AstroCast: March 20 – 26, 2018

Posted on March 18, 2018
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell


“I am rather pessimistic as far as the immediate future is concerned, considering the way the world and our nation is moving at the present time. But you must realize that crises are sometimes necessary to accomplish what is to be accomplished. The only problem, however, is this: something must be ready before the great crisis comes – when the new cycle begins – for it will have to begin on the foundation of those seeds which have been sown before the crisis.” 

– Excerpt from “A Seed” by Dane Rudhyar, born 23 March 1895.

As the Sun crosses the significant zero Aries point on March 20, we may contemplate what seeds can be planted at this time of accelerated change and burgeoning crises on the world stage. This celestial event commences a new annual cycle when the Sun, with new awareness, returns to its archetypal beginnings in the dynamic process of individual development. Aries represents an initiating creative force that births conscious awareness. The time when life bursts forth from seeds planted underground, it is the moment an individual is compelled by this universal force to declare: “I exist!” In the evolving cycles of this awakening process there can also come a profound realization that the “I exist” experience leads to an additional understanding that “I matter” in the grand scheme of all existence. Not only must seed ideas be cast forth but they also must be nurtured and developed so that they endure. “Adaptability” is the code word for Aries, it’s “gift” according to Dane Rudhyar, which means it is also its greatest evolutionary lesson. How do we adapt so that the gifts of our creations become useful for the greater good, not just of humanity on earth, but also for the evolution of the universal consciousness that exists beyond the space/time continuum?

The chart for the Equinox highlights this theme with a stellium of planets in Aries (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus) squaring a stellium in Capricorn (Mars, Saturn and Pluto), the sign committed to serving the needs of society through organization and mastery of skills. Thus dominated by fire and earth, the chart sets a productively feisty tone for the coming season. The Sun is in a tight square formation to Aries ruler Mars that is in effect all month and becomes exact on March 24. This challenging alignment can trigger situations that require an urgent need to address where we may lack integrity (Capricorn’s gift) in what seeds we create (Aries) in thought, action and deed. Is our will to live activated by the joy of being a creative actor in the world or is it corrupted by ego and unconscious fear-based conditioning? Everyone has the impulse to fight for survival, and there are those for whom this struggle is quite real. But for consciousness seekers, we can initiate a soul probing inquiry into why we continue to approach life as a fight at our jobs, in our relationships and in handling the mundane needs of the everyday that seem to eat away at our freedom. Is the real struggle underneath it all that we are yearning the freedom to express our true creative self, and if yes, why are we allowing external forces to dictate this?

As the Sun/Mars aspect builds in intensity, Mercury commences its retrograde period on March 22 at the mid-degree range of Aries. In conjunction to Venus and at the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus, Mercury thus pulls their archetypal energies into its vibration that is highly focused at the time it changes directions. Mercury retrograde is characterized as a time of review of what we think and perceive, and how we communicate that to others. Its close proximity to Venus pulls that review into the realm of relationships and values. The influence of the Sun and Uranus in Aries directs attention to issues of creativity and the inalienable right to be a pioneer in our own lives. Aries’ need to be constantly on the go can feel constrained when obstacles slow the pace of life, which often happens during Mercury retrograde. The self-determining force of the Aries planets archetypally challenged by the formidable planets in Capricorn can lead to some kind of break out or break down. If we resist shifting focus to pick up lost steps or missing information for ongoing projects and discussions, or push forward against others who resist, in the very least it can result in the need for adjustments or unintended consequences.

Keeping up the celestial pressure, Venus squares Pluto on March 23, an aspect that can stress areas concerning intimacy and joint resources. The quality of Pluto’s energy is forging, using pressurized heat to reshape a structure at the atomic level until it becomes something else. Venus has a much lighter quality, graceful and at ease as it embraces the beauty of all things. Pluto gone awry can be highly controlling in fear of losing some treasured identification. Venus can be superficial and vain, seeing only surface prettiness rather than the intrinsic radiance of true balance. The transiting square between the planet of transformation and the planet of love can lead to intense moments in relationships that amplify these issues. Rather than hiding our true intentions in manipulation games or being completely identified with the brouhaha on the world stage, we could choose to remain open and vulnerable as we explore the dark side of our nature, and in doing so deepen the level of trust and ultimately the love connection we have with others. As consciousness seekers we hold the world in balance as we prepare for what may come. It is up to us to allow this level of authenticity with each other transform who we are so that we can sow the seeds of consciousness that will create the foundation for the next great cycle of our age.

All my life the idea I call the “seed person,” the individual who is willing and able to gather within himself or herself, as it were, the past of humanity and particularly of our western world, but also of other cultures because what we want to emerge from the future, after whatever crisis will come is a global world. We therefore need men and women of great vision, individuals who are not specialists, men and women who have the vision and courage to wait, and to, in some way through their lives, through their example, and through whatever they leave after their deaths, to become the seeds of the future world.” 

– Excerpt from “A Seed” by Dane Rudhyar, born 23 March 1895.



Here’s the data (Pacific Time and rounded to the nearest whole degree unless otherwise noted):


March 20 – Sun at 0° Aries at 9:16 a.m.

March 22 – Mercury turns retrograde at 17° Aries at 5:19 p.m.

March 23 – Venus square Pluto at 21° Aries/Capricorn at 4:13 p.m.

March 24 – Sun square Mars at 4° Aries/Capricorn at 9:08 a.m.




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