AstroCast: June 5 - 11, 2018

Posted on June 5, 2018
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

Mind unites with one’s sense of purpose as we experience the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Gemini on June 5. This melding of archetypes into one unified purpose represents the sweet spot of the third portion of the Mercury cycle Dane Rudhyar called “Epimethean-Direct.” This is the Full Moon phase where the “seed ideas” planted at the beginning of the cycle (on April 1 with the Inferior Conjunction) are now in the full light of day and being acted upon. There is a level of certainty at this time where we simply know what needs to be done and are going about doing it. There can be new revelations, or more likely recognitions that what we had only been vaguely sensing in some internal process is now confirmed by new information that is just coming in. This part of the cycle is clear-sighted and sharply focused and projects can gain traction at this time. In Gemini, the Sun/Mercury planetary pair does have a tendency to become identified with the mind, its contents and functions of thinking and communicating. Because there may be difficulty in understanding others’ points of view, being open to discussions (lots of talking is likely with Gemini) and asking sincere questions (as is curiosity) can lead to new discoveries.

On June 6, the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini moves into an exact square with Neptune in Pisces. This alignment directly challenges one’s reliance on the mind and beckons us to learn how to gather information in a new way. As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune’s call to experience the outer dimensions of reality is even stronger. Neptune symbolizes cosmic consciousness (the universal mind) and its repository of information is infinitely greater than any human mind can hold, but the data is presented in non-linear ways so must be deciphered to be understood. Furthermore, with the square aspect to Neptune, the tension that needs to be resolved is diffused and may feel like a tugging or nagging energy indicating something isn’t quite right. One way to clear any confusion is to ask clarifying questions and begin to make distinctions in any ongoing process, such as what is real and what is just a thought in the mind or a word on a page? With the dizzying amount of questionable information available in the media these days, taking the time to decipher the truth is imperative to live with integrity. Being open to receive messages that come in the form of dreams, synchronicities, symbolism, imagery or any form of art can help to gain a holistic perspective. The best solutions are powered by love and a knowingness that we are somehow all in this together.

Concurrently with the unfolding Sun/Mercury/Neptune aspect, Venus in Cancer moves into an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn on June 5that amplifies a need to confront imbalances in our interactions with other. As the Goddess of Love, Venus rules relationships and places high value on a state of balance and harmony therein. Pluto is archetypally known as the Phoenix, able to destroy itself and come back to life in full glory, a symbol that can be seen in all phases of life from the macro to the micro, with multitude cycles evolving through a series of beginnings, middles and ends. When planets engage with Pluto, it usually indicates some kind of death/rebirth is in order. This does not mean a relationship will end but it can intensify any area of conflict so that it must be addressed. What may die as a result is a behavior pattern or undermining attitude that contributes to the imbalance. Or maybe it is simply time to trash all the distractions and face the reality of each other. At its highest expression, Venus in Cancer correlates to strong intuition and the ability to create a safe space for being honest about feelings. Pluto in Capricorn puts its transformational force to work in exposing where we need to be more realistic about a given situation and take responsibility for our part in creating it. While this aspect can lead to reactionary behavior that is confronting, controlling or compulsive, if we maintain neutrality, real progress can be made to deepen a relationship. Pluto aspects often reveal the mask of falseness we wear. Once seen, we can then make the choice to give up hiding and reveal our true nature where the riches of our Being reside.

Some astrologers are cautioning to play it safe this week because these transits can correlate to highly triggered behavior. However, for consciousness seekers who are sincere about evolving and learning more about how to successfully navigate life on earth, these transits can lead to a heart opening experience. Tuning into Neptune’s call for courage to face our lessons with an open heart will help to maintain a compassionate state with ourselves and with others. In order to experience the ocean of Love consciousness, the most powerful and intense transformational force in existence, we need to learn to withstand the intensity inherent in the simple act of relating to each other as authentically as possible.


Listen, O drop, give yourself up without regret,

and in exchange gain the Ocean.

Listen, O drop, bestow upon yourself this honor,

and in the arms of the Sea be secure.

Who indeed should be so fortunate?

An Ocean wooing a drop!

In God’s name, in God’s name, sell and buy at once!

Give a drop, and take this Sea full of pearls.



Here’s the data (Pacific Time, rounded to the nearest whole degree unless otherwise noted):


June 5 – Sun conjunct Mercury at 20°Gemini at 7:02 p.m.

June 5 – Venus opposite Pluto at 21°Cancer/Capricorn at 7:23 p.m.

June 6 – Mercury square Neptune at 16°Gemini/Pisces at 7:08 a.m.

June 6 – Sun square Neptune at 16°Gemini/Pisces at 10:59 p.m

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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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3 responses to “AstroCast: June 5 – 11, 2018”

  1.' iole says:

    Yes, Thank you so much for this clear explanation. It touching and resonating direct and deep inside!

  2.' Rajeev says:

    Great horoscope information

  3.' Stephen Zendt says:

    Dear Kimberly,
    I am still vibrating with the image you called forth of a Geodesic Dome-world playing cosmic music-of-the-spheres.
    What a glorious conception! It reminds me of an organ recital in a huge ecclesiastical structure, or possibly the Mahler Second or the Eighth Symphonies in a grand concert hall.
    That is not necessarily where you were going with the image, I realize.
    Perhaps I was a touch “bewitched” by the Grand Trine in Water Signs??
    In any event, sincere thanks to you for such a scintillating analysis!
    Sincerely, Stephen Zendt (Yes, I read every one of your writings on this web-site.)

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