get me,” but I was opened to a whole new way of understanding my natural tendencies, my reservations, my limitations and yes, even my fears because everything I read about these planets and Virgo was what I was experiencing daily.

Stelliums indicate a heightened level of focus, energy, and intensity and a strong influence or pull. A stellium in Virgo can be interpreted as productive, efficient, someone with strong motivation and drive, a fine eye for detail, but also someone that is often stressed, worried and even afraid that nothing is ever good enough or “perfect” enough no matter how much one is focused on the details and big picture. Virgo is mutable earth, which is grounding and adaptable and it is ruled by Mercury – the sign of communication whose function is the transmission of information, talking, writing, listening and observing. The second house is the house of material possessions which holds the concept of value, self-esteem and the connection between owning and feeling worthy.

When I understood these relationships and how they’ve manifested in my life, something clicked. I started to pay more attention to my system of values (both internal and external) which has given me further clarity about what’s really important to me. It has given me tremendous insight as to where some of my challenges are and also a clue as to how I can work through them. This knowledge made astrology real for me in the sense that no longer did I regard it as an external frivolous pseudoscience I would flirt with from time to time. I found that it had become a living and breathing life force within that helped me understand every conscious/unconscious choice I made in response to my real nature that astrology was revealing to me. I also discovered that the more I knew my own nature, the freer I became to make better quality choices.

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2 responses to “A Student’s Experience of Discovering the Depths of Astrology”

  1. w.e.a.v.e.r.says@gmail.com' weaver says:

    thank you for sharing how astrology has increased your awareness in relatable terms. journey on!

  2. sallybrowder@gmail.com' Sally says:

    Thank you, Addy- that was a beautiful explanation of astrology and how understanding astrology can deepen our experience of our life.

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